Year: 2005

  • Book available on

    2005-12-28 Richard Moore Friends, “Escaping the Matrix” is now available on I’d like to encourage people to write reviews on Amazon, if they are so inclined. yours, richard

  • rkm: greetings from Kauai

    2005-12-18 Richard Moore Friends, Thanks to the generosity of friends and family, I was able to make it to Kauai in time to be with my Father when he passed away. The family was all with him, around his own bed at home, and he didn’t suffer. I’m not a religious person, but I somehow […]

  • Brian Hill: Grassroots and left vs. right

    2005-12-06 Richard Moore One more posting before I pack for the trip… ——————————————————– From: “Brian Hill” <•••@••.•••> To: Si Subject: What is Grassroots? Date: Sun, 4 Dec 2005 23:06:25 -0800 Organization: Institute for Cultural Ecology Hi Si; I heard you on KPFA today so a friend and I came over to Freight and Salvage for […]

  • rkm report…

    2005-12-05 Richard Moore Friends, My father, who is 87, is in critical condition, so I will be travelling this week to Kauai to be with him. As you can understand, you probably won’t be hearing much from me this week. I will have a laptop, so eventually I’ll set up over there and resume posting […]

  • New science : Mysterious force holds back Nasa probe

    2005-12-01 Richard Moore ——————————————————– Mysterious force holds back Nasa probe in deep space By Robert Matthews, Science Correspondent (Filed: 10/02/2002) A SPACE probe launched 30 years ago has come under the influence of a force that has baffled scientists and could rewrite the laws of physics. Researchers say Pioneer 10, which took the first […]

  • War crimes : U.S. unleashes terror squads

    2005-11-29 Richard Moore In this report we read that U.S.-trained Iraqi military is engaging in terrorist death-squad activity, following the pattern we’ve seen in South and Central America, under the influence of the School of the Americas. It would be naive to ascribe this activity to ‘rogue elements’. What we are seeing is part of […]

  • Watergate II : Fitzgerald calls another witness

    2005-11-28 Richard Moore ——————————————————– November 28, 2005 Another Time Reporter Is Asked to Testify in Leak Case By DAVID JOHNSTON WASHINGTON, Nov. 27 – A second reporter for Time magazine has been asked to testify under oath in the C.I.A. leak case, about conversations she had in 2004 with a lawyer for Karl Rove […]

  • Saddam : phony show trial

    2005-11-28 Richard Moore Two points to keep in mind: (1) most of Saddam’s crimes were committed while he was being supported by Washington; (2) the crimes of which he is accused are all minor compared to what the U.S. and Brits are now doing in Iraq on a daily basis. rkm ——————————————————– Saddam trial […]

  • Propaganda : N Korea demonization

    2005-11-28 Richard Moore North Korea has been accused of gross human rights violations, including live human testing of biological agents and operating prison camps. What? Doing the same as the U.S.? How outrageous! rkm ——————————————————– Go to Original N. Korea Says CNN Execution Image Fabricated Reuters Saturday 26 November 2005 Seoul – North Korea […]

  • Sudan : Western-supported genocide

    2005-11-28 Richard Moore ‘Depopulation’ is a primary U.S. goal in the third world. Not only is genocide systematically tolerated when it occurs, but the CIA is often directly involved in causing it in the first place. rkm ——————————————————– Go to Original A Tolerable Genocide By Nicholas D. Kristof The New York Times Sunday 27 […]

  • UN reform : an attempt at a coup

    2005-11-28 Richard Moore This propaganda piece is selling the concept of “UN reform”: an attempt to make the UN even more subservient to Anglo-American imperialist interests. I’m including a section on this in my book. rkm ——————————————————– Britain opposes Bolton tactic on UN reform By Philip Sherwell in Washington (Filed: 27/11/2005) Britain has rejected […]

  • False flag : there is no Al Qaeda

    2005-11-28 Richard Moore ——————————————————– Al Qaeda – The Database Wayne Madsen Report – November 18, 2005 Shortly before his untimely death, former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook told the House of Commons that “Al Qaeda” is not really a terrorist group but a database of international mujaheddin and arms smugglers used by the CIA […]

  • Matrix : Selling the biggest lie of them all – Capitalism

    2005-11-27 Richard Moore This is a great article, but I think the biggest lie is not ‘capitalism’ but rather ‘democracy’. imho, rkm ——————————————————– Selling the biggest lie of them all – Capitalism by William Bowles * Sunday, 27 November 2005 Review: Gangster Capitalism – The United States and the Global rise of Organized Crime […]

  • Matrix : coverup of ‘bomb al jazeeera’ memo

    2005-11-27 Richard Moore The White House has said the allegation that Bush wanted to bomb al Jazeera is “so outlandish” it does not merit a response. If that’s so, then why this?… Britain, which is prosecuting a civil servant and a parliamentarian’s aide for leaking the secret memo, refuses to comment on its contents. rkm […]

