Wellstone’s death – foul play suspected…


Richard Moore

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Subject: Wellstone's death

Former Chief Speech Writer for George H.W. Bush, Peggy
Noonan, comments on Wellstone

...It's good to have men and women of belief in
Congress. It's tragic to lose one. It's amazing to live
in a time when these Allen Drury-type "Advise and
Consent" plot twists yank the drama of the coming
election off its predictable tracks. And it seems to me
more and more in our country that we're getting these
dramatic and unpredictable and novelistic plot changes,
whatever that means and for whatever it's worth...



...no one can help but recall the death of Democratic
Senatorial candidate Mel Carahan in 2000. Locked in a
tight senate race against now Attorney General John
Ashcroft, Carnahan too was killed in a similar plane
crash. That crash coming, as this one, just days prior
to the election. Carnahan's wife Jean stood in for him
as allowed under Missouri state law and defeated
Ashcroft to become senator.


Portland IMC Feature:


One commenter states that local corporate media in
Minnesota "reported that at the time of the crash,
visibilty was 3 to 4 miles, the ceiling was 200 to 400
feet, and the temperature was 34 degrees. The
weatherman on this station then plainly said that
iceing only occurs when the temperature is between 28
and 31 degrees."

   ...a key detail in an ABC news story was changed: 

A quote: "The pilot had reported no problems before and
there was no severe weather in the area at the time,
the Federal Aviation Administration said. "

Now the same story says this:  "The cause of the crash
was not immediately known, but sources (which sources?
- P.O.) told ABCNEWS that during the pre-flight weather
briefing, the pilots were told they they would have
"adverse icing conditions throughout the flight."

"Dr. Watson" observes:  "Sherlock Holmes solved at
least one case by noticing that something that should
be present was missing. In the Hound of the
Baskervilles, he solved the case by noticing that no
one reported a barking dog. So what's missing in terms
of the Wellstone plane crash? For the last 14 months,
anytime there has been a plane crash, the media go way
overboard in assuming that this must somehow be a
terrorist incident. The initial reaction of the media
in the first hours of the event is always now "oh my, I
hope this isn't happening again. I hope this isn't
another terrorist attack." Just a few days ago, there
was a news story that Al-Queda may be targeting US
Senators. The story referred to the possibilities of
sniper attacks on golf courses. Just a few days later,
a US Senator dies. So, what's missing? Sen. Wellstone's
plane crashes, and there is absolutely no speculation
that this is a terrorist attack. Somehow the media
immediately knows that this plane crash was caused by
bad weather, and this is in no way a terrorist attack.
The media dog has been barking "terrorist" steadily for
14 months. Today the dog didn't bark.


comment#212494 ...If there is NO investigation, then
what should we conclude? If one of most important
politicians in the US dies in a plane crash and there
shame on the nation.

The big lie is that we have an independent media which
gives us all sides, and properly applies its
investigatory power to give us the truth. The lie is
the cover up. You appear not to be even interested IN
THE POSSIBILITY that Wellstone was murdered.

I am not saying he is. I am saying it is possible. We
certainly have MOTIVE. That is the issue.


...Can anyone not totally brainwashed believe this is a
coincidence - less than two weeks before a critical
election, with Wellstone surging ahead in the polls.
This was murder. I do not know how. I do not know by
whom. But murder, it most surely was.

This is it, folks, war has been declared on us by those
among us who seek to give absolute power to a fascist
regime that wants to plunge us and the world into an
eternal war to fuel their own lust for wealth and
power. If America allows this murder to go unaddressed,
uninvestigated by unbiased, thorough investigators in a
search for facts open at every turn to the public, then
our nation is doomed. The Nazis are here to stay. Who
then, will be next?

Will Wellstone's less courageous colleagues in Congress
finally now find the guts and conscience to speak up
and demand justice?  Their fallen brother deserved
their support on October 11 and failed to get it. Will
they give it now? God and America are watching.

