US election: Republican insider reveals fraud


Richard Moore

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Subject: US election fraud: whisper growing to a roar

Now a person stating he is Republican insider is blowing the
whistle, indicating that the fraud was much greater than just
a handful of votes in Ohio and Florida.  The Ukraine has
nothing on it.  According to this person Kerry won decisively
not only in Ohio and Florida but also in a number of other
States and in the overall popular vote.  He says he knows how
the fraud was worked.

Could this be why so many in the Bush gang have been jumping
ship?  How will it affect the two snivellers John Howard and
Tony Blair if the whistleblowing becomes as insistent as it
did over the far, far lesser offences of Richard Nixon or the
personal indiscretions of Bill Clinton?

The article is at .  Thanks to
Tony Troughton-Smith for posting this article on the StopMAI
WA newsgroup.  See for a
statement by Michel Chussudovsky about the host site.

Dion Giles
Western Australia

Voter Fraud in Florida and Ohio:

Kerry Won the Election by at least 1,7 Million Votes

by Brad Menfil

The URL of this article is: 

Brad Menfil is not my real name. I work for the RNC
[Republican National Committee].  I fear reprisals if I'm
found out.

The truth about this election is this: Florida and Ohio had to
go for Bush in order for him to "win" the election. In reality
he lost both states. In fact, he did not even win the popular
vote. He lost the national popular vote by at least 1,750,000.
This shows you the scale of the fraud.

The exit polls were not wrong. Kerry was the clear winner, but
victory was snatched from him.

Florida first. The 200,000+ margin of victory for Bush made
this state uncontestable. Everybody assumes that even with
some fraud, Kerry could never have made up the difference in a
recount. But Kerry actually won by about 750,000 votes. The
numbers were changed by a computer program (in both electronic
and scan-tron voting systems) called "KerryLite." "KerryLite"
of course is not actual name of the program. The actual name
is 11-5-18-18 etc. For additional encryption, the numbers were
jumbled but I'm not sure in which order. The numbers replace
the letters of the alphabet. For example, K is the eleventh
letter of the alphabet.

So the if-then statement goes something like this: "if total
true Kerry>total true Bush, Bush x 1.04x (.04 is a random
number)(total true Kerry), total true Bush". The second part
of the equation takes the total number of votes cast and
subtracts the new Bush total, subtracts the third party totals
and leaves the rest for Kerry.

Sometimes the program would also reduce third party votes and
award them to Bush. And even where Bush legitimately won, he
was still awarded additional votes. The big Democratic
counties (Broward for example) went to Kerry because it had to
appear that everything was on the up and up. It's interesting
to see this unfold. Does anybody wonder why the Republican
counties were mostly counted after the Democratic counties?
You should wonder, and also know that this was no accident.
The Bush team had to make up the votes as the night went on.

In Ohio, computer voting fraud, vote tossing and voter
suppression were the main methods. Vote tossing was simply the
removal of Kerry votes and some third party votes. In some
areas, the Bush vs. Kerry votes were absurd. Nine to one,
eight to two.

Voter suppression took the form of making voters stand in four
hour long lines. This of course took place in Democratic
areas. The simplest thing to do was to have too few voting
machines. Sometimes that's all it takes. People eventually
lose patience and leave without casting a vote.

In other states such as New Mexico, Nevada, Iowa and New
Hampshire, Kerry's leads evaporated very quickly once the
polls were shut down. Kerry only won New Hampshire, but
barely. As it turned out, the lead was 6% for Kerry in that
state and not enough fraudulent activity took place to flip
the state to Bush.

So this will all come out and be known to everyone. Nothing
this massive can be kept a secret. You're already beginning to
see these "irregularities" and the whisper will become a roar.


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