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Richard Moore

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Subject: The Emergency Truth Convergence Conference
Date: Sun, 17 Jul 2005 10:58:52 -0700
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Come Build a Breakthrough Movement
to Expose, Decry, and Neutralize
the Seamless Lies behind 9/11,
Resource Wars, Troop Betrayal and Constitutional Jeopardy

"Justice is truth in action."
- Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881)

A historic convergence of truth groups, activists, whistle-blowers, indie
media and the foreign press to expose and counter the government's most
lethal lies and mainstream media complicity. The event series highlights two
current icons of official deceit: the first birthday of the 9/11 Commission
Report on July 22nd and the third anniversary of the Downing Street Memo on
July 23rd. Our events will include a unique National Press Club briefing, a
name-packed Lafayette Park "Defeat Lethal Deceit" rally, a dance/concert,
and a strategy summit among truth movement leaders, veteran & victim family
groups, grassroots activists and the indie media community.


1) Too many thousands have died and are dying from media abetment of
administration deceit.
2) Too much evidence exists refuting the "official stories" on critical
turns in recent history.
3) Too many instances of unchallenged treachery tempt corrupt officials and
lead to worse crimes.
4) Too much power is now arising in independent media to excuse or endure
this blackout anymore.
5) Activists working on 9/11, war, repression or media reform could all be
far more effective if we collectively outed and disabled the government's
most powerful lies.


By awakening independent & foreign journalists (and overwhelming mainstream
gatekeepers) with a perfect storm of DC truth events aimed at Congress, the
courts, and the public abroad (including new 911/war lie hearings, creative
new law suits, and dramatic new global appeals).

Main Points:

1) To develop a cross-movement strategy to show the public and the world
that the tens of thousands of lives we have lost -
. lost to 9/11 savagery and its toxic aftermath,
. lost to shock & awe, collateral damage and depleted uranium,
. lost to torture, gulag brutality, and blowback yet to come
- ALL are victims of the SAME imperial vision and the SAME deceit-driven
plans (ditto our national solvency, the rule of law, and the Bill of Rights)

2) To remind ourselves that leaders selling war, repression and corporate
rule could fool a lot less people a lot less of the time if indie media
flooded the streets and airwaves with badly needed truths. Today's bloody
liars are red. Tomorrow's may be blue. Only with grassroots enlightenment
and collaboration can we discredit their propaganda and reverse their brutal

Why July?

Two improbably dark anniversaries fall back to back on July 22nd and 23rd
this year, and aptly wed the two top poster children of war deceit: the
Downing Street Memo and the Kean/Zelikow 9/11 Commission Report.

* Friday, July 22nd is the first anniversary of the nakedly fraudulent 9/11
Commission Report - the "full and final accounting" that ducked 80% of the
families' questions, hid glaring evidence of official complicity, and
pointedly failed to ask how leaders lusting for Iraq conquest since
September 2000 could have ever hoped to succeed without a 9/11-scale attack
to ignite national fear, calls for revenge and blind support for war.

* Saturday, July 23rd, is the third birthday of the Downing Street memo
which documents that many months before congressional submission, the UN
charade, or the "Big Mushroom Cloud" mantra began, Iraq "facts and
intelligence" were already being reupholstered for a fast drive into war.
(According to Richard Clarke, of course, Iraq was targeted by Rumsfeld on
Sept. 11 itself, while Paul O'Neill recounts that Bush demanded an Iraq war
pretext at his first cabinet huddle in Jan. 2001.)

This sudden coincidence of infamous anniversaries is just too timely to
ignore. It offers too many opportunities to expose the largest lies at work,
enforce justice, and halt perpetual war.

Schedule in Brief

After the morning session of Rep. McKinney's "Did They Get It Right?" 9//11
briefing on Capitol Hill, we will be holding the first ever National Press
Club briefing especially designed for the independent media. It will feature
prominent victim family reactions to the Kean Commission's performance, Dr.
David Ray Griffin's deconstruction of the Report, and "Weapons of Mass
Deception" producer Danny Schechter's dissection of media censorship. The
briefing will be fittingly led by Project Censored founder, Peter Phillips.
Friday evening there will be films and a reception at American University.

From 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM we will hold a major rally presenting top truth and
anti-war advocates, publicizing kindred cover-ups, and forging a common
front across from the White House in Lafayette Park. Besides eminent
cross-movement figures like Peter Phillips, Ray McGovern, Gael Murphy,
Robert Bowman and many other Big Picture experts, the stage will feature
some of the bravest family members and some very dramatic guests.

Saturday Eve:
Feast, mix and dance your heart out to rebel truth bands at the American
University "Tavern", and spend all day Sunday at the school in strategy
conversations with leading players in the veteran and antiwar movements, the
independent media, major allied truth groups, and the foreign press.

(For those who do not choose to dance, we have lots of cheap beds at
American University that evening as well as a big hall and breakout rooms
for the Sunday strategy summit.)

We Need Your Aid, Energy and Experience
to organize, publicize and succeed with these events. If you understand the
importance of this approach and chance, please check into our Pre Conference
Discussion Group:

More info on speakers, schedules, etc. coming this week - please pass the
word and check back then . . .

Schedule of Events

Critical Mass & Red Pill Politics
- A Longer Statement of our Cause

Treachery Without Consequence
- A Scorecard for our Time

East: Janice Matthews @ 707-616-7939
West: Gabriel Day @ 831-325-3135
Email: •••@••.•••

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Richard Moore (rkm)
Wexford, Ireland
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      suspension of the Weimar constitution followed the
      Reichstag fire."  
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