Welcome to 2003 – The Year of The Apocalypse


Richard Moore

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From: anon
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I haven't been getting much mail from you these past
months and I hope it is not that my address is not
working or that I am not on the main list. I speculate
that you just needed a break to consolidate.

Best of luck and all courage to you.


Dear anon,

Perhaps a break was in order, but the reason was Other
Pressing Matters.  In particular, working to get a
business off the ground.  Right now we're just about
airborne, depending on how you do the accounting.

Also, whenever I approach the keyboard, words seem
inadequate.  It's one thing to talk about an earthquake
before or after, but _during words can seem
superfluous.  A good part of what I've been trying to
say through the years is that we have been hurtling
headlong toward a global fascist state. Now that fact
has become mainstream truth, though phrased in
different terminology.

We might perhaps learn something from history by
comparing Bush & his Homeland Security with Adolph and
his Gestapo, "Enemy Combatant" with "Enemy of the
Reich", Desert Storm with Blitzkrieg... and we might
recognize that Bush's legislation enables - is indeed
designed to enable - domestic concentration camps.  We
might recall that the German people did not see
themselves as aggressors, they were not ogres --
Goebbels convinced them at each stage that they were on
the noble defensive.

Goebbels was considered a propaganda genius in his
time, but by current standards he was but a primitive
pioneer.  Consider the twisted mind state that has been
somehow sold and become the U.S. mainstream... "We are
prepared to unleash the most diabolical weapons of mass
destruction ever known on a helpless population.  And
we have a good reason.  The leader of those people
might someday gather weapons of mass destruction and
might then choose to use them on someone."

One doesn't argue with such a position, one listens in
awe.  It's like listening to a cult member.  Everything
fits together in their mind, especially defenses to all
the reasonable arguments.  If some one is not in the
cult, then they just don't "get it", and their words
come from a place of no understanding.

Rather than a fixed dogma or a charismatic leader, the
"public cult" is guided dynamically by hypnotic
television.  The posture and the look of concern on the
news reader's faces are choreographed with as much
precision as are the phony "news" stories themselves. 
And then there's Oprah & Springer and the whole nine
yards of fantasy television worlds.  Virtual Reality is
here and it doesn't even require special gloves or
goggles.  Why visit real people, and deal with traffic,
when you can sit back with a G&T and indulge in
vicarious socialization with people much more
interesting than yourself and your friends?... "We are
interrupting this broadcast to announce incoming
nuclear missiles... press the blue button if you prefer
to watch the rest of ER until they hit."

Addiction.  Television.  The Drug of the Nation.  The
Cult Siren.  The All Explaining Oracle.  The Collective
Consciousness.  The Single Source of all important
information.  Centrally generated Theater which
pretends to take the place of a non-existent "public
discussion".  A more subtle & sophisticated propaganda
mind-control machine than any sci-fi writer has been
able to imagine.  Not the medium so much, but how it is
used, the precision with which its potential for
enslavement is being exploited.

Walter Cronkite perhaps said it best, when asked what
characterizes a first-rate newscaster.  His answer:
"The ability to lie convincingly."  The same of course
is true for Presidents.  Ronald Reagan, contrary to
liberal opinion, was excellently qualified for the job
of President.  As an actor and long-time advertising
image, he was perfect for the job of telling
interminable lies day after day and getting majorities
to swallow it.  Bush has that same quality.  The Big
Lie Gene.

The modern President is a personality, not a person of
power.  He plays no role whatever in policy making.  He
is briefed after plans have been adopted by what are
euphemistically called his "senior advisors".  Mr.
Prez's concern is more to learn the script, to be in
character for his part, to convincingly present a
bizarre mythology.  Somehow the aggressor must be seen
as the defender, the thief as the helper, the exploiter
as the humanitarian, the mass murderer as the saviour. 
With all due credit to the script writers, one must
respect the performer who actually expresses the words
that convince the multitudes that the Emperor is

There is one Great Conspiracy, and that is the
promulgation of Media Reality.  A world of Lies is
being sold.  There are people in positions of power who
know full well it is all lies, and there are people who
plot out how events are going to be spun on TV.  And
there are people who plan out actual strategies, with
real goals, and those plans are carried out
successfully with real missiles and F-16s.  All with no
one noticing who really did what to whom, who stole
what from whom, nor what economic empires have been
established behind the scenes.  I don't care who those
people are who do these things, but they obviously
exist.  The point is to understand how the system

I believe you need to grok this Great Conspiracy before
you can begin to see the Real World.  "Grok" in the
sense of realizing there CANNOT BE a Santa Claus.  In
the same sense as Believing Your Own Eyes - FINALLY -
about the Naked Emperor.  If you can see that Media
Reality is a form of Theater, that it is a Fable, a
Myth, a Distraction, a Matrix, a Virtual Reality, the
White Gloves of a magician, a Smoke Screen -- if you
can grok this then you can begin to ask the question:
"What is the Real World like?"  Paying attention to
Media Theater is like sitting in the woods with your
car radio on loud.  Not until you turn the radio off do
you hear what's around you - birds singing and leaves

Seeing the World As It Is - that's an active process. 
It's a matter of putting 2 & 2 together.  All the facts
are visible, just as the nakedness of The Emperor was
visible.  The problem is to believe your own eyes, to
interpret the facts for yourself.  This is something TV
never asks you to do.  It might be a bit painful at
first, just as when Neo asked why his eyes hurt after
being released from the Matrix: "You've never used them
before."  Trusting your Own Eyes is a leap into a scary
unknown -- something we've been warned against and
trained to avoid ever since we began going to school. 
"You don't know anything; only experts know things."

