Bush SPP plot to overthrow democratic governments


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American leaders travel to Canada's capital to reveal the Bush administration 
SPP plot to overthrow democratic governments

News Conference representatives want to "Tear Down the Wall of Secrecy"

by John Stokes

Recently, in Ottawa, Canada, on Monday, 20 August 2007 the Coalition to Block 
the North American Union, presented an excellent and well documented News 
Conference about what the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) is all 
about. The SPP appears to be an apparent attempt by clique a associated with the
U.S. Bush administration, to seize power over Canada, the U.S. and Mexico in 
much the same way that Adolf Hitler had seized power in Germany in the early 
1930's. The Bush administration, like Adolf Hilter, is seeking to seize power 
through a contrived fear, that can be used to isolate and then defeat its 
enemies, with the support of greed-driven Big Business interests, military 
commanders, organized Christian religious leaders, power hungry intellectuals, 
and corrupted political officials.

The "War of Terrorism", and its SPP manifestation is indeed scripted from 
Hitler's Nazi ideology.

It is evident that the SPP, is an apparent attempt by a U.S.-based 
political-military-industrial complex, to fuse the power of Big Business 
interests and government. It is inspired by a Nazi Economic Program of 
controlled capitalism and military expansionism, for resources to further aid 
more sought never ending expansionism toward Global Conquest .

The SPP is also a further expression of the political economic model that was 
advanced by fascist leader Benito Mussolini, and further developed by "National 
Socialist Party" or Nazi leader Adolf Hilter and is called "corporatism". 
Corporatism is a perversion of "socialism", that is "re-designed" to serve Big 
Business interests rather than "the masses", as Karl Marx had championed.

Officially, the U.S. Bush administration is "Republican". However, in a similar 
manner than neo-cons took over Canada's Progressive Conservative Party, it 
appears that "neo-cons" took over America's Republican Party. If the members of 
the Conservative Caucus represent the "Real Republicans", who are inspired by 
Dr. Ron Paul's U.S. Presidential campaign, and who are also against the Iraq 
war, against Mr. Bush and his cronies; and are for tenets of freedom, liberty, 
and equality that inspired America's founding, one may further ponder the 
following question. Which political faction does the Bush administration 

Unfortunately, the SPP reveals that the Bush administration neither represents 
the spirit that founded America, nor the spirit of the U.S. Republican Party 
itself. Indeed, Abraham Lincoln who championed the abolishment of slavery, is 
historically among Republicans who expressed the founding spirit of the 
Republican Party. The Bush administration talks of freedom and of a desire to 
spread democracy. However, that talk falls within the category of what Adolf 
Hitler referred to as the technique of the Big "Lie", which is basically a 
technique of very clever mass-deception. The SPP, reveals that the Bush 
administration is apparently inspired by Adolf Hilter's "National Socialist 
Party" or Nazis, which had expansionist plans with regard to the rest of Europe.
Scholars, journalists and researchers, indeed reveal that the political 
techniques used by Adolf Hitler and the Bush administration to consolidate power
under an anti-democratic fusion of Big Business interests, military commanders, 
organized Christian religious leaders, intellectuals, and corrupted political 
officials are the same as these of the Nazi party, with some since perfected 
techniques. Richard M. Dolan, and scholars in the 9/11 Truth movement, has 
further exposed the parallelism between Hitler's documented instigated Reichstag
Fire, that he used to help bolster public support for Nazism, and the 9/11 World
Trade Center tragedy, which has been shrouded in mass cover-up. As Jewish 
Communists were the targeted scapegoat by Adolf Hitler, it now appears that 
under the Bush administration, Muslims have become the targeted scapegoat.

Canadian activist and Leader of the Canadian Action Party (CAP) participated in 
the Press Conference with prominent conservative leaders and politicians, that 
have been marginalized by the apparent substantive "Nazification" of the 
Republican as well as Democratic Parties.

Mike Thomson an award-winning investigative journalist from BBC Radio 4 further 
revels that in 1933 a "coup was aimed at toppling then President Franklin D. 
Roosevelt", and its leading strategists comprised of Nazi sympathizers. Mike 
Thomson further cites documents, that the grandfather of the current U.S. 
President, who endorses the SPP, was apart of that attempt to overthrow the U.S.
government. Thus, it appears that same interests that were behind a previous 
attempt to overthrow the constitutional democratic authority of the United 
States are re-grouping themselves to win not a "War against Terrorism", but a 
"War against Democracy".

