Bilderberg Manipulated Stock Market Crash


Richard Moore

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Bilderberg Manipulated Stock Market Crash


May 9, 2010

Many theories have sprung up in regards to what exactly happened on Thursday that would cause a 1,000 point drop in the DOW. Some say that it was a computer or human error that caused the trillion-dollar collapse, but few have theorized the possibility of an engineered collapse that would purposefully create more instability in the United States.

Here’s CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo calling the crash in the DOW a manipulated event.

“That is ridiculous”, Bartiromo replied. “I mean this really sounds like market manipulation to me. This is outrageous.”

Evidence that the financial oligarchs manufactured this market crash has been discovered from a 2009 Bilderberg pre-meeting booklet that was obtained by reporter Daniel Estulin. It warns that the Bilderberg is fostering a false sense of recovery of the economy, suckering investors to plunge back into the stock market to only unleash another massive downturn which will create “massive losses and searing financial pain in the months ahead,” does this not sound like what occurred on Thursday?

The DOW crash seems to be an engineered event that created a loss of confidence in the current system, using it as a spring-board to promote the globalist economic system run by the World Bank and the IMF. This was a very painful event, the U.S. economy will soon resemble what is currently happening in Greece where we are debt slaves to the IMF, which is the financial arm of the United Nation’s world government.

The economy-killing VAT tax has literally destroyed European nations like Greece, the U.S. now faces a similar fate. Barack Obama is infull support of huge tax increases and adopting the VAT tax. The regime is also in full support of carbon or some type of energy tax and insurance taxes. If the United States adopts the VAT there is no doubt the country will end up like Europe. President Obama is also considering cutting entitlement programs such as Social Security and Medicare to sustain the economy.

On top of this, globalist oligarchs already created global taxes called a ‘bank tax’ where every financial institution pays a fee directly to the IMF. Small business will be non-existent in this country and business in general will have to pay taxes like the VAT, carbon and insurance tax, all of which of course will be paid by the average American. There is also a financial transactions tax, you will be forced to pay a monthly tax to simply own a checking account, paying bills, cashing checks, paying employees and the list goes on and on and on.

Are we beginning to see the big picture? Just as Greece, the United States will crumble into the hands of world government, drowning in debt and forced to be bailed out by the IMF, in which the U.S. will resemble a 3rd world nation, forever enslaved by a world government dictatorship. The Bilderberg Group will be meeting in Sitges Spain on June 3-6 to further discuss the these devious plans. 

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