  • War crimes : USA worse than Nazis

    2005-11-27 Richard Moore ——————————————————– From: “Brian Hill” <•••@••.•••> To: <•••@••.•••> Subject: FW: The 21st Century Nazis Are Here Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2005 14:12:29 -0800 Organization: Institute for Cultural Ecology —–Original Message—– From: Ranil Senanayake [mailto:•••@••.•••] Sent: Wednesday, November 23, 2005 3:55 AM Subject: The 21st Century Nazis Are Here Yosfiya: The 21st Century Nazis […]

  • War crimes : USA worse than Nazis

    2005-11-26 Richard Moore ——————————————————– From: “Brian Hill” <•••@••.•••> To: <•••@••.•••> Subject: FW: The 21st Century Nazis Are Here Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2005 14:12:29 -0800 Organization: Institute for Cultural Ecology —–Original Message—– From: Ranil Senanayake [mailto:•••@••.•••] Sent: Wednesday, November 23, 2005 3:55 AM Subject: The 21st Century Nazis Are Here Yosfiya: The 21st Century Nazis […]

  • Matrix : coverup of ‘bomb al jazeeera’ memo

    2005-11-26 Richard Moore The White House has said the allegation that Bush wanted to bomb al Jazeera is “so outlandish” it does not merit a response. If that’s so, then why this?… Britain, which is prosecuting a civil servant and a parliamentarian’s aide for leaking the secret memo, refuses to comment on its contents. rkm […]

  • CIA and FBI Plan to Assassinate Hugo Chávez

    2005-11-26 Richard Moore ——————————————————– CIA and FBI Plan to Assassinate Hugo Chávez Posted by: APR on Nov 11, 2005 – 09:48 AM CIA and FBI Plan to Assassinate Hugo Chávez By Kurt Nimmo “How do we know that the CIA was behind the coup that overthrew Hugo Chávez?” asked historian William Blum in 2002. […]

  • Police state : torture fabricates ‘evidence’

    2005-11-26 Richard Moore “They took him to Morocco to be tortured,” said Clive A. Stafford Smith, the lawyer for the suspect, Binyan Mohammed. “He signed a confession saying whatever they wanted to hear, which is that he worked with Jose Padilla to do the dirty bomb plot. He says that’s absolute nonsense, and he doesn’t […]

  • Police state : Guantánamo : innocent detainees

    2005-11-26 Richard Moore ——————————————————– An Innocent Man in the Hell of Guantánamo By Sara Daniel Le Nouvel Observateur Week of Thursday 24 November 2005 Edition He’s forgotten nothing of the pain, the humiliation, the solitude. American investigators took a year to clear him. And another year to free him. Beyond the revolting injustice to […]

  • Internet : Pilger : A News Revolution Has Begun

    2005-11-26 Richard Moore ——————————————————– A News Revolution Has Begun By John Pilger t r u t h o u t | Perspective Friday 25 November 2005 The Indian writer Vandana Shiva has called for an “insurrection of subjugated knowledge.” The insurrection is well under way. In trying to make sense of a dangerous world, […]

  • Watergate II : Fitzgerald : Is there a ‘deep throat’?

    2005-11-26 Richard Moore ——————————————————– Who is Patrick Fitzgerald’s “Deep Throat” Source? Is there a Counter-Leaker on Plame Case Working for the Side of Good? There is a high level official in the Bush administration who helped give the “inside scoop” on the earliest moves by the White House in the Valerie Plame investigation — […]

  • Escaping the Matrix : the truth about ‘Al Qaeda’

    2005-11-26 Richard Moore ——————————————————– Al-Qaeda the Database Unbound Saturday November 19th 2005, 9:12 am In a lengthy excerpt posted on Wayne Madsen’s site , Pierre-Henry Bunel, a former agent for French military intelligence, explains the origins of the word “al-Qaeda.” As previously noted by British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook , “al-Qaeda” has nothing to […]

  • Science : new energy sources : a new hydrogen

    2005-11-26 Richard Moore ——————————————————–,3605,1627424,00.html Fuel’s paradise? Power source that turns physics on its head ·Scientist says device disproves quantum theory ·Opponents claim idea is result of wrong maths Alok Jha, science correspondent Friday November 4, 2005 Guardian It seems too good to be true: a new source of near-limitless power that costs virtually nothing, […]

  • War crimes : phosphorus : US claimed: ‘Chemical Weapon’

    2005-11-25 Richard Moore Regarding Saddam’s use of white phosphorus: In late February 1991, an intelligence source reported, during the Iraqi crackdown on the Kurdish uprising that followed the coalition victory against Iraq, “Iraqi forces loyal to President Saddam may have possibly used white phosphorous chemical weapons against Kurdish rebels and the populace in Erbil and […]

  • Russia : Putin moves to preserve sovereignty

    2005-11-25 Richard Moore In 2004, the United States government donated $45 million to groups in Russia that promote democracy and civil liberties – financing that the State Department has said was intended to address “Russia’s inconsistent transition toward a democratic system.” If interpreted strictly, as many here fear it would be, the legislation would prohibit […]

  • 911 : Former MI5 Agent : “an Inside job”

    2005-11-25 Richard Moore I found this article on a good 911 survey site: rkm ——————————————————– Former MI5 Agent Says 9/11 An Inside Job Attack Was ‘Coup de’tat,’ Buildings Were Demolished By Controlled Demolitions Prison Planet | June 27 2005 Former MI5 agent David Shayler, who previously blew the whistle on the British government […]

