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American Genocide
by Steven Malik Shelton
(Thursday July 15 2004)

"Modern, state sponsored genocide is, perhaps, the least obvious because it is 
always shrouded in patriotic covers and obscured with nationalistic platitudes 
and slogans. The mass media of nations that systematically erode the humanity of
others, is usually engaged to simplify the process and to reduce the targeted 
people into objects."

The year 2004 commemorates the horror of the wide scale genocide that occurred 
in Rwanda a decade ago. During this carnage, it is estimated that close to a 
million Tutsi were methodically butchered by their Hutu neighbors and 
countrymen. The slaughter was carried out over a few months, marking it with the
infamous distinction of being, perhaps, the most intense and accelerated 
genocide in modern history. In contrast it took the Nazi¹s several years to kill
14 million people, approximately half of them European Jews.

Sadly, the horrendous stain and stench of genocide did not begin or end with the
demonic killing spree in 1994 Rwanda, and if we are to make an earnest effort to
examine these tendencies, learn from them, and ensure that they are less likely 
to occur again, we must study the dynamics, the ideologies, and the practices of
a land that has long posed behind a facade of liberty, democracy, and justice. 
We must remove the blinders and peer into its unique and sordid legacy of 
racism, sexism, flagrant greed, and genocidal policies and practices.

* * * * *

The calculated murder of millions of indigenous people for the core purpose of 
amassing land, wealth, and resources, was initially carried out under the 
command of Christopher Columbus. In a brazen attempt to find an expedient route 
to India, Columbus and his crew (lost and half-starved) landed on the large 
island of what is now called Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Columbus was impressed with the natives generosity, good manners, and 
compassion, yet instead of being inspired by these qualities he considered them 
signs of weakness, childishness, and inferiority. He soon demanded that the 
natives turn over to him all their gold. When they were unable to satisfy him, 
they were given quotas and forced to work. Those that failed to produce enough 
for their enslavers were tortured in fiendish ways. One of the most common was 
to cut off the limbs. Ward Churchhill, explains in his revealing book, ŒIndians 
are Us¹:

"The tribute system, instituted by the Governor sometime in 1495, was a brutal 
way of fulfilling the Spanish lust for gold and acknowledging

Spanish distaste for labor. Every Taino over the age of fourteen had to supply 
the rulers with a hawk¹s bell of gold every three months (or in gold-deficient 
areas, twenty-five pounds of spun cotton); those who did were given a token to 
wear around their necks as proof that they had made their payment; those who did
not were, as (Columbus¹s brother, Fernando) says discreetly "punished"- by 
having their hands cut off, and left to bleed to death."[1]

Christopher Columbus spearheaded a system of chattel slavery and systematic 
extermination that resulted in the deaths of 8 million natives, virtually 
killing off the entire population in 50 years. Over the next few centuries, the 
European penchant for greed and violence, culminated in the elimination of over 
a hundred million of the indigenous people in the land that became known as 
South America.

Genocide in North America

There are few episodes in human history as sad or as shameless as the calculated
mass murder, displacement, and plunder that was perpetuated against the 
indigenous population of North America. Although not as extensive in terms of 
total numbers killed as in South America, for sheer sneakiness, underhandedness 
and bold-faced hypocrisy, there are few eras that could rival it.

It was, in fact, among the British colonizers of the North American hemisphere 
that the first documented instance of biological warfare occurred. Sir Jeffrey 
Amherst, (commander in chief of the British forces) and the correspondence sent 
between him and a junior officer indicate that a fiendish plan was hatched to 
intentionally infect the native population with small pox virus. This was 
facilitated through the procurement of infected blankets and handkerchiefs from 
army hospitals and the distribution of them to the natives in what was 
ostensibly a humanitarian gesture. On June 24, captain Ecuyer, of the Royal 
American British Army recorded in his journal: "...We gave them two blankets and
a handkerchief out of the smallpox hospital. I hope it will have the desired 

To better ensure that it did have the desired result, the natives were then 
directed to return to their villages so that they would (predictably) be in the 
ideal position to infect other members of their tribes and nations and the small
pox (one of the most dangerous and painful sicknesses imaginable) would spread 
like wild fire.