...69% of Public thinks GOP Killed Wellstone:

A poll taken by an online edition of a St. Paul major
daily newspaper shows that ALREADY - 69% of those
polled believe that Wellstone was killed by the GOP.
And that was out of choices that included bad weather,
terrorists, act of God, etc.

This may prove to be the worst mistake the GOP ever
made...and the best thing to happen to the cause of
justice. People will NOT stand for this.



Greta Van Sustrand, during ON THE RECORD, said, of

<<They did not like his politics, but members of the
House and Senate all agreed his was a class act.>>

So no one liked his politics?? That gives you all you
need to know about how this alleged assassination will
be covered.

[The word alleged is used by journalists who do not
wish to draw conclusions about the issue at hand.]

Sustrand introduced a correspondant on the scene of the
crash, who she called Steve. For those who have not
followed the story of the on-the-scene reporting, here
is a review:

A CNN reporter who was on the scene just after the
crash story broke during the afternoon, said,


Wolf Blitzer said,

But the plane was flying into some sort of ice storm,
was it not?

The reporter repeated the same assertion.


CNN cut away from that reporter, who was not heard from
again. Nor was any other reporter PRESENT AT THE SCENE
OF THE CRASH heard from the rest of the evening on CNN.
No photos of the site, no pictures, even though a
reporter was there in daylight hours.

FOX News, just prior to 11:00 p.m., aired a brief
interview with its on-the-scene reporter.

You would think, since this is a story about plane
crash, that the press would provide detailed
information about what can be seen AT THE CRASH SITE.

The Fox reporter at the scene told the audience that
members from the Federal task force have arrived, but
would not examine the crash site until morning.

Fox reporter examined the site? Van Sustrand did not
ask any questions about the plane wreckage, which FOX
cameras did not show. Does Fox not have lights it can
shine on the wreckage of Wellstones plane?

(Remember: No one liked Wellstones politics. So if he
was killed, we do not want the public to know).

Fox wants to <<look at Wellstones legacy, and how his
death will affect the political landscape.>>

Are they at all interested in HOW he died?

WXOW news reported an hour ago,

<<The crash site is in a remote location, so
investigators are having a tough time combing through
the wreckage. >>

I thought they were not going to investigate until

Do they want to CLEAN THINGS UP??


According to a report in the Seattle Post
Intelligencer, filed seven minutes ago,

<<At the site, FBI spokesman Paul McCabe said there was
no indication the crash was related to terrorism. He
also said it would take time to recover the bodies,
which remained in the wreckage late Friday.>>

That was a bit premature, was it not?

How do they know the crash was not related to
terrorism? Perhaps it is customary in government
sponsored assassinations to dismiss any suggestions of
foul play. Who heads the FBI? Ashcroft? Is he more or
less trustworthy than Hoover?

Elsewhere in the Seattle Post Intelligencer, we read:

<<The pilots called the Eveleth-Virginia airport to get
clearance for landing when they were about seven miles
out and they reported no problems, said Gary Ulman, who
was on duty at the airport at the time.

When the plane didn't land, Ulman said, he took off in
a plane to search for it. He soon saw smoke. <The
wreckage was scattered and fully engulfed in flames,>
Ulman said. <Just looking at it, it would take a
miracle to survive it.> >>


So the wreckage was scattered. But this contradicts the
testimony on CNN, aired earlier this evening by a
Sheriff, who claimed he visted the site. He said he saw
the wreckage all contained in a narrow area. This
Sheriff appeared to me to be very nervous.

Three hours ago, Reuters UK reported,

<<Charlie Weaver, commissioner of public safety for
Minnesota, said there was no indication what caused the
crash. Kevin Smith, spokesman for the Department of
Public Safety, added that there was <no indication and
no intelligence> to indicate that the crash was an act
of terrorism. >>

No indication of what caused the crash? If that is so,
then how is possible to discount an act of terrorism
(or murder, for that matter)?


