War: Iran: Will Israel Start World War Three?


Richard Moore


 Will Israel Start World War Three?
And finish the set-up the US started by radicalizing and arming Iran in the
first place

Infowars Network | October 2 2005
By Paul Joseph Watson/Alex Jones

Israeli rhetoric towards Iran has considerably heated in the
last few weeks as the world hurtles towards an inevitable
confrontation over Iran's nuclear programs.

Last week three senior Israeli lawmakers went public to warn
that Israel would act unilaterally to eliminate any perceived
Iranian threat. Yosef Lapid, head of the centrist opposition
Shinui Party in the Knesset stated, "Threats of sanctions and
isolation alone will not do it, we feel we are obliged to warn
our friends that Israel should not be pushed into a situation
where we see no other solution but to act unilaterally."

In 1981, Israel bombed the Osiraq nuclear power plant near
Baghdad immediately prior to it being fueled by its French
contractors. Once fueled, bombing is out of the question
because of the radiation that would be emitted, with clouds of
poison drifting anywhere across the globe. This attack was
essentially the brainchild of the same Neo-Cons pulling the
strings today, who were just getting a foothold during the
first year of the Reagan administration. Through their actions
and incessant saber-rattling they later became known as 'the
crazies' by more moderate policy makers under the first Bush
presidency. Even Colin Powell, an establishment underling
through and through went one further, calling them "fucking
crazies" during the build-up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

The Bushehr nuclear reactor is a Russian project and it is set
to be fueled very shortly. A senior Iranian atomic energy
official said back in late June that the first fuel would
arrive in a few months. Any targeted air strikes on the
facility would merit an immediate response from the Russians.

Despite reports of increasingly strained relations between
Russian and Iran, Vladimir Putin has publicly stated that
Russia will defend Iran both diplomatically and militarily.
The implications of this are obviously deeply concerning. If
the situation was to spiral out of control, China, which has
recently conducted several wargames with Russia, would step in
on the side of Russian and Iran. The US would be obligated to
defend Israel and in turn Europe would be obligated to defend
the US.

Estimates of when Iran is likely to have acquired a usable
nuclear arsenal range from five to ten years, but the Israelis
have been fear mongering by saying it will be as soon as one
or two.

Israeli officials have gone on the record to warn that
military exercises have already been conducted and fully
rehearsed to strike Iran's nuclear facilities as soon as they
go live.

Lieut. General Thomas McInerney appeared on Fox News earlier
this year and was asked about the likelihood of the US
instigating or supporting any attack on Iran. McInerney sated,
"Well, I would put one percent of using ground forces, boots
on the ground in Iran, I would put up 50 percent on a blockade
and I would put up fifty to sixty percent on precision air
strikes on their nuclear development sites."

The history of how Iran's path to nuclear proliferation began
is a familiar story.

The 1953 CIA ouster of President Mossadegh, a leader who was
conforming to westernized policy but made the mistake of
asking to keep a small portion of his country's oil revenue,
was achieved by means of staged bombings and shootings which
were blamed on the Iranian government in order to antagonize
the population and enable the coup.

After installing the Shah Globalists like Henry Kissinger
opened the door for Iran to develop sophisticated nuclear
energy programs which laid the foundation for today's crisis.
Twenty three reactors were built with the help of American
corporations like General Electric and Westinghouse.

In 1976, President Gerald Ford even authorized the Shah to buy
and operate a plutonium-extracting and processing facility - a
big step toward converting energy processing to weapons

After the revolution of 1979 the fundamentalist Ayatollah
Khomeni reversed westernized policy but maintained Iran's
nuclear interest albeit staggeringly before the end of the war
with Iraq. After the war ended Iran was again free to pursue
its ends leading us to the impending crisis we face today.

It seems almost inevitable now that the Neo-Cons will launch
targeted military strikes against Iran's nuclear facilities.
Whether Israel goes alone or has US support seems beside the
point. There are two dangers which apply to either outcome.

1) Will there, as George Galloway has warned could happen, be
a staged terrorist attack either in Israel or the United
States that is blamed on Iran?

One would suspect that the scope of this attack would have to
be on the level of 9/11 to warrant an immediate military
operation against Iran.

American Conservative magazine reported that Dick Cheney had
given the authorization for a military strike on Iran
immediately after the next terror attack in the United States.

Former CIA officer Philip Giraldi echoed the same sentiments.

2) How will Russia and China react and will this escalation
light the blue touch paper for world war three?

Only time will tell


"Apocalypse Now and the Brave New World"