Year: 2010

  • George Monbiot: Reclaim the Cyber-Commons

    2010-12-28 Richard Moore Bcc: FYI ________ The weapon used by both state and corporate players is a technique known as astroturfing. An astroturf campaign is one that mimics spontaneous grassroots mobilisations, but which has in reality been organised. _________________ subscribe mailto: •••@••.••• 2012: Crossroads for Humanity: Climate science: observations vs. models related websites:  […]

  • Wash Post: Monitoring America

    2010-12-28 Richard Moore Bcc: FYI ________ The Tennessee National Guard 45th Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team, one of at least 50 such units around the country, was created to respond to what officials still believe is the inevitable release of chemical, biological or radiological material by terrorists . They declare it to be […]


    2010-12-26 Richard Moore GORDON DUFF: IRAN-KOREA NUCLEAR LIES, ORDERS FROM TEL AVIV November 25, 2010 posted by Gordon Duff · 166 Comments  TWO IMAGINARY NUCLEAR PROGRAMS, ONE CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor Former President George W. Bush planned to invade Iran in 2007, even though America’s military was exhausted and overstretched by two unsuccessful wars.  […]

  • Has there been a change in the news party line?

    2010-12-26 Richard Moore Bcc: FYI ________ As I don’t follow USA television, this is news to me, about a change in what is being covered on some the popular talk and interview shows. I wouldn’t be so quick to give credit to Alex Jones however, even though he is doing a great job. I see […]

  • Video of democratic uprising in Greece

    2010-12-26 Richard Moore Bcc: FYI ________ There’s no ‘play’ button; you need to wait a few moments and the video will start up on its own. rkm _____ _________________ subscribe mailto: •••@••.••• 2012: Crossroads for Humanity: Climate science: observations vs. models related websites: archives:

  • The Lockerbie Bombing in perspective

    2010-12-26 Richard Moore At the time, we only had a few snippets of information regarding the bombing. First, we knew that the Germans had detected the bomb going on board, and the CIA said to not intercept it. Second, we knew that a notice had been posted inside the US Embassy, saying to avoid that […]

  • Ancient Human Metropolis Found in Africa

    2010-12-25 Richard Moore images and links in original Ancient Human Metropolis Found in Africa By Dan Eden for viewzone. They have always been there. People noticed them before. But no one could remember who made them — or why? Until just recently, no one even knew how many there were. Now they are everywhere […]

  • Iceland: using sense in the face of crisis

    2010-12-25 Richard Moore Bcc: FYI ________ Iceland’s recuperation seems to offer two big lessons for Ireland and other troubled euro-zone countries. The first is that the extra cost to a country of not standing by its banks can be surprisingly small. Iceland let its banks fail and its GDP fell by 15% from its highest point before […]

  • Jesse Ventura documentary, Police State & Fema Camps

    2010-12-23 Richard Moore Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory – Police State & Fema Camps YouTube November 14, 2010 This show was pulled from airing on TruTv: _________________ archives:

  • Jesse Ventura video re/Pentagon attack

    2010-12-23 Richard Moore Bcc: FYI ________ Unfortunately, Jesse’s documentaries come with a lot of noisy padding. But in the midst of all that, there is some previously unreleased testimony from witnesses. In particular, there’s a fellow who overheard some official conversations. He overheard, immediately after the attack, that a missile had hit the Pentagon. He […]

  • Lloyds writes off half of Irish loans

    2010-12-21 Richard Moore Lloyds writes off half of Irish loans Posted by inthesenewtimes on December 21, 2010 Own goal! Osbourne may have intervened to protect City/Wall Street bondholders, including the ubiquitous Goldman, but tipping Ireland over the edge imperils the recklessly exposed British banks who led the way in the Irish property bubble. The moment […]

  • Senator Al Franken re/ FCC & net neutrality

    2010-12-21 Richard Moore Bcc: FYI ________ The Most Important Free Speech Issue of Our Time By Senator Al Franken, Reader Supported News 20 December 10  This Tuesday is an important day in the fight to save the Internet. As a source of innovation, an engine of our economy, and a forum for our political […]

  • The War of 1812 revisited

    2010-12-21 Richard Moore In today’s excerpt – after the American Revolution, the British maintained their support of the Indians along the western border of the United States, limiting the ability of Americans to expand westward. The American push against this limitation was the cause of the War 1812, though some contemporary textbooks still miss […]

  • Korean tensions ease—temporarily

    2010-12-21 Richard Moore Bcc: FYI ________ Confronted with the challenge of China’s economic rise, the US is responding by using its still considerable military might to undermine its rival. There is nothing innocent about the US exercises in waters close to the Chinese mainland. Since World War II, Pentagon strategists have insisted that the US […]

  • South Korean Military Exercise Raises Danger Of War

    2010-12-20 Richard Moore Bcc: FYI _______ All the signs are that the Obama administration in league with South Korea and Japan has embarked on a reckless course of action that could plunge the Korean Peninsula into war and potentially trigger a wider conflict between the major powers. This is indeed a very frightening situation. […]

