Is the Chechnya rebellion a CIA destabilization op?


Richard Moore


Recall for a moment the Afghan rebellion against Soviet
occupation. At the time the media presented that as 'freedom
fighters against repression'. We now know that the rebellion
was a CIA-sponsored terrorist campaign aimed at destabilizing
the Soviet Union. Today we seem to be seeing a replay of that
episode--only this time the rebellion is in Chechnya and the
target is Russia. Simultaneously, the White House officially
supports Putin in 'getting tough on terrorism'. Thus
Washington feeds the flames of violence from both sides.

One cannot help wondering if perhaps the inspiration for the 
school massacre came out of Langley, Virginia.


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The New York Times on the Web
Thursday, September 9, 2004
Compiled 2 AM ET

Give the Chechens a Land of Their Own
Russia, the largest country on earth, can surely afford to
let go of a tiny colonial dependency like Chechnya, and
ought to do so without delay.

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Sep 14 2004

Bushies Backing the Chechen Terrorists?

Memo To: Senator John Kerry
From: Jude Wanniski
Re: Putin and the Chechens

The papers today are filled with stories and editorials
blasting Russian President Vladimir Putin for issuing
autocratic dictates consolidating power in his own hands in
Russia -- a clear step away from democracy. Putin is said to
have done this because of the outbreaks of terrorist
activities in Russia that have been related to the insurgency
of the rebels in Chechnya. Hey, it has been several years
since the rebels in Chechnya have been in rebellion. Where do
they get their support? They would have dried up long ago,
wouldn't you think, unless they had political and financial
support from somewhere outside Russia?

Now comes a report from the London press about an outfit in
Washington, D.C., that actually lobbies on behalf of the
Chechen rebels. No kidding. It is called the American
Committee for Peace in Chechnya (ACPC). This is no rinky-dink
outfit. It was formed in 1999 and for the last five years has
been active in supporting the Chechen terrorists
(insurgents?), who have increasingly been destablizing Russia
with attacks in Moscow and Chechnya, killing school kids,
subway passengers, etc.

Senator, you have heard the old Leninist expression, "You
cannot make an omelet without breaking eggs," but this is
ridiculous. When you look at the roster of Americans who have
signed up to help the rebels (terrorists), you find the same
cast of characters who misled President Bush to war with Iraq.
The most amazing thing is that several members of the ACPC are
also members of the Pentagon's Defense Policy Board, including
Richard Perle and Jim Woolsey, and two others, Eliot Abrams
and Eliot Cohen, are high-ranking members of the Bush
administration!!! Abrams is one of Condoleezza Rice's top
aides at the National Security Council!!!

If you were serious about getting to the bottom of this,
Senator, you would jump up and down and demand to know why the
President has members of his team supporting the characters
that are destabilizing Russia. Who are they financing? Is this
committee facilitating the shipment of arms to the Chechen
rebels? Are U.S. taxpayers not only paying expenses for Abrams
and Cohen and Perle and Woolsey in their official capacities,
but at the same time have them "privately" lobby to cut
against the expressed wishes of the Bush administration who
decries the Chechen terrorists? Does the President know what's
going on here? I certainly hope not, or it really would add to
the long list of dereliction of duties being assembled on this
issue at his desk.

Anyway, here is the article that came to my attention over the
weekend. If you think it is only one fellow gabbling, please
"google" with ACPC and Richard Perle and you will find plenty
of sources. Our own national media will not mention this kind
of malfeasance because of, well, because of....

US neo-cons: Kremlin is 'morally' to blame for the school

By Neil Mackay  Sunday Herald, London

WHY would a group of leading American neo-conservatives,
dedicated to fighting Islamic terror, have climbed into bed
with Chechen rebels linked to al-Qaeda? The American Committee
for Peace in Chechnya (ACPC), which includes Pentagon supremo
Richard Perle, says the conflict between Russia and Chechnya
is about Chechen nationalism, not terrorism.

