Iran war drums: U.S.pressures India


Richard Moore


US Pressures India To
Vote Against Iran In UN
The Times of India

During the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's visit to the
UN General Assembly, a group of American nuclear experts from
the U.S. State Department visited India to give a report
detailing Washington's views on Iran.

India is among other countries that were influenced by the
U.S. pressure and the way it views Iran's nuclear ambitions
prior the crucial meeting of the International Atomic Energy
Agency (IAEA).

The U.S. classified presentation was made by officials from
the department lead by Robert Joseph, under-secretary for
disarmament and non-proliferation.

Backed by Israel, the United States claims that Iran has
breached its nuclear promises to resume uranium enrichment at
its facilities, and that it seeks producing a nuclear bomb.

Although India doesn't have a nuclear relationship with Iran,
this hasn't stopped it from getting caught in the diplomatic
crossfire as one of the three countries " others being China
and Russia " rejecting Iran's referral to United Nations
Security Council.

But the Indian Prime Minister found it important to undertake
some damage-control in New York to clarify his country's
policy on Iran, and present some justification for India's
"strategic" partnership with the country.

* Left's opposition

India's Left parties launched a fierce criticism of the
government for voting for the EU resolution that calls for
referring Iran to the UN Security Council for possible
sanctions, saying that the decision was taken under U.S.

They also said that the government has abandoned India's
non-alignment doctrine.

"We told the Prime Minister that you have come under pressure
of the United States. We are unhappy with the vote and think
it will hamper India-Iran diplomatic and economic relations
... the vote could have been avoided and we have registered
our strong protest," Revolutionary Socialist Party MP and
Central Committee member Abani Roy said.

BJP leader Yashwant Sinha issued a statement saying that the
Indian government abandoned Iran to save its own controversial
nuclear deal with the U.S.

"It is a pity that the Government of India decided to vote for
the EU resolution against Iran at the IAEA.

"India's consistent position has been that issues in Iran's
nuclear programme should be resolved through discussions and
consensus and not through confrontation.

"By voting for a resolution to refer the matter to the United
Nations Security Council, this avenue has been closed," he

India has made it clear that it would never support
proliferation either by Iran or Pakistan, however it
criticised the U.S. pressures against its government. India
sees it was unfair for Bush's admin to use selective leaks in
the press to bring out spiteful editorials against India,
apart from officials hinting that India's nuclear deal with
the U.S. will be under threat if New Delhi didn't surrender to
the American pressure.


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