Iceland: Criminal Charges Filed Against Bush Sr.


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Criminal Charges Filed Against George H.W. Bush (Sr.) in Iceland

For Immediate Release, July 4th 2006, 16:25 local time Please disseminate

Reykjavik, Iceland (3 July 2006) ­ A group of ten Icelandic citizens filed 
yesterday at the Office of the State¹s Police Chief criminal charges against 
George H.W. Bush, former U.S. President, who is expected in Iceland this evening
at the invitation of Icelands¹s President Olafur R. Grimsson.

The group accuses former President Bush for participation in war crimes, crimes 
against humanity, crimes against the peace, and crimes against internationally 
protected persons. It demands that former President Bush be detained by the 
Icelandic authorities and investigation on these charges. Should the 
investigation conclude that legal proceedings against him are warranted, the 
group requests that he be tried before an Icelandic court or extradited to an 
international criminal tribunal which possesses the requisite jurisdiction to 
deal with his case. Icelandic courts are, under international law, qualified to 
try individuals suspected of having committed international crimes.

George H.W. Bush is charged of initiating a war of aggression against Panama in 
1989, in breach of international law and the UN Charter, constituting a crime 
against the peace, and of ordering the kidnapping of Panama¹s President Noriega 
in violation of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Crimes 
Against Internationally Protected Persons. George H.W. Bush is furthermore 
charged for his command responsibility for the multiple war crimes committed by 
US forces in the Gulf War in 1991, including the policy of deliberately bombing 
civilian targets and the massacre of soldiers hors combat. His command 
responsibility for these crimes is equivalent to those of other heads of states 
who have been charged, indicted and convicted for international crimes, 
including torture, war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. George H.W.
Bush is also charged for inducing an uprising of Kurds and Shi¹ites in Iraq 
during the Gulf War and then ordering US forces to withhold aid from those who 
risked the uprising, thus leaving unarmed uprising masses unprotected against 
Saddam Hussein¹s brutal forces. By such policies, he knowingly facilitated the 
commission of crimes against humanity by Saddam Hussein. He is finally accused 
for conspiring in imposing deadly economic sanctions against the people of Iraq,
with the intent to harm the well-being, health and lives of the Iraqi civilian 
population, with foreknowledge of the likely consequences and with the 
subsequent knowledge of the sanctions¹ devastating consequences. Such conduct is
considered to be a crime against humanity under international customary law. 
About one million persons are believed dead as a result of the economic 
sanctions, thereof half a million children below five years of age.

The group holds that Icelandic courts can assert subject-matter, territorial and
personal jurisdiction over former President Bush, on the base of the provisions 
of the Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949 and of the Convention on the 
Prevention and Punishment of Crimes Against Internationally Protected Persons. 
In addition, the group argues that Icelandic courts can assert their 
jurisdiction to any person who is suspected of having planned, directed or 
committed crimes against humanity under international customary law, as well as 
for planning and carrying out crimes against the peace.

For further information, please contact Elias Davidsson, •••@••.•••

The Charges are posted (in Icelandic) on the webpage

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