Does anyone really think terrorists would kill
Wellstone? And if so what kind of terrorists? Is this
phrase-- no indication of terrorism-- really code, for
no indication of an assassination attempt? And is it
not being pronounced prematurely?

Is Kevin Smith dismissing all kinds of terrorism? Or
just Arab terrorism? How about US state sponsored
terrorism? Do you think Democratic Senators and
Representatives who oppose the current administration
might not be feeling a bit of fear right now (or
perhaps even out right terror)?

If the death of Wellstone was not contrived, we must be
at least a bit puzzled by the huge surge in stock
market prices when the news of his death caused joy in
the hearts of the plutocrats.

Daniel Gross writes, on Slate,

<<Did the market rally Friday afternoon because Sen.
Paul Wellstone, D-Minn., one of the nation's most
honest and useful public servants, died in a plane

You won't find any analysts making this case on CNBC
this afternoon, on Wall Street Week With Fortune
tonight, or in Barron's tomorrow. Repulsive as it may
be, I can't help but think that it did. The Dow rose
steadily after the news of the crash came over the
wires, eventually closing up 127 points on the day. >>


IMC Twin Cities has its work cut out for it.

You guys have got to get your people out there to
interview the witnesses, and see just how far the
wreckage is spread out.

Why is the federal government taking over? Do any
Minnesota legal agencies have jurisdiction? The FBI is
already there? What about local reporters and local law

I am looking at CNN, and am fascinated by the fact that
the on-the-site coverage is much more thorough for the
killings in Russia than the crash in the US. This is
rather unprecedented. Usually US events get to occupy
the front burner.

I think there was total of about two minutes of live
reporting from the crash scene in Minnesota on CNN
between 3:30 and midnight.

CNN has covered the Russian story live, on the scene,
for almost an hour now. Do not get me wrong. I would
normally be pleased that the US is giving prominence to
a foreign story. But I cannot help thinking that
on-the-scene reporters near the crash site in Minnesota
would have plenty to say.

But-- horror of horrors-- they might raise too many
questions. They might try to work out the
contradictions regarding claims about the weather. (The
officials emphasize the existence of snow or rain.
Independent reports say there was little rain or none.
The doppler showed completely clear skies at the time
over the whole of Minnesota. I saw it myself online.
Others have said the same thing.)

Reporters might ask questions about the wreckage. Some
reports say it was scattered. Some say it was confined
in a tight area. One reporter said the plane was split
in two. Another said it was smashed into ruins. A third
said, the fuselage was intact.

What about photos and camera shots of the wreckage?
Does anyone have any?

The Wellstone crash needs a thorough investigation.

Assassination appears to be a real possibility.

To those who do not like conspiracy theories, I am only
suggesting we need to know what happened. Any good
safety commissioner would suggest the same. So would
any good police officer. Too bad we do not have any
good journalists on the corporate controlled airwaves
to say this.

I will conclude with a few more questions that need

According to KRON San Francisco,

<<F-B-I Agent Paul McCabe says he has no knowledge of
any distress calls being received before the crash.>>

Does this not imply a rather sudden disaster, such as
an explosion?

But McCabe said there was no indication of terrorism.

<<McCabe says the plane is sitting in a wooded area
typical of the region. But he says the terrain nearby
will make the investigation a bit more difficult. He
calls it a <real unpleasant piece of property> -- with
swampland forcing investigators to use all-terrain
vehicles to get in and out.>>

McCabe says the plane burned after it crashed, so the
fuselage suffered a lot of damage. He says recovery of
the eight bodies won't happen in <the immediate
future.> >>

If the terrain is so difficult to examine, then why is
he so quick to jump to conclusions regarding the cause
of the crash?

And if the bodies are not in the plane, or near the
plane, does that also imply an explosion above ground,
which scattered the bodies at some distance from where
the fuselage landed?

Was a bomb not a possibility? If not why not?




We can answer
D.L. 12:15pm Fri Oct 25 '02 

Here is recent information: 



Wolf Blitzer tried to correct her.