The News Conference that was sponsored by the Coalition to Block the North 
American Union, was given to oppose a North American Union with the United 
States, Canada, and Mexico. The News Conference as held at the Ottawa Marriott 
(100 Kent Street) in Ottawa, Ontario, Monday, August 20, at 10: 00 AM.

News Conference representatives spoke out against the Security and Prosperity 
Partnership (SPP) meeting of U.S. President George Bush, Prime Minister Stephen 
Harper of Canada, and President Felipe Calderon of Mexico. The secret summit is 
being held in Montebello, Quebec, from August 20-21.

The Coalition to Block the North American Union is made up of nearly one hundred
U.S. leaders, including public policy advocates Phyllis Schlafly, Bay Buchanan, 
and L. Brent Bozell III. Speaking at the News Conference were Howard Phillips, 
Chairman of the Coalition and of The Conservative Caucus; Connie Fogal, leader 
of the Canadian Action Party; Tom DeWeese, President of the American Policy 
Center; John McManus, President of the John Birch Society; and Bob Park, 
Founder, Veterans for Secure Borders.

U.S. Congressman Virgil H. Goode (D-Virginia), the chief sponsor of House 
Concurrent Resolution 40, which opposes the North American Union and the NAFTA 
superhighway, participated in the News Conference via a video feed.

Popular entertainer, Pat Boone, presidential candidate U.S. Congressman Ron Paul
(R-Texas), and U.S. Congressman Walter B. Jones (R-North Carolina) also released
statements at the news conference. "Our message is 'President Bush, President 
Calderon, Prime Minister Harper, tear down the wall of silence and let the 
people see what you are scheming to do,' explained Coalition Chairman Howard 
Phillips. "Behind closed doors, step by step, the leaders of Mexico, Canada, and
the United States are setting the stage for, first, a North American Community 
and, ultimately, a North American Union (NAU), in which new transnational bodies
would gain authority over our economy, our judiciary, and our lawmaking 

Connie Fogal, leader of the Canadian Action Party, said that the "SPP is a 
hostile takeover of the apparatus of democratic government and an end to the 
rule of law. There has been a kind of a coup d'état over the government 
operations of Canada, U.S.A., and Mexico."

Tom DeWeese of the American Policy Center, warned: "Beware; Bonds between 
government and private international corporations are a double-edged sword. They
come with government's power to tax, the government's power to enforce policy, 
and the government's power to enforce eminent domain... Such a process allows 
the private companies to be little more than government-sanctioned monopolies, 
answerable to no one. Their power is awesome and near absolute. Some call such 
policy corporatism. Another term would be corporate fascism."

The American people don't want to tear up our Declaration of Independence. Nor 
do the people of Canada and Mexico want to cancel the independence of their 
nations," explains John F. McManus of the John Birch Society. "Roman Herzog, the
former president of Germany, now realizes that Germany has essentially lost its 
independence to the EU bureaucrats in Brussels. The leaders of Canada, the 
United States, and Mexico will issue denials, but the hidden motive propelling 
them into creating the Security and Prosperity Partnership, is to advance one 
step closer to the centuries-old goal of a world government, also known as the 
New World Order."

Congressman Walter B. Jones (R-North Carolina), an original sponsor of House 
Concurrent Resolution 40, which opposes the North American Union and the NAFTA 
Superhighway, said, in a statement to be released at the news conference that, 
"Article I, Section 8, of the U.S. Constitution explicitly states that Congress 
-- not the executive branch -- has the power to 'regulate commerce with foreign 
nations.' Many SPP working group meetings are held in secret and the public, the
press, and members of Congress have no opportunity to participate or conduct 

Presidential candidate, U.S. Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) said (in part) in a 
statement: "What is most troubling about the SPP is that because it is neither a
treaty nor a formal agreement Congressional oversight has been virtually 
non-existent. Congress has had no role in what many see as a plan for a North 
American union. Nor, to its discredit, has it demanded one. SPP has set the 
United States on a course to surrender even more of its sovereignty and security
in a scheme that will ultimately erase the borders between the U.S., Canada, and

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