Newspapers and eyewitness accounts verify that it did, making one question how 
much of the spread of "white mans diseases" among the so-called Indians were 
really just accidental.

Starvation was another tactic utilized by the colonizers. In many reservations 
and internment camps, the natives were simply isolated on desolate lands and had
food and clothing withheld from, or sold away to the highest bidder by 
unscrupulous Indian agents or camp commanders. Moreover, the purposeful and 
wasteful killing of the buffalo decimated the plains Indians by eradicating 
their major food supply. Another method was to place bounties on the heads of 
natives, regardless if the possessor was man, woman, or child. The Hollywood 
depiction of United States calvary soldiers protecting themselves or peaceful 
white settlers from the savage onslaught of hostile Indians are simply not true.
More often than not, it was US army units who were the marauders and they would 
routinely attack the sleeping native encampments during the pre-dawn hours, 
slaughtering everyone within.(A favorite practice to dispose of Native American 
infants was to grab them by their ankles and to bash ! their brains out against 
the trunks of trees).

Another genocidal technique was to force march the Indians (already weak from 
starvation and hypothermia) for hundreds of miles to a far off "reservation." 
Typically, as in the case of the Cheyenne nation, half of them died along the 

Most historians concur that there were between 12 and 50 million Native 
Americans on the North American when the first European explorers and settlers 
arrived. Four centuries later, the Native population had been reduced to 
approximately 200,000.

African Genocide

The crimes perpetuated on African people during over three centuries of chattel 
slavery are unimaginable in their cruelty and debauchery. In fact, the deeds are
so alternatively callous and vicious that most people resort to a kind of 
psychic disassociation and denial.

The genocide against the Africans is unique in that it was designed not only to 
systematically ravage and destroy physical bodies it deemed rebellious or 
unsuitable and to exploit those that were considered ideal for work and 

It was like no other because it sought to completely destroy all of the mental, 
and spiritual characteristics that make a person a human being. The language, 
the religion, the institution of marriage, the bonds between parents and 
children, and between siblings were all methodically assaulted through a ghastly
series of physical and psychological torments that have no equal in the annals 
of human history.

From the moment the Africans were captured they were subjected to the most 
severe humiliation and torment. Shackled together in long slave caravans, they 
were often marched for thousands of miles to the coast where they were 
imprisoned like cattle inside giant holding pens.

Contrary to popular belief, usually about half of those captured were children 
under the age of 16, with many being no more than toddlers. Infants were 
summarily disposed of, for the slave raiders considered them too bothersome to 
take along.

Once the time came for them to be loaded on the ships, they were branded and 
chained together by their necks, hands, and feet. Many had to be flogged and 
clubbed aboard, as they clung with all their strength to the African soil of 
their ancestors.

Their condition in the bowels of the ship are too heinous to adequately 
describe. Every available space in the hold was utilized, and they were often 
laid on their sides spoon fashion or packed in, head to foot, like sardines with
hardly any room to turn or to sit up.

Fettered with rusty iron cuffs, they lay for months in the stench of urine, 
vomit, feces, blood, and mucus. The skin of their knees, hips and backbones were
quickly worn away by the friction of the wooden slabs, exposing raw flesh,

The women and children were usually held in a separate hold, and they had their 
own vile brand of horror to contend with. The African men would listen 
helplessly to the frantic screams of their sisters, their wives, their young 
sons and daughters, as the Europeans enslavers fell upon them to satisfy their 
deviant sexual lusts.

Periodically, the captured Africans would be taken aloft (topside) and ordered 
to jump and dance for exercise and to be examined for injury and disease. At the
first sign of serious illness, the Africans would be thrown, still chained, 
overboard, where they would inevitably be drowned and devoured by sharks.

