Venezuela military cooperation with Russia


Richard Moore

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Venezuela president praises highly military cooperation with Russia

15.06.2006, 09.47

CARACAS, June 15 (Itar-Tass) -- Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez praised highly 
the development of military-technical cooperation with Russia. The president has
made a statement at the solemn handover ceremony of 30,000 Russian submachine 
guns AK-103 to the Venezuelan army on Wednesday. The Russian arms exporting 
company Rosoboronexport will supply 100,000 submachine guns of the kind to 
Venezuela this year.

The Venezuelan president called this day historical, as, according to him, it is
not a simple replacement of outdated weapons, but a new concept of the 
construction of the armed forces. ³Today we became independent, as cooperation 
with Russia envisages not only the supplies of weapons, but also the transfer of
advanced military technologies. No country provided such rights to Venezuela 
earlier,² Chavez emphasized. In this connection, he spoke about the plans to 
open a licensed production of Kalashnikov new-generation assault rifles and 
ammunition for them. The conclusion of contracts with Rosoboronexport for the 
construction of two plants in the Venezuelan city of Maracay is at the final 
stage, the president pointed out.

For the modernization of the Venezuelan Air Force it was decided to buy in 
Russia modern fighters Su-30, Chavez remarked. He noted that these fighters are 
the best in the world for their flying and tactical faculties. The president 
also spoke about the plans to buy a big batch of helicopters for the Air Force, 
the Navy and the Venezuelan National Guard. Chavez recalled that for the 
renovation of the air fleet Venezuela has already signed contracts with 
Rosoboronexport for the supply of 33 various models of military helicopters for 
the Venezuelan Ground Troops. The largest in South America helicopter 
maintenance center is planned to be set up in Venezuela.

Aircraft and modern firearms of Russian production are bought under the 
programme adopted by the Venezuelan government for the modernization of the 
armed forces in order to ensure security and defence capacity of the South 
American country.

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