He said, The plane was flying into the storm of
freezing rain, right?


The on-the-scene reporter stuck to her guns. Wonder how
long she will have her job?

Is crashed plane, split into two parts more consistent
with an explosion on the plane, or with a plane
crashing due to weather difficulties?

CNN explains why Wellstone might have been

One CNN anchor called Wellstone the most liberal
Senator--- saying he was even more liberal than Ted

He was called courageous, and spoken of as putting
himself at risk for opposing the President when he
voted against war. Not long ago, it appeared that
Wellstoneâ s vote against the war would hurt his
candidacy. Recent polling data indicated that this was
not the case, and CNN did not discount the possibility
that he was assassinated.

The death of Wellstone will enable the Republicans to
gain control of the Senate.

Wellstone was called by CNN, a champion of worker
rights, of national health care, and of parity for
mental and health insurance for all citizens.

Could such a progressive stance, almost unheard of in
the Senate, have incited a plot to assassinate him. He
was called, the friend of the little guy, and of
unions. He fought against international sex

C-Span was hosting a live conference on the elections
when the news broke. One spokesperson for the
Republicans spoke of the sadness which Americans must
feel at the death of Wellstone. Meanwhile, the face of
this party operative betrayed no sadness whatsoever;
rather he appeared very tranquil and almost pleased.

CNN spoke of the stances which Wellstone took in
connection with great risks, great dangers, and
personal courage, which he faced as a result of his
contrarian positions. People can read between the
lines. Wolf Blitzer, the cover man for CNN-- who always
smoothes things over to put them in conformity with the
establishment view-- read a list of many politicians
who have died in plane crashes. Blitzer clearly wanted
to establish this as a normal event, an accident, not
due to any political machinations. However, Blitzers
approach clearly contrasted with that of other anchors
who spoke in detail of his risky, dangerous, and
courageous stances, which could have had serious
consequences from him. No CNN anchor has yet openly
suggested assassination; but the implication has been
near the surface. A number of aviation experts,
following Blitzer, suggest that the pilots did not turn
on the anti-ice. It was suggested that the work load on
this flight must have been high, because the pilot had
to turn on the anti-ice, and might have decided not to,
to get to a higher altitude. One anchor suggested
weather problems. Though independent journalists have
said that the weather was normal.

The plane MIGHT have sat on the run way and accumulated
ice, which was not cleaned off, said one so called
expert. It appeared to me that they were clutching at
straws. The flimsiness of official explanations must
inevitably lead the thinking observer to consider the
possibility of assassination.

Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy was asked to comment on
Wellstone, in an interview on CNN, at 2:35 p.m.

Unlike others, he appeared very emotional, and upset.
(Is he worried that he might be next on a list of
possible targets, as well?)

Leahy said,

Whether you agreed with him politically, you had to
like him. He was honest. He was not interested in the
trappings of the power. He was not self interested. He
was concerned about Health Care, the Environment, the
Minimum Wage. He was committed.

Leahy was in tears, and had to pause, to collect

Blitzer said, I can see you are all choked up. We all
are. (Blitzer did not appear to be at all choked up or
emotional). Blitzer said,

He was a committed man, who worked hard to advance his

Is that supposed to part of a eulogy? If Bush had died,
would he not say, Bush was a man who worked hard for
all Americans? Was Wellstone simply advancing HIS OWN
AGENDA? A more charitable view would be, he was
advancing the agenda of real working people, of people
without health care coverage, the agenda of the
laboring majority, working for substandard wages.

The plane which Wellstone flew was reported to be:
Raytheon craft, A-100 model. Is there some irony here?
Raytheon, more than almost any other company, would
suffer huge profit losses, if the Wellstone anti-war
stance comes to dominate national politics.

