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Richard Moore

Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2004 15:02:51 -0700
From: Mark Robinowitz
Subject: Election a "win-win" situation for secretive Bonesmen

September 30, 2004

Election a 'win-win situation' for secretive Bonesmen

By Kris Millegan

Both major presidential candidates are members of a small
secret society at Yale University - the Order of Skull &
Bones. On different Sunday mornings, "Meet the Press" anchor
Tim Russert asked George Walker Bush and John Forbes Kerry if
they could talk about their memberships in this 172-year-old
clandestine club.

Tossed off with nervous laughter, their answers were, "It's so
secret that I can't talk about it," and, "Not much, because
it's a secret."

Should citizens be concerned about this unwillingness to
discuss an elite organization? Is it relevant? Don't we all
have the freedom to fraternize with whom we please? Aren't
Lions, Kiwanis, Elks and similar organizations used by many in
pursuit of business and political connections? So what?

William Huntington Russell founded the Order of Skull & Bones
in 1832 after he returned from studies in Germany. The Russell
family's business - Russell & Co. - was the premier American
opium shipper and the third largest in the world. In the
1830s, opium became the world's largest commercial commodity,
and the maneuverability and speed of the American clipper
ships laid foundations of great wealth with the smuggling of
opium into China. Many of the fortunate sons of Russell & Co.
families were sent to Yale and were "tapped" into the Order of
Skull & Bones.

Fifteen new members are chosen each year from the junior class
at Yale. After initiation rites that include simulated murder,
the kissing of a skull and chants about the devil and death,
they are known as Knights during their senior year.
Reportedly, members hold weekly sessions in which they talk
about their sex lives, which some say helps forge a strong
fraternal bond. The initiates have privileges beyond those
enjoyed by fellow students - including a near million-dollar
clubhouse, a private island and access to a distinguished and
powerful cadre of fellow Bonesmen.

Three Bonesmen have occupied the Oval Office: William Howard
Taft (who also served as chief justice of the Supreme Court),
George Herbert Walker Bush, and his son. Members have included
more than 20 U.S. senators, three U.S. Supreme Court justices
and myriad lesser officials.

The order is legendary in its promotion of its members above
all others. As a Yale alumnus noted in 1905 about the senior
secret society system at Yale, "the best man doesn't always

George W. Bush has appointed 11 fellow Bonesmen to government
jobs: Evan Griffith Galbraith, adviser to the U.S. mission to
NATO; William Henry Donaldson, chairman of the Securities and
Exchange Commission; George Herbert Walker III, U.S.
ambassador to Hungary; Jack Edwin McGregor, member of the
advisory board of the St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corp.;
Victor Henderson Ashe, member of the board of directors of the
Federal National Mortgage Association; Roy Leslie Austin, U.S.
ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago; Robert Davis McCallum Jr.,
associate attorney general; Rex Cowdry, associate director of
the White House's National Economic Council; Edward McNally
Sr., associate counsel to the president and general counsel to
the Office of Homeland Security; David Batshaw Wiseman, an
attorney in the Justice Department's Civil Division; and James
Emanuel Boasberg, an associate judge on the Superior Court of
the District of Columbia.

Taft and George H. W. Bush were both one-term presidents.
George W's secret name in the order is reported to be
"Temporary." Will he be the first member of the Order of Skull
& Bones to serve two terms, in spite of his secret name, or
will he hand the reins of government to his rival Bonesman,
John Kerry?

This is the first time that both major candidates are members
of Skull & Bones. There has been little discussion of the
order in Democratic and Republican circles. The Washington
Post assigned Bonesman Dana Milbank to cover the election, and
he hasn't brought the question up. Even Ralph Nader has been
quiet. Is this because Nader's sometimes lawyer and
long-standing associate, Donald Etra, is Skull & Bones 1968,
and a good friend of George W. Bush?

Author Antony Sutton in the 1980s called attention to the
order's predilection for trying to politically influence both
the left and the right. Is our current presidential election a
contest between the two best candidates for the job, or a
cynical dialectic ploy for control of our republic and our
collective future?

As a Bonesman is reported to have said about Bush vs. Kerry,
"It's a win-win situation."

Maybe it is for the order.

But what about the rest of us?