Rumors would circulate among the chained Africans as they lay in the coffin like
hold feeling the pitch of the ship rise and fall, as to the purpose of their 
capture buy these strange, alien, and pale creatures. Some offered that their 
captors, although in the form of men, were in fact demons on a unholy mission to
transport them to hell for some past mis-deeds. Others were under the impression
that they were to be skinned and their flesh used as leather for the manufacture
of shoes. Still others were certain that they were to be fattened up like 
livestock and eaten. And from the ghastly treatment they received from their 
captors, there was little to assuage these concerns.

Yet, with all the torments, the chains, the guns, the clubs; yes even the 
boiling vat of hot oil the whites kept ready to pour on them from above the hold
at the slightest sign of insurrection, the Africans discerned in the eyes of 
their tormentors, a deep and abiding fear.

It is estimated that anywhere between 50 to 100 million Africans were killed 
during the "middle passage." Millions more would endure various forms of 
exploitation, oppression and death, once they arrived in the wilderness of North

"I have studied with great interest the laws of several American states 
concerning reproduction by people whose progeny would in all probability, be of 
no value or be injurious to the racial stock."[3]

-- Adolph Hitler
American Influences on Hitler

Nazi Germany of the 1930's and 1940's has become synonymous with the creed and 
practice of racial superiority, genetic manipulation, and the wholesale murder 
of those considered weak, incompetent, and inferior. Yet, neither Adolph Hitler 
or the racist philosophy and infrastructure that he established came into 
existence out of thin air. They were, in fact, well woven within the stained 
fabric of American social and institutional life.

Regardless of which direction one turned, or into which institution one peered, 
(whether legislative, executive, judicial, medical, or academic) white racism 
stared back, ugly, irrational, insidious, and smug.

Although Hitler utilized the modern tools of a highly propagandized and 
industrialized nation to spring his assault on millions of people that he 
stigmatized as sub-human, he borrowed his ideas of white supremacy and genetic 
purity from the United States. Moreover, his strategy and implementation of 
displacement, internment, slave labor, medical experimentation on human 
subjects, and his fixation with the mad science of eugenics, were also inspired 
by his knowledge of American history.

Hitler and his underlings acquired a racist dogma and utilized it in a quest to 
produce a blue eyed blond haired, "master race." He sought to achieve this by 
several methods. He ordered that non-Nordics be systematically annihilated 
through forced labor, starvation, gassing, beating, and sterilization. He also 
enacted laws that making it illegal, under penalty of severe punishment, for 
whites to marry non-whites. Encouraged by an enthusiastic (white)German 
acceptance, Hitler quickly set up the state machinery of segregation, removal, 
internment, and murder of all those he perceived as sub-human and undesirable.

A powerful tool of Hitler¹s fascist and racist system was the pseudoscience 
known as eugenics. The eugenics movement, did not originate with Hitler and the 
Nazis, but was conceived and implemented in the United States at the beginning 
of the 20th century, and financed and facilitated by powerful Americans in 
business, politics, and the judiciary. The forerunner to Hitler¹s twisted 
vision, American eugenics sought to terminate all other racial, ethnic, and 
social classes that were deemed unworthy, or burdensome. It began as a dogma 
hatched in the minds and spewed in the boardrooms, classrooms, and lounges of 
some of Americas¹ most respected businesses and most prestigious universities 
and social clubs. It¹s adherents believed that those groups that possessed 
inferior gene pools, should be eliminated, so as not to corrupt or to circumvent
those who were the carriers of superior genetic material. Those who were 
categorically designated as inferior were always the ! Black, the Brown, and the
Asian, but were not limited to them alone but included any individual or group 
that had a perceived weakness, whether it was poverty, mental retardation, or 
physical sluggishness. Immigrants were also vigorously targeted, especially 
those from eastern Europe and the Mediterranean.

The American eugenic movement was subsidized and facilitated through lofty 
private and public agencies and departments. Edwin Black writes in his revealing
book, ŒWar Against the Weak¹:

The main culprits were the Carnegie Institute, the Rockefeller Foundation, and 
the Harriman railroad fortune, in league with America¹s most respected 
scientists hailing from such prestigious universities as Harvard, Yale, and 
Princeton, operating out of a complex at Cold Spring Harbor on Long Island.

