Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald: what is he up to?


Richard Moore

re: source of Pflame leak:

    The New York Times says that source is I Lewis "Scooter"
    Libby, who is chief of staff to Vice President Dick Cheney.

Very interesting. This is very close indeed to the top.

The real question about the Fitzgerald grand jury:  Is this
Watergate II? Will Bush & Cheney be indicted?

While nothing along these lines has appeared in the mainstream
press, some Internet sources have been reporting that
Fitzgerald is going to bring down the whole neocon crew - and
that his investigation has ranged far beyond just the Pflame
affair. I haven't published these because I haven't seen
enough corroboration from multiple sources. If I can dig them
up, I may post them just as an FYI.

What we do know is the Fitzgerald has a record of 'going for
the jugular - to the very top' in his investigations
generally. We also know that the neocons are a pack of lying
thieves and that any legitimate investigation could hang them
on any number of counts. We also know that if a legitimate
investigation is underway, it would be suppressed in today's
media climate.

If anyone runs across more news on these investigations,
please let me know.



US CIA case reporter will testify 

New York Times journalist Judith Miller, jailed for refusing
to reveal her sources, has been released.

Miller was freed after a source said she could discuss their
conversations and she is now expected to appear on Friday
morning before a grand jury.

The case concerns the unmasking of a CIA agent, Valerie Plame,
in 2003.

Ms Plame's husband was a former diplomat who had criticised
President Bush over Iraq, and it was alleged a White House
source leaked her name.

The disclosure of a CIA agent's name can be a federal offence.

Joseph Wilson, Ms Plame's husband, had earlier attacked
President George W Bush over evidence he had presented to
justify the assault on Iraq.

Mr Wilson later alleged that his wife's name was deliberately
leaked in revenge.

Waiver offer

Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald  wanted to jail both Miller
and another reporter, Matthew Cooper of Time magazine.

But in early July Cooper changed his mind, and agreed to
testify.  Miller refused to do so, and was jailed.  She has
spent 86 days behind bars.

The New York Times says that Miller has now received
permission from a source to testify about her conversations
with him.

"My source has now voluntarily and personally released me from
my promise of confidentiality regarding our conversations,"
said Miller  in a statement.

The "direct and uncoerced" waiver was offered "voluntarily and
personally", the newspaper reported.

US Constitution

The New York Times says that source is I Lewis "Scooter"
Libby, who is chief of staff to Vice President Dick Cheney.

Miller and Libby met and talked by telephone in July 2003, the
paper says.

The leak of Ms Plame's name was not made to Cooper or Miller,
but they came to the attention of the prosecutor because of
their inquiries.

The grand jury probe has focused particularly on the week in
which Miller had conversations with her White House source.

In July, Miller and Cooper had refused to co-operate with the
investigation, claiming they should not have to reveal their
sources because of press freedoms guaranteed in the US

That defence was over-ruled by a court in Washington. 
Story from BBC NEWS: 

Published: 2005/09/30 02:42:34 GMT 



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