Former CIA officer: US to attack Iran within 6 months


Richard Moore

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Former CIA officer: US to attack Iran within 6 months
Raw Story | August 21, 2007
David Edwards and Muriel Kane

Fox News asked former CIA field officer Bob Baer on Tuesday whether the US is 
"gearing up for a military strike on Iran." Baer has written a column for Time 
indicating that Washington officials expect an attack within the next six 

"I've taken an informal poll inside the government," Baer told Fox. "The feeling
is we will hit the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps." His Time column also 
suggested that "as long as we have bombers and missiles in the air, we will hit 
Iran's nuclear facilities."

Baer explained that what his sources anticipate is "not exactly a war." He said 
the administration is convinced "that the Iranians are interfering in Iraq and 
the rest of the Gulf" but that "if there is an attack on Iran it would be very 
quick, it would be a warning."

"We won't see American troops cross the border. ... If this is going to happen, 
it's going to happen very quickly and it's going to surprise a lot of people," 
said Baer. "I hope I'm wrong frankly, but we're going to see."

The following video is from Fox's America's Newsroom , broadcast on August 21.


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