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Richard Moore

    Former U.S. officials have recently revealed that the U.S.
    Army is considering conducting special operations inside
    Syria, using small teams for intelligence gathering.

War moves to Syria 

October 17, 2005 

Analysts suggest that the U.S. wars on Iraq and Afghanistan
are part of a broader military agenda to control the Middle; a
continuation of the 1991 Gulf War and the NATO led wars on

The post Iraq war period has been marked by President Bush's
rhetoric and threats against Damascus, raising the prospect of
another U.S. war in the Middle East, but on Syria this time.

According to analysts, the deployment of the U.S. war machine
purports to enlarge its economic sphere of influence.Syria,
with considerable oil reserves, has long been a pawn in the
larger game of great power politics and oil interests in the
Arab world.

After World War 1, France hampered the Arab's attempts for an
independent kingdom by installing a colonial regime in
Damascus, which was part of the Ottoman Empire. After gaining
independence, Syria became the target of military coups,
sponsored by Britain and the United States, both competing to
control the region's oil wealth.

Former U.S. officials have recently revealed that the U.S.
Army is considering conducting special operations inside
Syria, using small teams for intelligence gathering.

Repetitive clashes between U.S. and Syrian forces on the Iraqi
border over the past year, according to former military and
government officials may become a new front in the Iraq war.

The firefight, between Army Rangers and Syrian troops
demonstrates the dangers facing U.S. troops as Bush's admin
steps up both political and military pressure on Damascus,
which Bush labels one of the "allies of convenience".

The U.S. has, in recent months, broadening its military
presence along the Iraqi-Syrian border as depression mounts
among members of the Bush administration over the failure to
prevent foreign fighters from boosting the strength of and
assisting the Iraqi resistance in the face of the occupation

During a White house meeting earlier this month, officials
said, senior aides to Bush raised a variety of options
including military strike against Syria to pile up the
pressure on the Arab state the coming weeks.

However, Bush has not given the green light for any specific
strategy yet, nor has he started to take moves to oust the
Syrian President like he did in Iraq more than two years ago;
in part for fear of who might take over, senior U.S. official

But the U.S. ambassador to Iraq, Zalmay Khalilzad, has
repetitively stated that Washington's "patience with Syria is
running out", fueling concerns that Syria might be the U.S.'s
next stop.

Also Dr. Flynt Leverett, former national security adviser on
Syria to the White House and now with The Brookings
Institution, has stated recently that "There's been frequent
criticism of the administration for not having a policy on
Syria"- Now it seems that U.S. has a policy, 'regime change-
to get rid of another Baathist leader in the Middle East,
stepping up contacts with the Syrian opposition in exile.



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