  • Science : new energy sources : a survey

    2005-11-25 Richard Moore ——————————————————– New Energy Information Center This page provides links to a variety of sources of information dealing with new energy on the website. Our most basic material is listed first, followed by other resources which delve deeper for those interested in more. We recommend reading through this entire page before […]

  • Watergate II : Murtha challenges Iraq policy

    2005-11-25 Richard Moore ——————————————————– Date: Thu, 24 Nov 2005 20:17:37 -0800 To: •••@••.••• Subject: Justice International – Empire Burlesque: Twilight’s First Gleaming From: “lex” <•••@••.•••> Empire Burlesque – Chris Cloyd – Last week, America’s troubled sleep was shattered by a trumpet blast of truth sounding deep in Washington’s corridors of power, where the rule of […]

  • False flag : JFK : survey of evidence

    2005-11-24 Richard Moore ——————————————————– From: Mark Robinowitz <•••@••.•••> Subject: November 22, 1963 – the coup d’etat against Kennedy – beware the military industrial complex Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2005 02:59:19 -0800 42 years ago, the United States of America had a military coup d’etat — an event that most people chose not to see (a […]

  • Anglo-American alliance : seizing Iraq’s oil

    2005-11-24 Richard Moore Iraqis face the dire prospect of losing up to $200bn (£116bn) of the wealth of their country if an American-inspired plan to hand over development of its oil reserves to US and British multinationals comes into force next year. Is anyone surprised? rkm ——————————————————– November 22, 2005 The Indpendent IRAQ’S OIL: […]

  • Bush & al-Jazeera

    2005-11-24 Richard Moore ——————————————————– Mid-East Realities 22 November 2005 BUSH PLOT TO BOMB HIS ARAB ALLY Madness of war memo By Kevin Maguire And Andy Lines PRESIDENT Bush planned to bomb Arab TV station al-Jazeera in friendly Qatar, a “Top Secret” No 10 memo reveals. But he was talked out of it at […]

  • * Announcement * Book Tour * Book Availability *

    2005-11-23 Richard Moore Friends, We expect my book, “Escaping the Matrix: how We the People can save the world”, to be available in time to order for Christmas from, Amazon, or Alibris. I’ll keep you posted. — Soon after that, perhaps mid or late January, I want to embark on a book tour in […]

  • JFK ‘crimes’ : speech re/ ending Cold War

    2005-11-22 Richard Moore We have also been talking in Geneva about other first-step measures of arms control, designed to limit the intensity of the arms race and to reduce the risks of accidental war. Our primary long-range interest in Geneva, however, is general and complete disarmament — designed to take place by stages, permitting parallel […]

  • Watergate II : more struggling in web

    2005-11-22 Richard Moore “The flaws in the intelligence are plain enough in hindsight. But any suggestion that prewar information was distorted, hyped or fabricated by the leader of the nation is utterly false,” Cheney said in a speech to the American Enterprise Institute. Bush, Cheney is claiming, was not involved in any fabrication of evidence. […]

  • narco politics : Border Patrol vs. Mexican military

    2005-11-22 Richard Moore This article ties in with our earlier posting, “Guatemala : The Untouchable Narco-State”: One can only guess which side the CIA is on in this incident. rkm ——————————————————– Sunday, November 20, 2005 INVASION USA Armed standoff on Rio Grande Uniformed Mexicans with guns, bulldozer seize drug-bust truck from Border Patrol […]

  • Watergate II : neocons entangled in the web

    2005-11-22 Richard Moore In today’s companion posting, “Watergate II : Margolis : Neocons under attack”, we learn of the many assaults on the neocons by the ‘old-con’ establishment: In the report below, we read of a pitiful White House ‘counterattack’. Like a trapped insect, Bush & the neocons are struggling in the web of […]

  • Watergate II : Margolis : Neocons under attack

    2005-11-22 Richard Moore The FBI’s Libby investigation could produce a blizzard of embarrassing evidence of how the White House’s necon Praetorian Guard engineered the US into war. So bad is the mood in Washington, a member of CIA’s founding families calls the neocons ‘fifth columnists.’ Meanwhile, the FBI, intensifying its war against the neocons, is […]

  • Guatemala : The Untouchable Narco-State

    2005-11-21 Richard Moore CIA reports are even more candid. “The commanding officers of the units involved have been instructed to destroy all towns and villages which are cooperating with the guerrilla[s] and eliminate all sources of resistance,” reads one 1992 Guatemala City CIA Station report formerly classified “SECRET.” The CIA report goes on, “When an […]

  • Web 2.0 : a perspective

    2005-11-21 Richard Moore ——————————————————– November 18, 2005 Op-Ed Contributor Building a Better Boom By JOHN BATTELLE Kentfield, Calif. IT sure feels like a bubble, doesn’t it? Let’s tick off the signs: a red-hot market for Internet stocks (Google, for example, has more than quadrupled since it went public in 2004); fawning articles celebrating entrepreneurs; […]