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State Terrorists V Freedom Fighters

Yamin Zakaria


London, UK

      "We must use terror, assassination, intimidation, land
       confiscation, and the cutting of all social services to rid
       the Galilee of its Arab population." - (David Ben-Gurion,
       May 1948. From Ben-Gurion, a Biography, by Michael

Even before the abovementioned words were uttered 
by Ben Gurion, and before the establishment of 
Israel: terrorism, assassination and propaganda 
were the primary tools of the Jewish immigrants 
arriving from Europe and Russia. Ironically, many 
of them were fleeing persecution but upon their 
arrival they began to persecute another innocent 
nation! These Jewish (Zionist) terrorists 
organised themselves into groups and one of the 
earliest one was called the "Haganah"; its 
members included the likes of Yitzhak Rabin, 
Ariel Sharon and Moshe Dayan. From "Haganah", the 
"Irgun" gang was formed by the more fanatical 
right-wing members; the group was later led by 
Menachem Begin. However, the "Irgun" gang also 
split in 1940; their off-shoot was called the 
"Lehi" also known by the British as the "Stern 
Gang", named after its leader Avraham Stern.

All of these terrorist groups terrorised the 
indigenous Muslim/Arabs, driving them out of 
their lands. This is the source of the problem, 
the root of the Arab-Israeli conflict: foreigners 
who have sought refuge in the land of olive 
(Palestine - "Bilad az-Zaytun"), turn violent on 
the indigenous population. These ungrateful 
Zionist terrorists also attacked the British 
occupational forces, despite the fact that it was 
the British government who facilitated their 
'settlement' in these lands. They bombed King 
David Hotel, killing 91 people that comprised 
largely of British civilians. Menachem Begin of 
the Stern Gang was wanted by the British 
authorities for his criminal activities.

  After the establishment of Israel, the "Irgun" 
gang led by Menachem Begin became the right-wing 
Likud Party, while the "Haganah" terrorists and 
the criminal Stern gang integrated to form the 
Israeli Defence Force (IDF). Therefore, Israel is 
a terrorist state by its nature; its institutions 
were born out of the terrorism of terrorist 
groups and theft of Arab/Muslim lands. Israel 
continues to function in this mode, terrorising 
the region for the ultimate goal of building 
Eretz (greater) Israel. The map issued by Begin's 
Irgun gang is proof of that vision of creating 
Eretz Israel, when Israel was not even born. 
Menachem Begin explicitly stated this in 1947:

"Eretz Israel will be restored to the people of 
Israel, all of it and for ever."

However, international situation prevents Israel 
from achieving this goal of building Eretz Israel 
immediately; this is a long term objective that 
is being undertaken with careful planning. To 
weaken the surrounding Arab countries is one 
essential milestone for achieving this objective. 
Thus, dismantling of Iraq, incursion into Syria 
and Lebanon, eventual annihilation of the 
Palestinians, preparing to attack Iran, Somalia 
and Syria, then eventually Saudi Arabia and 
Sudan, all aid that objective of building Eretz 
Israel, even though other factors are driving 
those events. Not surprisingly the fanatical 
neo-cons (Zionists) are the real architects of 
this aggressive US foreign policy that is design 
to weaken the Arab/Muslim countries.

Eretz Israel is the goal, and terrorism is the 
method. It was the Zionists who introduced these 
methods, like the European colonisers introduced 
chicken pox to the peaceful native population in 
the Americas and Australia. Zionists even openly 
admitted of their intention of using terrorism, 
the aforementioned words of Ben-Gurion and the 
underground newspaper of the Stern Gang 
explicitly stated this: "Neither Jewish morality 
nor Jewish tradition can negate the use of terror 
as a means of battle." After the birth of this 
illegitimate child called Israel, terrorism of 
groups and individuals was replaced by 

However, since 1948, Israel has managed to 
portray itself as a victim of terrorism, instead 
of being the real perpetrator, while Israel's 
victims have been systematically turned into 
terrorists. This reversal of the image was 
achieved primarily by the media-terrorists of the 
west, and this continues till today by their 
one-sided media coverage. Zionists of all colours 
to the government of Israel are given maximum 
air-time, while the Arab voices are given minimal 
time, if any at all.

  For example, the big news in the Western media 
is that Iran and Syria have aided Hizb-Ullah, but 
it is no news that the US and UK has been arming 
Israel to the teeth for the last 60 years! No one 
notices that the US and British made 
fighter-planes, helicopters and missiles are used 
daily to kill and maim Palestinians. If we 
examine the weapons dropped in Lebanon, one would 
think it was the US that launched the attack. 
Basically, coalition of greedy 
capitalist-vultures in attacking Iraq, Palestine, 
Lebanon is acceptable but not the coalition of 
Muslim countries defending itself.

