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Richard Moore

When fascism takes over, truth must be silenced.

Maximum Alert: Establishment Launches Huge Purge Against Alex Jones, Patriot Community

Maximum Alert: Establishment Launches Huge Purge Against Alex Jones, Patriot Community 211204alex

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

UPDATE: Purging The Undesirables: ADL Attempts To Pin A Yellow Star On Grass Roots America

UPDATE: The ADL’s Three “Extremist Conspiracy Theories” In Context And With Evidence

The Anti-Defamation League has launched a vicious new assault on Alex Jones and members of the patriot community in the form of a new report that equates skepticism and distrust of government with “a toxic atmosphere of rage,” which is threatening to boil over in the form of violence.

The tone of the ADL’s hit piece basically implies that Alex Jones and his ilk are such a threat to the establishment that they should be removed from society, which ironically is exactly how Hitler dealt with his political enemies.

The true significance of this gargantuan hit piece on Alex Jones and the patriot movement is the fact that the establishment has firmly moved away from ignorance and ridicule and is now directly targeting us for elimination – an effective purge of the undesirables – by implying we want to commit violence and should therfore be neutralized.

The fact that we have constantly urged unity and discouraged division, while promoting a peaceful message of non-violence, has infuriated the increasingly incensed establishment because as their credibility has collapsed, ours has grown in leaps and bounds – and as a result their agenda is beginning to stall.

For the first time, the ADL and their cohorts are acknowledging that the grass roots has the power to stop their agenda for world government in its tracks. This represents a massive sea change and proves that we are having an important impact, but it also serves as a warning because it’s glaringly obvious that the establishment is now committed to taking us down, either by means of character assassination, set-up, or worse.

Tune in tomorrow for a huge rebuttal to the ADL hit piece and a further explanation of why this can only ultimately be good news in the long run. Read the reports below to get a clear understanding of how the globalists are intent on smearing us as racist, violent, crazies hell-bent on bloodshed – when in reality they are engaged in desperate character assassination because they are petrified at the sheer numbers of people we are waking up to their tyranny.

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