US, Israel push world to brink of world war


Richard Moore

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US, Israel push world to brink of world war
By Larry Chin

July 17, 2006
Online Journal

In the space of mere hours, the world has been collectively incited, provoked, 
and dragged into an all-out war that is on course towards potential nuclear 
super power conflict. (Analysis from independent sources such as Electronic 
Intifada, Dahr Jamail, and Angry Arab News provide bloody detail on unfolding 
conditions, as well as historic context.)

What must be underscored and grasped at this historic moment are not simply the 
atrocities on the part of Israel, but the Bush administration¹s pathologically 
sinister actions fanning the flames of this mushrooming war.

€  The insane Condoleezza Rice condoned the bombing of Lebanon, and then 
condemned Syria and Iran, and launched into the ³terrorists² talking point 
mantra, repeatedly...³I am not going to try to judge every single act.² The fact
that this monster is the US Secretary of State is beyond words.

€  The insane George W. Bush repeated the same ³terrorists² talking point 
mantra, the same ³get Iran and Syria at the same time² memo: ³Every nation must 
defend herself against terrorist attacks and the killing of innocent life.²

€  The Bush administration and its insane UN Ambassador John Bolton cast the 
lone vote (1-10) against a UN resolution condemning the Israeli aggression, 
killing the resolution.

The entire world knows that only the US can stop it. The Bush administration 
won¹t. It has only not even bothered to script words that sound like diplomacy, 
it has purposely congratulated Israel, which has spectacularly executed the 
shared 9/11-created policy of presumptive unilateral war against ³terrorists² 
(all political opponents are ³terrorists²).

Bush neocon maniacs like what its demented cousins in Tel Aviv have unleashed --
and want more. This comes in the wake of 1) the insane Donald Rumsfeld 
re-declaring war in the Middle East, reiterating that the US ³is not going 
anywhere²; 2) a terror bombing in Mumbai (Bombay), India that can be traced to 
US-linked Pakistani terror groups, sparking possible India-Pakistan nuclear 
conflict; 3) new rounds of provocation towards Iran, and 4) North Korea.

Going back several months to the events that began this specific chain of events
in the Middle East, what was the role of Israel and the US in the assassination 
of Rafik Hariri?

With the actions of Israel and the Bush administration, the words of Hitler 
burst forth once again: ³The victor will not be asked, later on, whether he told
the truth or not. In starting and waging a war, it is not Right that matters but
Victory. Have no pity.²

Could the Israeli aggression be the Bush administration pretext for the bigger 
Middle East war that the neocons have long dreamed about, with the US and Israel
destroying Iran and Syria simultaneously, daring Russia and China to stop them?

Is this the next stage of World War Three (begun on 9/11), or World War Four, a 
new and truly planetary holocaust?

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