The ACPC savaged Russia for the atrocities its forces have
committed in the Caucuses, said President Vladimir Putin was
"ridiculous", claimed Russia was more "morally" to blame for
the bloodshed than Chechen separatists and played down links
between al-Qaeda and the "Chechen resistance".

The ACPC's support for the Chechen cause seems bizarre, as
many of its members are among the most outspoken US
policymakers who have made it clear that Islamist terror must
be wiped out. But the organisation has tried to broker peace
talks between Russia and Chechen separatists.

The ACPC includes many leaders of the neo-conservative
think-tank, Project for the New American Century (PNAC), which
advocates American domination of the world.

ACPC members who are also in the pro-Israeli PNAC include
Elliott Abrams, head of Middle East affairs at the National
Security Council; Elliot Cohen of the Pentagon's Defence
Policy Board; Frank Gaffney, president of the conservative
Centre for Security Policy; Robert Kagan and William Kristol
of The Weekly Standard, the house journal of Washington
neo-cons, and former CIA director James Woolsey. Former Reagan
defence secretary Caspar Weinberger is also in the ACPC.

ACPC executive director Glen Howard said the continuation of
the "brutalising tactics" of Russian forces would only lead to
"the resistance employing more brutal tactics" like the
assault on School Number One in Beslan. He claimed one of the
so-called "Black Widows" decided to become a suicide bomber
after being forced to watch Russian troops "boil her
three-year-old child alive".

"This is a very brutal war," he said. "There have been knocks
in the night, people have disappeared. It's an endless cycle
of violence in which everyone has lost their sanity. It is not
surprising the Chechens have resorted to the same level of

Howard said Putin comparing Osama bin Laden to the leaders of
the Chechen resistance was "ridiculous". Moscow has put a $10
million bounty on the heads of two Chechen leaders - the
extremist and al-Qaeda connected commander Shamil Basayev, and
the more moderate, one-time democratically elected Chechen
President Aslan Maskhadov.

Basayev, according to the Russian foreign minister Sergey
Lavrov, directed the hostage-taking raid in Beslan. As a young
Islamist extremist Basayev was trained in Jihadist tactics by
fundamentalists in Afghanistan. Many Chechens have fought in
Afghanistan and many fundamentalist Arabs have fought in

The nurturing of Chechen fighters against Russia recalls
America's support for the Mujahideen in Afghanistan - an act
that went on to spawn al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

"What would have happened if Bosnia had been ignored five
years ago by the rest of the world in the way Chechnya has
been ignored?" asked Howard. "They might have taken to taking
over schools as well.

"Everyone is ignoring the nationalist aspirations of the
Chechens. This is not about terrorism but about ethnic
nationalism." Howard said Russia was more "morally culpable"
than Chechen fighters because of the atrocities its forces
have committed.

Howard said hardliners like Richard Perle were backing
Chechnya as they "understood what it feels like to be under
the Russian yolk". Some critics believe the support for the
Chechens may be a cold war hangover or part of a policy to
keep Russia weak through bloodletting in the Caucuses.

"The al-Qaeda link [to the Chechen conflict] is overstated,"
said Howard. "Russia plays that up to show that it is part of
the war on terror. There are some Arabs there but only a
handful - this is a 400-year national struggle between the
Russians and the Chechens."

According to Howard, due to the vast energy resources in the
Caucuses, the West, which is heavily dependent on foreign
energy, has strategic interests in the area to which it cannot
afford to turn a blind eye.

Howard said Russia should be told by the West to talk to
Chechen leaders to bring about peace. He claimed there was
also a "moral case" to invoke sanctions against Russia for its
activities in Chechnya, but added that any such attempt would
be "totally unrealistic".

* * * * *

Here is a list of the ACPC members... Note Zbigniew Brzezinski
was chairman of the group at its founding. Is Zbig part of the
Perle Cabal? Holy smokes. We may be in more trouble than I


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