The tone on CNN had become maudlin by 2:45; Pete
Dominici came on the air to speak about Wellstone. But
there was silence. No tears, no choking voice. Just
silence. Soon an aid came on to say the interview would
not go forward. Pardon my skepticism, but is it just
too difficult for Republicans to find anything good to
say about Wellstone, other than: He fought for his

Another question: If Bush had died in a plane crash,
would there not be immediate open speculation about the
possibility of assassination? Wellstone held the
balance in the Senate for the Democrats; he was as
opposed to Bush policies as any Senator could be, in
issues of war, health policy, and labor issues. His
death has great political and social significance.

Political commentator, Bill Schneider, said,

Wellstone was admired because he stood on conviction.
He was the voice of sixties idealism. He said the
Democratic Party had lost his soul. He made a
nationwide trip through poor areas in the late 90s,

Could the implication be any clearer? Kennedy was
assassinated during his campaign against Nixon, in what
remain suspicious circumstances. Commentators cannot
come out now, apparently, to suggest a deliberate
murder of Senator Wellstone, but more than one anchor
tiptoes around it.

The Republicans TARGETED Wellstone, said Sen. Pat
Murray of Washington state.

So Wellstone was targeted. Of course, Murray was
speaking of the deliberate targetting of the Wellstone
campaign in Minnesota, by sending in huge amounts of
funding to his opponent. However, the implication is
once again clear. Wellstone was one of the most crucial
political figures in

Bush gave the US a very, very brief statement, which
concluded with the words,

May the good lord bless those who grieve.

Bush did not say that HE GRIEVED. His remarks were
curt, and, in my view, insulting in their brevity.

By 3:00 p.m. another so called expert was brought on.
He spoke almost exclusively of the crash as an
accident. Did he slip when he said at one point, IF
THIS IS FOUND TO BE AN ACCIDENT? He did not elaborate,
but went on to discuss the cockpit voice recorder, the
last contact with the FAA, and other details. (This was
Bob Francis, with the FTAA).


shortly after the crash, the Star-Herald reported:

"The FAA reported light winds and snow in the area at
the time of the crash. Ulman said weather conditions
were "good enough for the approach, probably two to 2
1/2 miles of visiblity."

FAA spokeswoman Elizabeth Cory said, "On approach,
there was a discussion about approach to the airport.
It was on approach when we lost contact with it at
10:20 a.m.''

Cory said there "didn't appear to be" any sign of
distress during the discussion."

Also - It is normal procedure for aircraft of that type
to use IFR approach procedures, but visibility of 2 to
2 1/2 miles do not define IFR conditions. With the
crash site two miles out, the pilot would have been in
view of the field, particularly given the high- or
medium-intensity approach lights mandated for IFR
equipped airports.

Something else:

It's being reported the aircraft was quite a bit
off-course for the runway approach. Given that the
pilot was following an IFR approach, this suggests
either that the plane's approach navigation equipment
wasn't working, or that it was following a phony
glideslope signal being transmitted from a vehicle
parked in the woods somewhere. This was the technique
used about ten years ago, as I recall, to bring down a
jumbo jet in the far east. Can't recall all the details
now, but if I remember correctly, there was a
high-ranking official on that plane too.


This kind of death is old hat in South America where
the CIA has done to many of the most outstanding
leaders of the last 3 decades. Now they have begun to
do it at home. Did anyone expect them to respect their
nation of origin? These devils only have hell as home
and no allegiance to anything else. Now is the time
that Americans must face with the same fear that their
@agencies@ have created all around the world. The time
is getting closer when the forces of evil will take
over the Earth while we stand aside and fight with each
other over childish differences. If that's so, then let
them win and the rest of us imbecile children suffer as
we should for being such idiots.


Eerie Parallels Between Crashes That Killed Wellstone,
Carnahan By Scott Charton, Associated Press Writer


via email  10/25 >From: Steve Freedkin--Progressive
Portal <•••@••.•••> Subject:
Senator Paul Wellstone Has Died

Dear friend:

I am sorry to bear the terrible news that Minnesota
Sen. Paul Wellstone, a staunch supporter of peace and
justice causes, died along with his wife and daughter,
three staff members, and two pilots in a plane crash

As I write these words at 12:10 p.m. PDT (3:10 p.m.
PDT), CNN is reporting that the National Transportation
Safety Administration's top investigators are heading
to the site.

