Venezuela refinery explosion: US Embassy hints was false flag


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US Embassy in Caracas predicted an “extraordinary event” that will defeat Chávez in the October 7th Presidential election By Arturo Rosales

27 August 2012 – Axis of Logic
US Embassy in Caracas predicted an “extraordinary event” that will defeat Chávez in the October 7th Presidential election

The text below was published on a Venezuelan opinion site on July 22nd well before the explosion at the Amuay refinery, which was an “extraordinary event.” Question: Is it the “extraordinary event” referred to by the personnel at the US Embassy mentioned in the following article? Is this a pointer to the Amuay tragedy?
After more than 24 hours reflecting on these terrible events and following the opposition news media and Tweets with their necrophilia at the death and destruction clear for all to see and read, more people are coming to the conclusion that the huge explosion at Amuay that claimed at least 41 lives, was not an “accident”.
– Arturo Rosales,
Axis of Logic
Contrary to what the majority of reliable polls reveal concerning the Venezuelan presidential elections, personnel of the US Embassy in Caracas “foresee a close result” and are interested in an “extraordinary event”.
In the section of his TV program called “Confidentials” broadcast on July 22nd the Journalist José Vicente Rangel reported that the director of one of the Venezuelan pollsters had a three hour meeting with personnel of the US Embassy in Caracas.
Rangel informed them of the bad news that, in spite of their efforts, the results of the October 7th presidential elections would show a result extremely favorable for the socialist candidate, Hugo Chávez. The US personnel, however, has a different point of view and “foresee a different scenario with a close result and had confidence in the ability of opposition candidate Capriles to close the existing vote intention gap,”stated Rangel.
During the conversation the North Americans were interested in“reducing the gap due to an extraordinary event whose magnitude and characteristics which they did not reveal, could have an impact on the results of the election and generate unpredictable consequences.”
Rangel asked the question: “what are these North American employees of the US Embassy referring to and what information do they have?”