US-Israeli plans to take out Putin?


Richard Moore

One never knows how reliable a Rense report is, but Washington certainly has 
every reason to get rid of Putin, and the plan presented here fits the modus 
operandi of the CIA-sponsord 'colored revolutions' in South Asia.


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The US-Israel-Oligarch
Plan To 'Take Out' Putin
Voice of the White House

On Thursday, March 15, a meeting was held in a private suite at the Hay-Adams 
hotel in Washington.

This meeting was attended by CIA and CIA-based Mossad personnel, a 
Russian/Israeli representative of Boris A. Berezovsky, an Israeli citizen 
formerly a Russian citizen, representatives of Mikhail Brudno and Vladimir 
Duboy, also Israeli citizens and once major holders in Yukos, the Russian oil 
giant. Also present was a personal representative of Vice President Cheney.

The meeting was under clandestine electronic surveillance and it quickly emerged
that the purpose of this meeting, which commenced after a luncheon served in the
rooms and began at 1425 hours, was to discuss the means by which Vladimir Putin,
President of the Russian Republic, was to be removed from office, either through
extensive civil disruption or assassination.

The former Russian/Israeli oil and business oligarchs had been effectively 
removed from power by Putin, following the departure of Russian President, Boris
Yeltsin. Yeltsin had been effectively supported by the CIA and when in office, 
denationalized the very important Russian oil and gas fields, permitting the 
so-called Oligarchy (of which Berezovsky, Brudno, Duboy and others, were part 
and parcel.)

Their known aim was to gain complete control over these natural resources with 
the aid of their co-rerligionists in the World Bank (now run by another 
co-religionist, Paul Wolfowitz) the IMF and the Israeli-controlled Bank of New 
York. The method was to improve the fields' production capacity with loans from 
American and British oil companies and then sell controlling interests to both 

These plans were frustrated by Putin, and the immensely wealthy oligarchs 
stripped of their holdings and run out of the country. Most of them fled to 
Israel with as much money as they could abscond with and where they are now 
living, completely safe from any criminal prosecution, while Berezovsky fled to 
England where he is currently resident.

Berezovsky, born on 23 January, 1946, he and his associates gained the support 
of Yeltsin and he personally took over control of the state controlled AutoVAZ 
car business, Aeroflot, the Russian airline and several very rich natural 
resources, later reorganized into Sibneft. These acquisitions were accomplished 
by bribery, extortion and outright theft and were all protected by the Yeltsin 
people. He also was able to seize control of important segments of the Russian 
media which he used to support the 1996 Yeltsin presidential campaign. This 
media conglomerate also included the TV6 and Ort television channels and the 
large-circulation newspapers, Novye Izbestiya, Nezavisimaya Gazeta and 

Acting on information from the Israeli Mossad, Berezovsky established contact 
with Neil Bush, the very corrupt younger brother of the President and became a 
very heavy investor, since 2003, in Bush's computer company, Ignite! Learning. 
The two have met, in Europe and the Baltic areas, a number of times 

Berezovsky then became heavily involved in the political situation in the 
Ukraine in 2005. Working in cooperation with elements of the CIA who were under 
orders from the Vice President Cheney to "destabilize the pro-Russian government
of the Ukraine " and seek to bring it under the aegis of NATO with especial 
emphasis on gaining the oil rights in the Donets Basin and, most importantly, to
secure the oil and gas pipeline systems running from Russia to eastern Europe. 
Berezovsky financially supported Viktor Yushchenko and transferred "significant 
amounts of cash" from his London bank accounts to the Yushchenko campaign. Such 
foreign interference is illegal under current Ukrainian laws.

Although Yushchenko was elected, political activity sponsored by Russia made it 
impossible for the U.S. interests to either secure control over Ukrainian 
pipelines or gain access to the natural resources of the Donetz basin.

Following this very expensive debacle, Yuschenko then turned his attention to 
projects designed to either physically eliminate Putin or drive him from office.
He stated in a public interview in January of 2006 that he was fully intent in 
overthrowing Putin, a goal heartily supported by Vice President Cheney who 
personally hates Putin and is under pressure from his friends in the oil 
industry to remove a man who not only snatched control over the rich Russian 
natural resources from them but has actively blocked their continuing efforts to
somehow get their hands on Russian oil and gas.

Well aware of Berezovsky's activities (the Russian intelligence services have 
long ago penetrated Israeli intelligence organs, a number of Berezovsky's 
minions have either vanished without a trace or, like his co-religionist, 
ex-Russian FBB intelligence officer and alleged "reporter," A. Litvinenko, was 
poisoned by a dose of radioactive material as were two other Russian "reporters"
and in Washington, an anti-Putin former CIA official was shot in front of his 
house and the entire episode covered up by the American press.

Although these deaths should have warned not only Berezovsky and his allies, 
they apparently learned nothing and are now working to overthrow Putin and 
restore the oil and gas interests to status quo pre-Putin.

As early as August, 2003, tentative plans were being developed between the CIA, 
the Mossad and dissident groups inside Russia, plans that later were formalized 
in Washington with the blessing of Cheney. During the course of the 7th 
International Workshop held in Helsinki, Finland, at the Sonera Conference 
Center in that city, meetings were held between a CIA official using the name of
Roger Simkins, his Israeli opposite number, Rahm Gittlesohn, a Mossad agent 
attached to the Israeli embassy and Moshe Sitkovetsky, an Israeli-based agent of
Berezovsky. These "initial exploratory talks" lasted off and on for two days and
were later continued on six separate occasions, five of these in London and the 
last one in Washington.

An organization was created, called 'Another Russia' and contact was made with 
Eduard Limonov who heads the National Bolshevik Party. Berezovsky has no problem
using this man but the Vice President, who is strongly anti-Communist, has 
objected to the inclusion of Limonov. Berezovsky hates Putin for destroying his 
empire and has on several occasions labeled the pro-German Putin as a "nazi.' He
also has advocated the killing of Putin's daughters "as a warning" to the 
Russian president but to date, this project has received little attention.

The current plan is to have 'Another Russia' begin a series of disruptive public
protests, utilizing students; former Communists; and some members of Russia's 
rapidly shrinking Jewish community. There have been active discussions about 
what kind of articles will appear in the American media (anti-Putin) and, of 
course, non-documented promises of large cash rewards to the leaders of the 
opposition in the event of their so disrupting Putin that he will resign. In the
event that he retaliates, it is hoped that he does so in front of cameras and at
the same time, a plan is being formulated to shoot him in the Crimea while on 
vacation and blame it on Ukrainians.

It is to be stressed that both the United States and Israeli governments are 
fully in accord with the thrust of these plan. If, on the other hand, the 
British government were to become aware, at least officially, that these plots 
were being conducted from British soil, the consequences for Berezovsky could be
very serious and it was put forward that as friendly an ally as PM Blair has 
proven to be to U.S. interests, it would not be productive to attempt to enlist 
British cooperation.


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