Fox Vows to Force Fraudulent Election on People


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Fox: Calderon winner, but government would use force if need be
Aug 22, 2006, 16:56 GMT

Mexico City - Mexican president Vicente Fox believes that his party colleague 
Felipe Calderon is the winner of July's presidential vote, and says that post 
election conflicts brewing since then will not endanger the country's stability 
and democracy.

But in an interview with German correspondents late Monday, he also made clear 
that the government would make sure he can make an important speech before 
parliament on September 1 and would use force if necessary to keep access open 
from blockades erected by protestors.

Fox has kept an unusually low profile since the July elections, which gave 
Calderon only a 0.58 per cent lead over leftist candidate Andres Manuel Lopez 
Obrador, the one-time mayor of Mexico City.

In the interview, Fox called Felipe Calderon, who like Fox is a member of the 
National Action Party, the clear winner of the election. And he said that he 
anticipates the street protests by supporters of the failed leftist candidate 
will come to an end in a few days.

For three weeks Lopez Obrador's supporters have blocked the city's main square 
and street in the capital with a tent city. Last week's attempt to block access 
to parliament was turned back for the first time by security forces, who erected
barricades and used tear gas to push back protesters.

Lopez Obrador has vowed to disrupt Fox's last state of the nation speech to 
parliament on September 1, and to continue the barricades until at least 
September 16, when Mexico celebrates its independence day and large parades 
normally move through the streets currently occupied by protestors.

Fox said his government had allowed the electoral process to run its natural 
course. But he made clear the government would guarantee his ability to appear 
at parliament on September 1 and that the office will be handed over to his 
successor on December 1.

'This is our responsibility and and we will fulfil it,' Fox said, vowing that 
public force will be used if necessary.

Lopez Obrador has charged fraud and demanded a total recount. The electoral 
court, which has ordered a partial recount, must resolve the conflict by August 
31, and name a president elect by September 6.

'The electoral court will make its decision and it will be final,' Fox said. 
'Then everyone will return to work. If a party and its candidate want to 
continue the campaign, they can do so, but within the rule of law.'

Fox characterized the organized protests as purely a local occurrence.

'The rest of the country has absolute calm,' he said.

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