The Beslan massacre, the CIA, and US-Russian confrontation


Richard Moore

Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2004 17:05:18 +0100
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Subject: New Online

International Forecaster: Venezuela, Iran and Indonesia will follow once Russia 
moves to the Euro Š it would destroy the US$ as a reserve currency 

THE INTERNATIONAL FORECASTER editor Bob Chapman writes: The
group that massacred 170 children and 130 adults in Beslan led
by CIA operative Shamil Basayev, took their orders from abroad
Š there is no question this is an extension of Anglo-American
foreign policy to dismember Russia as we predicted 12 years

Russia has retaliated by demanding that Akhmad Zakayew, now
being given sanctuary in London and Ilyas Akhmadov now
residing in the US, be turned over to Russia for planning and
conducting the Beslan massacre.

In fact, Ilyas Akhmadov has political asylum in the US and
receives a Reagan-Fascell monthly stipend, medical insurance
and an office, from which he engages in political circles and
informs the media.

The Fascell Foundation is funded by Congress through the US
State Department. Their actions show they not only want to
dismember Russia but they want to use the instability they
have caused to access oil in the Caspian region and in the
process control Georgia and Azerbaijan Š if you remember in
the late 1980s, the revolt against the Soviet Union began in

Thus, we believe the UK and US want to drive Russia out of the
Caspian and Caucasus regions effectively neutering the
country. The Beslan event has driven a wedge between
Ossetians, Ingushis and Chechens, which will set the Caucasus
aflame. If we were not already into WWIII, we are now.

The elitists are about to again destroy Russia and Russians in
their efforts to achieve world government. Russia has a
nuclear arsenal and they have to be brought to capitulate. If
they do not, the elitists will pay a high price for their
efforts. The ultimate aim is to destabilize Russia politically
and otherwise and plunge the country into crisis.

If you observe the western media and cut through the hot air
you will see the blame is being placed on Russia not on the
butchers. They know what is going on but are terrified to
report it.

The elitists are very fearful as a retaliatory measure that
Russia will accept euros for their oil Š which Saddam Hussein
did and for that and other reasons he was deposed. This, of
course, would destroy the dollar as a reserve currency.

Once Russia moves to the euro, and we believe they will after
Beslan, Iran, Venezuela and Indonesia will follow. This would
lead to a US and world depression, which is on the way anyway.

The US would have to set up protective trade barriers,
manufacturing would have to reawaken and free trade,
globalization and outsourcing would come to an end. We are
getting close.

The Economist, an elitist mouthpiece, gave Russia a virtual
ultimatum, capitulate on the Caspian oil riches or we will
destroy you via inter-ethnic wars. That means Russia must get
aggressive and they will. Russia is the victim. Never did we
ever think we would write these words, but that is just the
way it is. New things are happening that are turning old
relationships upside down. You had best reinvent your thinking
or you will be left behind.

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