The eugenic network worked in tandem with the US Department of Agriculture, the 
State Department, and numerous state governmental bodies and legislatures 
throughout the country, and even the US Supreme Court.

They were all bent on breeding a eugenically superior race, just as agronomists 
would breed better strains of corn. The plan was to wipe away the reproductive 
capability of the weak and inferior."[4]

Indeed, the seeds of ignorance, fear, and hatred that were the basis of the 
eugenics movement can be traced back to the 15th century, and the first contact 
of Europeans with the people of Africa and the indigenous people of the American
continent, for coupled with the desire to plunder and to usurp, was the desire 
to justify these actions by concocting outrageous racial doctrines and theories.
Eventually the descendants of those early conquerors, who had inherited the 
wealth, the privileges, and the savage legacy of their forefathers, began to 
develop wild theories of their own.

The cancer of racism, systemized to exploit, oppress, and repress a group 
because of so-called racial characteristics, and genocide (the mass killing of 
people for political, economic, and/or ideological reasons) cannot be blamed on 
any single individual, though we scour the history books , and attempt to 
isolate them from the social, political and economic systems that molded them 
and enabled them. Indeed, racism does not entrench itself in society except 
through the establishment of institutions fed by cultural mores, and these 
cultural icons and institutions turn out racists, as surely as a diary factory 
will churn out cheese.

Contemporary American Genocide

Genocide is not a practice (or a condition) that is regulated to the garbage 
heap of the past, or limited to some war torn and exotic land, but is very much 
a part of the American political, economic, educational, and legal landscape. 
Contemporary genocide in America is a quiet force creeping silently and largely 
unnoticed by most. It, nevertheless, has manifested itself in many insidious 
ways, particularly among African and Native Americans.

It should be reiterated that the dynamics of genocide does not solely pertain to
the physical demise of a people, but includes all those elements and effects 
that lead to or that cause a calculated assault that weakens the targeted group 
in such a way that it results in economic, medical, political, educational, or 
ideological death.

With this in view, we find that regardless of what decade or era we examine, or 
with what statistics we analyze, there is evidence that Black people in America 
are being systematically and methodically strangled.

There is a climate of racial hatred in America (as there has been for centuries)
that is conducive to acts of genocide, by individuals, as well as institutions. 
Somehow, the life of a Black man, or woman, or child is perceived to be not as 
important or as worthy as that of a White. Black children who are abducted or 
who are murdered, rarely make the national news. This elite media service is 
apparently reserved for whites only. Although the same media is very prompt and 
adept at projecting Blacks as criminals, ignoramuses, and buffoons. This 
negative stereotyping , along with the American educational system¹s penchant 
for ignoring Black genius and contributions, marks Blacks as non-people, whose 
lives are not as important or as vital and thus sets Blacks up to be beaten, 
choked-out, shot, locked up, and locked out.

The judiciary system reinforces the concept that Blacks are un-people by 
consistently giving out lighter sentences for offences against Blacks, and 
harsher penalties for Blacks who have the temerity to be convicted of crimes 
against whites. Also, overall Blacks are consistently jailed, convicted, and 
sentenced disproportionately to their national numbers. (Although Blacks make up
approximately 13 percent of the nation, we average 60 percent of the jail and 
prison populations). Black men in prison cannot be effective husbands and 
fathers, or the protectors of their families or communities.

Abortions and other sterilization procedures are encouraged and directed at 
young African American women in the social agencies and in many inner city 

In fact, a "no cost" sterilization procedure is, perhaps, the only operation in 
which a Black person need not worry about being billed. The prospective client 
is assured by the hospital staff that the process can take place with no charge.

Housing for most Black Americans is still segregated, dilapidated, and 
unhealthy. Many situated near toxic waste dumps or the gigantic chimney stacks 
of bellowing industrial complexes. Periodically, the local newspapers will run 
horror stories of peeling paint and the dire effects of lead poisoning on ghetto

Heath care is at best marginal, and in many instances, non-existent. And in many
of the country¹s larger cities, trauma hospitals (with a primary Black patient 
base), are being moved out or shut down because of "mismanagement" or "lack of 
funds," thus putting Black people in the deadly predicament of having to 
traverse long distances to be admitted into emergency care.