This is not only a terrible personal tragedy, but also
a tragedy for the country and for the cause of peace.
With the Bush Administration clearly despising Sen.
Wellstone, a new alert about Al Qaida threatening
attacks in the U.S., the Republicans one seat away from
a majority in the Senate, and Wellstone's seat up for
re-election in a tight race, one cannot help but feel
uneasy about this disaster.

Under Minnesota law, if a nominee in a Senate race dies
during a campaign, his or her political party can
select a replacement candidate no later than four days
before the general election. Absentee ballots have
already been sent in, however, and those that contain
Wellstone votes are unlikely to be counted.

During the coming days, as we grieve this terrible
loss, we must also turn our attention to the grave
crisis this creates for the political future of
America, and particularly the peace and justice
community. You are welcome to post your comments and
suggestions at:
[This list is moderated, meaning we will review all
submissions before posting to ensure they are on-topic
(to screen out spam, for example). Attachments are not

Some news sources to follow:

Minneapolis Star Tribune, with links to other sites:

Mysterious group funds Wellstone opposition:

CNN report:

Sites that will probably have news and analysis soon:

Z Magazine Web site:

The Nation magazine:

We offer our condolences to the families and friends of
those who died in the plane crash, and to people
everywhere for a loss that is impossible to measure.

In shock and grief,

Steve Freedkin


Wellstone: OMG! Please Tell Me I Heard That Wrong...
Members of Democrats.community were shocked at the news
of Paul Wellstone's death. Join the discussion of
Paul's death - and life. (Registration required)




What the hell's going on here?


This hit accomplishes many things. Bush gets control of
the entire gvt. Democrats are send a message--"don't
even think about it". Liberals who see the connections
are silenced. Liberals who don't (LLLs) are sent
scrambling into mourning and miss the point.

Notice the absence of rage, except from the usual places. 


This is *VERY BAD*!
He was one of the best. I'd reckon this is a threat to
other progressives in power who are against the
Administration's policies.


This is beyond bad...  Wellstone's opponent, Norm
Coleman, is well funded, hand-picked by Bush, owned by
Big Pharma, in bed with Big Business, and wishy-washy
to boot.

Thoughts course thru my mind:  This is too convenient,
too timely, too suspicious. Bush & Co. thought nothing
of stealing a democratic election.  They would not stop
at murder and sabotage to remove a popular rival.

I'm suspicious. I'm scared.  I'm mad.  But most of all, I am grieving.


..."toss up" election, with the outcome determining
control of the Senate and, by extension, control of a
potential 9/11 investigation, control of right-wing
plans for stacking the courts and control of the
purse-strings for Bush's new war plans. Suddenly, less
than two weeks before the election, Paul Wellstone --
Bush's well-known enemy-number-one -- dies in a plane
crash, along with his wife and son. Guess there won't
be a Jean Carnahan this time, folks.


How Aircraft Can Be Caused to Crash In Conditions Of
Low Ceiling/Visibility


Paul Wellstone, Fighter 
by John Nichols  5/27/02

Paul Wellstone is a hunted man. Minnesota's senior
senator is not just another Democrat on White House
political czar Karl Rove's target list, in an election
year when the Senate balance of power could be decided
by the voters of a single state. Rather, getting rid of
Wellstone is a passion for Rove, Dick Cheney, George W.
Bush and the special-interest lobbies that fund the
most sophisticated political operation ever assembled
by a presidential administration. "There are people in
the White House who wake up in the morning thinking
about how they will defeat Paul Wellstone," a senior
Republican aide confides. "This one is political and
personal for them."
Still, Wellstone has few rivals on the left side of the
Senate aisle. Congressional Quarterly says no senator
had a more consistent record of voting against Bush
Administration proposals during the new President's
first year...


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