  • Paul Craig Roberts: Why FBI Is Orchestrating Fake Terror Plots

    2010-12-20 Richard Moore Bcc: FYI ________ Here’s Why FBI Is Orchestrating Fake Terror Plots    By Paul Craig Roberts Why does the FBI orchestrate fake “terror plots”? The latest one snared Osman Mohamud, a Somali-American teenager in Portland, Ore. The Associated Press report is headlined: “Somali-born teen plotted car-bombing in Oregon.” This is a […]

  • The Boy Who Sees Without Eyes

    2010-12-20 Richard Moore Bcc: FYI ________ The Boy Who Sees Without Eyes Mystery21 Comments Ben Underwood lives with his family in the suburbs of Sacramento, California where he attends his local high school. Like any other 14-year-old boy, he loves to play with his friends and chat to girls his age, with whom he […]

  • Forget warming – beware the new ice age

    2010-12-19 Richard Moore Bcc: FYI ________ Forget warming – beware the new ice age Posted by inthesenewtimes on December 18, 2010 24th June, 2007 In the 1970s, leading scientists claimed that the world was threatened by an era of global cooling. Based on what we’ve learned this decade, says George Kukla, those scientists – and […]

  • Yahoo guilty of arbitrary content censorship

    2010-12-19 Richard Moore Bcc: FYI ________ Extra, Extra! Yahoo is Censoring the SOTT E-mail Edition Fri, 17 Dec 2010 12:23 CST Starting yesterday, 16 December 2010, Yahoo decided to return all 276 E-mail Editions sent to our subscribers who signed up with a Yahoo e-mail address. In the past, we would receive returned […]

  • Kurt Nimmo: DHS Implementing ‘No Work’ List

    2010-12-18 Richard Moore Bcc: FYI ______ DHS Implementing No Work List: Citizens Must Get Government Approval to Work in Private Sector Jobs Posted By kurtnimmo On December 16, 2010 @ 4:35 pm In Featured Stories | 160 Comments Kurt December 16, 2010 You’ve heard of no fly and no buy lists – get ready for no work lists. […]

  • The coming of a new ice age

    2010-12-18 Richard Moore Bcc: FYI ________ See also: Climate science: observations vs. models ____ The coming of a new ice age Posted by inthesenewtimes on December 17, 2010 Gereald E.Marsh Winning Green Contrary to the conventional wisdom of the day, the real danger facing humanity is not global warming, but more likely the coming […]

  • CIA Introduced Crack Cocaine To America

    2010-12-18 Richard Moore video in original:! CIA Introduced Crack Cocaine To America’s Inner Cities In The 1980s The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) helped introduce crack cocaine into America’s inner cities in the 1980s. The organisation wanted to create an ongoing income for its own ‘black operations’ and also to help the Contras to […]

  • Brandon Turbeville: Genetically Modified Mosquitos

    2010-12-18 Richard Moore Bcc: FYI ________ Genetically Modified Mosquitos By Brandon Turbeville Global Research, December 13, 2010 Activist Post While “scientists” have been genetically modifying insects for years, only in the last few have they begun to openly discuss releasing them into the environment. As always, the fact that public discussion has just now […]

  • Who will get to rule the net?

    2010-12-17 Richard Moore Bcc: FYI ________ At a meeting in New York on Wednesday, representatives from Brazil called for an international body made up of Government representatives that would to attempt to create global standards for policing the internet – specifically in reaction to challenges such as WikiLeaks. India, South Africa, China and Saudi Arabia […]

  • Escaping The Matrix 101: The Dangers of Believing Mainstream Media

    2010-12-15 Richard Moore good video on economy in original. rkm _____ Escaping The Matrix 101: The Dangers of Believing Mainstream Media By Kyle2012 on December 14th, 2010 Posted In: Everything 2012 Noticed a post over at ‘SHTF Plan’ titled: From Bad To Worse: The Economy Today, and Tomorrow had a really good quote in it “I feel quite a bit […]

  • BIS stats on US/UK bank exposure to PIIGS

    2010-12-15 Richard Moore The country with biggest exposure to the PIGS is not surprisingly Germany with $513 billion, followed by France at $410 billion, Great Britain at $370 billion, and… the US at $353 billion. As for the next two dominoes to drop, Portugal and Spain, the countries whose banks are most at risk are […]

  • Afghanistan: Opium, the CIA and the Karzai Administration

    2010-12-15 Richard Moore CIA involvement in the drug trade hardly began with its involvement in the Soviet-Afghan war. To a certain degree, the CIA’s responsibility for the present dominant role of Afghanistan in the global heroin traffic merely replicated what had happened earlier in Burma, Thailand, and Laos between the late 1940s and the 1970s. […]