There is a dangerous revitalization in the proliferation of racist, neo Nazi and
American White supremacist groups. The so-called right wing intelligentsia is 
also hard at work cranking out the time worn drivel about inherent White 
superiority and Black inferiority.( The racist theories in the popular best 
seller, ŒThe Bell Curve¹ is one example).

Beginning in the late 1960's (with a renewed assault in the mid 1980's and the 
advent of crack cocaine) the Black communities across America have been 
saturated with a steady supply of the most destructive drugs and chemical 

Whether, heroin, crack cocaine, alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, marijuana, or 
toxic pharmaceutical substances posing as medicines, they all corrode both the 
quality and the quantity of Black life.

This despicable form of chemical warfare has plagued us, in one form or another,
for decades. Yet, few suspected how deliberate it was until the 1994 revelation 
by a San Diego newspaper that the U S government (through the Central 
Intelligence Agency had carried out a scheme to spread crack cocaine across 
Black America. These allegations prompted California Representative, Maxine 
Walters, to start an investigation. She discovered that the allegations were, 
indeed, supported by the facts.[5]

Since the mid-1980's, AIDS and HIV had silently devastated Black America.

Several respected and renowned scientists, nutritionists, and medical doctors 
have come forth with convincing evidence that these diseases are man made 
biological weapons produced in government laboratories for the purpose of 
decimating Black people world wide.

Dr. Jack Felder, a biochemist who was employed by the US army in it¹s germ 
warfare program, discloses that the AIDS epidemic was planned and commissioned 
with the sanction of the United States government and the World Health 
Organization.[6] And Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, makes the case that HIV/AIDS, is 
the result of a national security strategy hatched under the Nixon and Carter 
administrations to reduce the populations of Black and Brown people.

Dr. Horowitz writes that Nixon¹s National Security Advisor, Henry Kissinger, 
called for massive third world depopulation, fearing that overpopulation in 
third world countries would place a drain on western resources and lead to the 
destabilization of the United States. Later, under the Carter administration, 
the new head of the NSA, Zbigniew Brzezinski, secretly drew up what was called 
National Security Memorandum 46, authorizing the FBI and the CIA to initiate 
genocidal policies and procedures.[7]


Modern, state sponsored genocide is, perhaps, the least obvious because it is 
always shrouded in patriotic covers and obscured with nationalistic platitudes 
and slogans. The mass media of nations that systematically erode the humanity of
others, is usually engaged to simplify the process and to reduce the targeted 
people into objects. Thus entire blocks, villages, cities, even countries, can 
be obliterated with such euphemisms as "the neutralization of pockets of 
resistance" or "winning the war on terror".

Statistics do not remotely give an account of the terrible carnage and horror of
genocide, for numbers do not reveal the twisted, bloated bodies, they do not 
convey the burned off limbs, and they do not echo the horror of a child¹s 
screams as it¹s body is riddled with bullets, perforated with shrapnel, or blow 
apart by a strategic land mine.

Very often genocide is made palatable, or at least tolerable, by sophisticated 
propaganda networks that work at the behest of the political/military machinery 
that drop the bombs, and shoot the missals. It is usually hidden behind the 
bright facade of some noble or humanitarian cause. Thus, the killing of 10,000 
Somalian civilians in 1992, was dubbed "operation breadbasket" and the massacre 
of tens of thousands of Iraqis during the 2003 US led invasion was labeled 
"operation Iraqi freedom". Even the systematic murder and plunder of millions of
Native Americans is described as "civilizing the continent". Yet, apart from the
physical toll, genocide integrates itself within the land, and nests itself 
within the consciousness, long after the bodies are buried and the screams are 
silenced. It takes it greatest toll, perhaps, in the ghastly stain it leaves on 
the human heart and psyche. It remains to be seen, whether after years, or 
decades (or even after centuries) this terrib! le imprint can be removed.

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by courtesy & © 2004 Steven Malik Shelton

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