Another example of media-terrorism is the 
selective application of certain terms to conceal 
the crime. Israel bombing civilian installations 
in Lebanon and Gaza, depriving the entire 
population of transport, water and electricity, 
is described as an act of 'self-defence'; but any 
impartial observer will see this as 'collective 
punishment' dispensed through state-terrorism. 
These are acts of war crimes and illegal under 
the various international conventions.

Israel continues to use its firepower, targeting 
residential quarters and civilian conveys leaving 
Lebanon, killing indiscriminately including women 
and children. This is described by the 
media-terrorists as Israeli retaliation to 
Hizb-Ullah and Hamas. In short they portray the 
situation as: innocent Israel retaliating against 
the Arab-terrorists, civilian casualties are 
collateral damages. Poor Israel, always the 
'victim' despite the fact that it is armed with 
the most lethal weapons! What is it this time? Is 
it anti-Semitism or denial of holocaust? Did 
someone shout 5.999999 Million Jews were killed 
instead of 6 million? How Israel is the only 
victim in human history that has managed to kill 
many more of its enemies (Arabs) since its 
inception? Victims usually suffer more than their 
perpetrators, but in the case of Israel it is the 

The 'genius' Bush also calls the Israeli 
aggression against the Lebanese civilian 
population and the civilian infrastructure as an 
act of 'self-defence', I suppose like he is 
'defending' the US in Iraq! According to him the 
capture of the Israeli soldiers by the resistance 
forces is the source of the problem, just like 
9/11 being the point where the history of 
conflict began. Bush and the media-terrorists 
conveniently ignored the offer made by Hamas and 
Hizb-Ullah to exchange prisoners, and all this 
bloodshed could have been avoided, if that route 
was sought. Yet we have put up with Bush and the 
Zionists continuously uttering "peace", of course 
what they mean is "pieces" of Lebanese and 
Palestinian children!

Let us suppose that Hizb-Ullah and Hamas did not 
retaliate to the initial Israeli aggression but 
made a pre-emptive strike on Israel and took the 
few soldiers as POWs. Israel has been holding 
thousands of civilians (Lebanese and 
Palestinians) for decades; this includes woman 
and children for resisting the illegal, ongoing 
occupation that is condemned by international 
law. Therefore, Israel has no right to complain 
for the actions of Hizb-Ullah and Hamas, moreover 
it is an occupational force that deserves to be 
resisted. Did Israel not bomb Iraq's nuclear 
reactor in 1982, so why the Zionist state can 
make pre-emptive strikes but not the Arabs?

Israel claims the right to invade Gaza and 
Lebanon to 'rescue' the captured soldiers. No 
authorization was required from the UN, and the 
US gave it the green light. Israel refused to 
negotiate the release of its soldiers, partly 
because it has a hidden agenda and partly because 
of its racist nature, as allegedly they are God's 
chosen race, and they are worth far more than 
these Arab-gentiles. This means for one Israeli 
Jew infinite number of gentiles can be killed, be 
it women or children. This is not propaganda, 
Talmudic law actually endorse this. No surprise 
the Stern gang stated this ethos: "Neither Jewish 
morality nor Jewish tradition can negate the use 
of terror (against gentiles)Š" While on the 
subject of terrorism, it is interesting to note 
that victims of Hizb-Ullah has primarily been 
Israeli soldiers and only 10 civilians, in 
contrast almost all the victims of the Israeli 
onslaught has been innocent civilians. So who is 
the real terrorist by their conduct?

Commonsense tells us there is clear difference 
between, groups resisting foreign occupational 
forces as freedom fighters and 
state-terrorists/terrorists. The former groups 
are operating largely within their borders to 
free their lands and people from foreign forces; 
hence by reality they are freedom fighters. In 
contrast state-terrorism is deployed largely by 
imperialist nations seeking the wealth of other 
nations and by those nations who have established 
themselves on other people's land, later 
colonised it by force. For example, it was 
state-terrorism of European colonisers that led 
to the virtual annihilation of the aboriginal and 
the Native American population. Israel and the US 
are perfect examples of state-terrorists; they 
were setup on stolen lands, subsequently 
committed genocide on the native population. Both 
countries use their firepower to terrorise weaker 
nations, while they have killed millions more, 
they scream of being innocent victims, whenever 
they face just retaliation.

Copyright © 2006 by Yamin Zakaria

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