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Something Wicked This Way Comes 

by Anthony Wade 


October 15, 2005 

Beware America, there is something brewing on the horizon. The
storm clouds are gathering. For anyone who has closely
followed this administration and the way that they try to cow
the masses to avoid bad publicity, the upcoming weeks are
fraught with danger. As the Plamegate case starts to wind up,
rest assured the storm of grand distraction is heading
straight for us.

For the unaware, those who rely on mainstream/corporate media
for their "news", Plamegate is a two year investigation into
the leaking of a covert CIA operative's identity to the press.
The prosecutor, Patrick Fitzgerald, has been doggedly trying
to unravel so much corruption that all the talking heads can
do is wonder who is going to be indicted. The fact remains
though that the indictments have to be coming within the next
two weeks. The term for the special prosecutor expires at the
end of this month and we can be sure that Bush will not renew
this investigation.

The story goes like this. In the run-up to the Iraq War the
Bush administration was trying desperately to scare the nation
about the WMD capability of Iraq. We heard tales of nefarious
chemical weapons, terrifying biological weapons and the
potential for Iraq to possess nuclear weapons. It is the
nuclear potential that saw the development of Plamegate. There
was a report that Iraq was trying to purchase uranium from the
Niger and at the behest of the Vice President's office, Joseph
Wilson was sent to investigate. He came back and informed the
government that the story was completely untrue and as it
turned out, the documents involved were crude forgeries.
Despite the truth, the president bravely marched on and stated
the Niger story as fact in his next state of the union
address. Eventually, Wilson wrote an op-ed piece in the New
York Times refuting the White House claims. Instead of owning
up to their "error", the Bush attack machine went into
overdrive and the identity of Wilson's wife as an undercover
CIA operative was anonymously leaked to the press.

If that does not sound like a big deal, try and remember that
it is treasonous and a felony. Considering this was the party
that rammed the "rule of law" down our throats with the
partisan Clinton impeachment, it would seem quite germane.
Considering Bush himself promised to restore integrity to the
White House, the implications are extremely significant. What
is lurking beneath the surface however is far more potentially
damaging to this entire administration. The elephant in the
room that people are not talking about is why there were
forged documents to begin with and the overall publicity
campaign waged by the administration to push us into war. With
the benefit of hindsight and the lack of any WMD, it becomes
quite clear that the reason we were sold this war on were not
accurate. When you factor in the Downing Street Memos it
becomes clearer still that those "inaccuracies" were known in
advance and that the administration willfully and purposefully
lied this country into war. When you then factor in that one
reporter, Judy Miller, was willing to rot in jail for 85 days
for a story she never even wrote, the corruption trail ends up
at the top of the food chain.

Make no mistake about it; this story can take down the most
corrupt administration in modern history. The obvious names
being thrown around for indictments are Karl Rove and Scooter
Libby but the fact is this sordid business has no less than 21
administration officials tied up in it, including Bush and
Cheney. That being said, it is when this administration faces
its harshest criticism that inevitably something happens to
distract the American people. Usually that something is in the
form of a terrorist attack, chatter, or something to panic the
American people into submission and bury the story they do not
want covered. This is when you will hear about a high profile
arrest, usually the number three guy in al Qaeda. Or maybe we
will here about "credible" intelligence about impending
attacks on the New York City subway system. Eventually the
intelligence will be debunked as years old, or unreliable.
Eventually it will be discovered that it was not really the
number three guy in al Qaeda, but rather their clerk. Those
corrections will come days later and be buried by the
corporate media so most people will never connect the reason
for the initial subterfuge. So do not be deceived, it is
coming America. Five years ago we were lectured day in and out
by the republican machine that the rule of law was too vital
to our democracy to allow it to be sullied. I only seek

So be vigilant America. Within the next two weeks indictments
will be handed down against some major players in this
administration. These indictments will point to far more
egregious occurrences than just the charges at hand. They will
expose the big lie that has been festering in this country for
years now. That is the fact that 2,000 American soldiers have
died for willful and purposeful lies told by this president
and his administration. Their blood still cries out from the
desert sands of Iraq, waiting for the truth to vindicate their

Anthony Wade, a contributing writer to opednews.com, is
dedicated to educating the populace to the lies and abuses of
the government. He is a 37-year-old independent writer from
New York with political commentary articles seen on multiple
websites.  A Christian progressive and professional
Rehabilitation Counselor working with the poor and disabled,
Mr. Wade believes that you can have faith and hold elected
officials accountable for lies and excess. Anthony Wade's

Email Anthony: •••@••.••• 


"Apocalypse Now and the Brave New World"

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