Voting Machines: whistleblower lawsuit


Richard Moore

From: "Judith" <•••@••.•••>
Subject: RFK Jr., Florida Law Firm to File Suits Against Two Voting 
Machine Companies
Date: Mon, 3 Jul 2006 23:16:43 -0400

RFK Jr., Florida Law Firm to File Federal Whistleblower Suits Against 
Two Voting Machine Companies


Since Bobby Kennedy, Jr. and attorney Mike Papantonio have now 
discussed this out loud on the air on their [2] 
<> Ring of Fire radio 
program (where yours truly will be a guest next Saturday, by the way) 
and since this week's [3] 
Rolling Stone references it, we may as well share a few more 
prevoiusly undisclosed exclusive details about the upcoming federal 
[4] <>qui tam (false claims or fraud) 
lawsuits to be filed against two of the major American electronic 
voting machine companies.

As previously reported, [5] <> The BRAD BLOG 
can confirm that those two federal whistleblower suits will soon be 
filed by RFK Jr. and Papantonio. They will be filed via Papantonio's 
Florida-based firm [6] <>Levin, Papantonio, 
Thomas, Mitchell, Echsner & Proctor, P.A.

The first of the two suits, [5] <>The BRAD 
BLOG can now reveal, is scheduled to be filed late next week ? around 
the 13th ? according to the attorneys preparing the case. 
Representatives of the firm are scheduled to meet this week with 
officials at the U.S. Department of Justice to discuss some of the 
legal requirements of the first suit.

Beyond that, we'll refer to [9] 
Rolling Stone's coverage this week of Kennedy and Papantonio's plans 
? with more to come, no doubt, on these very pages in the days and 
weeks ahead?

Kennedy, meanwhile, is preparing to up the ante on those he believes 
abetted the GOP's electoral theft. In July, the outspoken attorney 
plans to file "whistle-blower" lawsuits against two leading 
manufacturers of electronic voting machines. According to Kennedy, 
company insiders are prepared to testify that the firms knowingly 
made false claims when they sold their voting systems to the 
government ? misrepresenting the accuracy, reliability and security 
of machines that will be used by 72 million voters this November.

"This is a unique way to try and stop these vendors," Kennedy tells 
Rolling Stone. "In both cases, our whistle-blowers are familiar with 
security problems that were well known by the vendors but concealed 
from election officials during the bidding process. Because we're 
relying on 'inside' knowledge, it is a far more frightening prospect 
to the company than a traditional lawsuit might be. And if we prove 
our case, we will hit the corporations the only place they feel it: 
in their pocketbooks."

Vicky Perry,?Director,?MidHudson Verified Voting

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