Kris Millegan (•••@••.•••) lives in Noti and works as
a writer and publisher. His book, "Fleshing Out Skull &
Bones," is available from

Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2004 22:33:05 +0100
To: •••@••.•••
From: William Bowles
Subject: New online

Venezuela: Those who don't study and comprehend history will
be forced to relive it- 27/9/04

Those who don't study and comprehend history will be forced to
relive itŠ's roving commentarist Fred Cederholm writes:
I've been thinking about predictions. Actually I've been
thinking about the USA November elections and what I know is
coming at us in the next four years. No, I didn't suddenly
develop a Nostradamus gene, or find a crystal ball. I've
learned so much in preparing these columns and discovered far
more in researching those coming down the pipeline.

The writing is on the wall - those who don't study and
comprehend history will be forced to relive it.

The polls still show the two major presidential candidates in
a dead heat. I don't believe the final outcome will even be
close because in the intervening weeks before the election,
there will be an "occurrence" triggering all the "un-decideds"
to decide in the same direction. Our next elected US president
WILL be a Yale graduate, a "bonesman," and a globalist.

But, I fear whoever wins, loses; because the next four years
will be characterized by two words - crisis management. Too
many systemic problems are out there that have been ignored,
sugarcoated, and/or botched.

Think interest rates: The quarter point rate hikes of the past
three months won't cut it much longer. Demands for capital to
fund our deficits and capitalize our interest payments are
sucking up new foreign investment to the tune of a billion and
a half a day. It has truly amazed me that the biggest borrower
in the galaxy (Uncle $ugar) has been allowed to set the
interest rates for as long as it has - and keep them at
forty-year lows! Just to keep financing the rollovers of
existing debt instruments will require upping the interest
rate ante.

Think energy: We have been fuelish/foolish for far too long.
Oil prices will rise significantly - they have to! How much
longer can "OPEC unity" control member nation price setting?
Production growth is far outpaced by demand/consumption
growth. Two thirds of US oil needs are now met from foreign
suppliers. China and India are consuming 25% to 30% more oil
than they did just one year ago. The worldwide energy
infrastructure is already functioning at near full capacity
and can afford no breakdowns. Global vulnerability is so very
terrorist friendly Š and I'm talking about oil, natural gas,
and electrical infrastructure here (at home and abroad) .

Think bailouts: Uncle $ugar has extended far too many "full
faith and credit" guarantees to far too many ticking time
bombs. The Feds not only underwrite guarantees for financial
institution deposits and Social Security, but also to private
pension funds, flood insurance, terrorist act insurance,
mortgage backed securities, specialized industry loans, and
our outstanding fiat paper currency. Remember the Savings &
Loan mess - it will prove a cheap picnic by comparison.

Think taxes: More of "our income" will go to government(s).
Tax reductions at one level will be more than eclipsed by
increases at another. In Illinois, 9 of 10 school districts
face deficits - nationwide is it any different? 3 out of 5
cities are hurting financially. How many state governments are
maxed out, and are behind in meeting current obligations?
Remember schools, municipalities and states can’t print more
money - and Uncle $ugar shouldn't!

Think bankruptcies: Debt restructurings and bankruptcy filings
have become a growth industry. The debt loads in all sectors -
governmental, corporate, and personal - are at record levels
any way you define them. Home equity loans have made the
American domicile a veritable ATM/cash station to
supplement/supplant family income - in many cases replacing
unsecured debt with secured debt and thereby putting the
family home at risk.

Think investments: The stock markets will take a real ride.
Investors will be forced to cash out in an effort to get
liquid. More "Enron magnitude" accounting scandals will
surface from creative accounting excesses. Derivatives and
stock options will be shown for what they are. GAAP financial
presentation will once again replace the fictional "proformas"
as the standard for sound investment decisions.

We the people - will survive these crises and tribulations.

We will finally realize we can no longer rely on government to
fix things for us.

We must look to ourselves, our families, our friends, our
neighbors, and our Faith to get us through what comes.

In the final analysis, what else really is there?


Fred Cederholm is a CPA/CFE, a forensic accountant and writer
who contributes the column "TH*NK*NG" to The Weekly Observer
in Creston, (Ogle County) Illinois. He is a graduate of the
University of Illinois (B.A., M.A. and M.A.S.) and can be
reached at: •••@••.•••


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