Once you start looking, you've got a mystery to solve,
just like on Murder She Wrote.  In the murder mystery
everyone has an alibi, just as in the Media Theater
everything has an explanation.  The detective seeks out
the facts and puts the pieces of the puzzle together
until a picture emerges.  We Who Would See need to do
the same thing.

What particular pieces you identify depends a bit on
your own personal history. The same world looks
different from different perspectives... consider how
different the worlds of Einstein and Van Gogh must have
appeared.  My own detective work finds a puzzle with
only a few big pieces, and the Main Picture doesn't
take long to describe...


Piece #1: The Great Mafia -- we are all familiar with
Mafia Culture in the context of the Godfather cinema
genre. It is characterized by family-like loyalties,
strict secrecy on "business" matters, hierarchical
control structures, the ruthless use of force to
accomplish objectives, and a complete disregard for the
law,.  Such is the culture of the wealthy elite who
ultimately run the affairs of the world's only super
power, and increasingly the affairs of the rest of the
world as well.  In the case of Crime Mafias, we all
understand the function of secrecy, and acknowledging
that does not make one a "conspiracy theorist".  It is
important to understand that those who run the USA are
just like that -- except they operate on a bigger
scale.  Carrier Task Forces instead of Hit Men.

Piece #2: The Great Casino -- the game set up by the
Great Mofia in which we must all play, the Casino in
which the house always wins, the Casino known as
Capitalism. You can't play without chips, and the price
of chips is high - you must spend eight hours a day
helping the Casino rake in the Big Chips for itself, an
occupation also known as Working For A Corporation. 
And this Great Casino is owned by Investors, which
means it must always Grow Bigger Each Quarter.  And
this growth is Destroying The World.

Piece #3: The Great Addiciton -- the addiction the
Great Mafia has developed for the Great Casino. They
are as addicted to that particular scam as any crack
head is to his crystals. They have lost the ability to
conceive of any other kind of world.  In their mind,
the choice can only be between The Casino and Chaos. 
And they fear that imagined Chaos as much as any addict
fears losing his drug supply.

Piece #4: The Great Consolidation -- after centuries of
rivalries among Great Powers the USA has finally
achieved Effective Global Hegeomony. No more can there
be Wars, but only bombings and massacres of defenseless
people by unchallengeable hi-tech weaponry.  The
Predator Drone the symbol of our time. The time of the
Big Mop Up, the Great Consolidation, is here. Carthage
is destroyed, Rome is all powerful, the Invincible
Legions are to be garrisoned in every quarter of the

Piece #5: The Great Holocaust -- the kill-off of the
Useless Feeders.  When North America and Australia
became internal territories of an Expanding Europe, the
native populations were systematically destroyed --
like so many vermin, like so many stones in the
pasture-to-be.  One source claims a decision was made
some years back to achieve 80% global die-off by the
year 2030. I don't get into those kinds of conspiracy
theories because they are almost as unreliable as The
Media itself. But if you look at the facts, we seem to
be on our way to such an achievement.  We're certainly
well on course in Africa, with CIA-sponsored civil
wars, IMF-sponsored famines, and a leave-it-be AIDs
epidemic.  Spreading spent-plutonium shells around the
countryside contributes a bit, starving millions of
Iraqi children helps a bit, and a good old nuclear
blast or two would help a whole lot all at once. 
Apocalypse Now to clear the way for new Casino

Piece #6: the Great Hoax -- Media Theater + Myth of
Progress + Illusion of Prosperity + Sham of Democracy +
Fable of Freedom  = Denial of The Real = The Matrix.


You may or may not agree that these pieces exist, or
that the emerging picture is close The Real.  I hope
you comment either way, as those kinds of dialogs are
frequently of interest to our subscribers.

And let me suggest an exercise.  IF this picture I've
painted is more or less accurate, then What is Worth
Doing?   Is participating in a sham political system of
value?  Is appealing to the humanitarian feelings of
Mafia Bosses likely to help?  Are protests and
demonstrations going to cure the Great Mafia of its
Great Addiction?  Is Reform going to turn the Great
Casino into a Good Thing?

You tell me.

all the best to you in the new year,

BTW> I've got 100 Zen-Transformation books left which are 
available at a post-Christmas-sale price of $10.  Let me know 
if you're interested.  The funds are needed to put together
a better thought-out project around a second edition.


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