  • M K Bhadrakumar: Moscow moves to counter NATO

    2010-12-15 Richard Moore In sum, what emerges from the CSTO [Collective Security Treaty Organization] summit are the following. First, there is an unspoken but underlying suspicion in Moscow regarding NATO’s intentions. This apprehension translates as a new determination to build up the CSTO as a rival organization that challenges NATO’s bid to project itself into […]

  • Der Spiegel: China Expanding its Influence in Europe

    2010-12-15 Richard Moore China Expanding its Influence in Europe Posted by inthesenewtimes on December 15, 2010 Spiegel, a longstanding atlanticist outfit, delights in portraying China’s engagement with Europe as “political”. So, of course, is the campaign to undermine the euro. China’s deployment of soft power in Europe illustrates the shift of power away from the […]

  • Engdahl: China and Russia boost economic cooperation

    2010-12-15 Richard Moore’s-geopolitical-nightmare-china-and-russia-boost-economic-cooperation/ Washington’s geopolitical nightmare: China and Russia boost economic cooperation Posted by inthesenewtimes on December 14, 2010 F.William Engdahl Voltairenet 11th December, 2010 Whatever internal factional battles might be going on inside Kremlin walls between Medvedev and Putin, there are clear signs of late that both Beijing and Moscow are moving decisively after […]

  • Chossudovsky: Who is Behind Wikileaks?

    2010-12-15 Richard Moore Bcc: FYI ________ Who is Behind Wikileaks? By Michel Chossudovsky Global Research, December 13, 2010   “World bankers, by pulling a few simple levers that control the flow of money, can make or break entire economies. By controlling press releases of economic strategies that shape national trends, the power elite are […]

  • Naomi Wolf: Assange and the Espionage Act

    2010-12-15 Richard Moore Bcc: FYI ________ Naomi Wolf Bestselling Author, The End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot Posted: December 10, 2010 12:28 PM Espionage Act: How the Government Can Engage in Serious Aggression Against the People of the United States This week, Senators Joe Lieberman and Dianne Feinstein engaged in […]

  • Ireland: The People’s Convention

    2010-12-14 Richard Moore Bcc: FYI ________ A very sensible initiative. rkm _____ We are a country of great natural wealth and resources, we have abundance of all of the primary sources of food and we have the knowledge to exploit it. 5.1 The fundamental organization of the CPPC is the constituency Convention which is organized according to […]

  • David McWilliams: Corporate Welfare Will Sink Ireland:

    2010-12-14 Richard Moore Unlike the US and Britain, sensible voices can sometimes be found in the Irish media, as we see in this article. rkm _____ FF’S PARTING GIFT OF CORPORATE WELFARE WILL SINK THE COUNTRY December 10, 2010 Posted in Articles | Banks | Irish Economy | Irish Independent  by David McWilliams A farmer told me he had just taken €53,000 […]

  • * James P. Hogan: Electricity Powers the Universe

    2010-12-13 Richard Moore [many images in original] Electricity Powers the Universe by James P. Hoganby James P. Hogan DIGG THIS Electricity is an immensely more powerful force than gravity, and far more complex in the ways it interacts with matter. Yet modern astronomy remains wedded to a belief in gravity as the dominant mover and […]

  • U.S. Military Prepares for Economic Collapse

    2010-12-10 Richard Moore Bcc: FYI ________ U.S. Military Prepares for Economic Collapse Written by Raven Clabough    Tuesday, 07 December 2010 11:35 Skeptics who continue to assert that the economic plight of the United States has been overstated need not look further than the Pentagon to find out just how wrong they are. CNBC has learned […]

  • * Chris Martenson: “Straight Talk” Interview *

    2010-12-09 Richard Moore Bcc: FYI ________ An unhealthy dependence on the State to organize and fund everything manifests in a peculiar split-personality disorder: people want their entitlement check and their corporate welfare, yet they rail against the State’s increasing power. You can’t have it both ways, but the adolescent response is to whine and cajole […]

  • * Biggest Financial Scam In World History

    2010-12-09 Richard Moore Bcc: FYI ________ Do you get that? The very people most responsible for crashing the system, were then rewarded with trillions of our dollars. This gave that select group of insiders unlimited power to seize control of assets and have unprecedented leverage over almost everything within their economies – crony capitalism on […]

  • Stephen Lendman: The myth of Obama’s ‘progressivism’

    2010-12-08 Richard Moore Challenging Obama’s Anti-Progressivism By Stephen Lendman 08 December, Believing Obama is progressive is like calling a cat a dog. Only the delusional think so. He’s, in fact, hard-right, a neocon, a warrior president, a corporatist pursuing anti-populist policies favoring wealth and privilege, not social justice when more than ever it’s […]

  • Chinese firm downgrades U.S. credit rating

    2010-12-05 Richard Moore Chinese firm downgrades U.S. credit rating with “negative” outlook BEIJING, Nov. 9 (Xinhua) — The United States has lost its double-A credit rating with Dagong Global Credit Rating Co., Ltd., the first domestic rating agency in China, due to its new round of quantitative easing policy. Dagong Global on Tuesday downgraded […]