Escaping The Matrix 101: The Dangers of Believing Mainstream Media


Richard Moore

good video on economy in original.
Noticed a post over at ‘SHTF Plan’ titled: From Bad To Worse: The Economy Today, and Tomorrow had a really good quote in it “I feel quite a bit of empathy and maybe even a little remorse for those who blindly believed the mainstream nonsense of the past few years.” that really got the noodle going, so I thought I’d chime in on the subject myself. The difference between myself and Mac? I don’t just feel ‘quite a bit of empathy’ from them, I feel downright sad sorry and scared for the poor souls…I desperately hope they open up their eyes and wake up soon because things CANNOT hold together as they are now for much longer.
First off lets take a look at a great video posted up at Revolutionary Politics that really spells out the dangers of believing the things we see on mainstream news, like that our economy is in a stage of recovery:

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