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Richard Moore

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05.09.2006 06:05:43
We are Still here

MNN. Aug. 21, 2006. We¹ve been invaded, attacked, 99% of us have been killed off
and the remainder have been pauperized, marginalized and colonized. There are no
monuments to the biggest holocaust in all humanity, the genocide of our people 
in the Western Hemisphere. Hundreds, maybe thousands, of our Indigenous nations 
have been wiped clean from the record.

Why are the survivors still raising a ruckus? As one Indigenous man said, after 
receiving a threat or two, ³You still want to kill us off, don¹t you? You¹d 
better get every last one of us. Because if there¹s one left, we¹re gonna put up
one heck of a fight.²

At the end of August 2001, my brother, Taiotekane, called me and told me of a 
strange dream he had the night before. An old Indigenous man came to him and 
took him up to the top of one of the highest buildings in New York City. They 
stood together and looked down at Manhattan Island. They could see all the 
buildings that had been constructed with the help of Iroquois/Mohawk 
ironworkers. The old man turned to Taiotekane and proclaimed, ³Something big is 
coming!² That¹s all!

Taiotekane thought the old man was referring to our constitution, 
Kaianereh¹ko:wa/Great Law of Peace. When a disaster is coming, we have a duty to
go to the top of the Tree of Peace. Like an eagle, we are to look afar. If we 
see something that may endanger our people, we have a duty to warn them of an 
impending disaster. The Mohawks, as guardians of the ³Eastern Door² of Turtle 
Island, have always watched the door that has stood for freedom for many people 
from all over the world.

Two weeks later the Twin Towers, also called the ³World Trade Center², in New 
York City were taken down! Who rushed there to help? The Iroquois/Mohawk 
ironworkers! They had helped build it and knew how to take apart the rubble that
was left after the disaster now known as ³9-11².

In New York City harbor stands the Statue of Liberty. France recognized that 
city as the gateway to liberty. It has been the sanctuary of the world for 
democracy for hundreds of years. On Turtle Island the invaders found a society 
based on the natural world in which all individuals are equal, allowed to 
express their individuality and work in the best interests of their fellow human
beings. In fact the spokespeople are the servants of the people, not their lords
and masters. There is a different spirit over Turtle Island. It is the fountain 
of democracy which comes out of the minds of the Indigenous people.

Though the founding ³fathers² adopted some concepts from our constitution, the 
Great Law, an artificial system was put over it which just doesn¹t fit. The 
hardships we are having today are because a transplanted hierarchical system 
from Europe was superimposed on top of the Indigenous egalitarian model. To own 
and control Turtle Island the original people have to be totally removed.

Remaining would be a pyramid type society. This objective is symbolized on the 
American dollar where the ³all-seeing eye² is at the top of the pyramid watching
everybody. ³Big brother² at the apex is in the artificially created position of 
dominance and control over the people. This unnatural organization has to be 
maintained at gunpoint. This structure eventually crashes down on itself because
it is corrupts the natural world and human nature.

The colonial governments and institutions have thrown money, military, alcohol, 
drugs, imprisonment, even death, at Indigenous People from every direction to 
take us off our course. When we became lost and confused, we returned to our 
roots and quickly reverted to our natural state and regained our balance.

The founders of the US constitution tried to model their constitution after ours
but neglected to apply the main principles of equality and consensus. That¹s why
it doesn¹t truly benefit the majority. It places a few in positions of control. 
Indigenous teachers are needed to re-instruct Parliament and Congress on how to 
run egalitarian governments that treat people as human beings. Otherwise there 
is a catastrophe brewing for Turtle Island.

Our true democracy is under attack. As long as Turtle Island remains in the 
hands of the true owners, the Indigenous people, it will be safe. Like the old 
man and my brother, we are on top of the buildings shouting to the whole world, 
³Watch out! When we and our land are destroyed, you will lose your freedom and 
become enslaved. Get up and start helping us fight for ours and your rights².

A good example of why we are concerned is by looking at the aftermath of 
³Hurricane Katrina². The people of New Orleans continue to face hardships 
because the United States has put a lot of its resources and energies into 
destroying people. They are good at building military installations and jails. 
They can make weapons of mass destruction and set up systems of oppression. They
continually invent ways to destroy people and take away their liberties. Their 
hierarchical system of dominance makes it difficult to put their minds on saving
people. One year later the people of New Orleans are still living in their cars 
and scattered all over the country.

We, the Indigenous people of the world, are the spokespeople for our mother, the
earth. Corporations and the governments they control are trying to shut us up, 
eliminate us or demonize us. They don¹t like our complaints about the 
destruction of the environment, the pollution of our rivers, the elimination of 
so many species and the killing of our people, animals and vegetation. Everybody
is conditioned to climb to the top by stepping on somebody else.

They are trying to stop the awakening of the minds of the Indigenous people and 
our friends and allies. Saving the earth starts with people changing the way 
they think. Our message is touching the minds of some non-natives. Everyone 
knows we are the true owners of the earth. Our connection with the natural world
and the great natural power is being aroused. We have to return to our true ways
as the human beings specially created to take care of the earth.

It has not been easy. We have had to cut through the lies and deceit by those 
who are trying to stop us. The non-native people¹s attachment to the land 
through the Indigenous people is being severed. A disastrous imbalance is upon 
us. We must all seek this innate balance to bring back the natural way. To do 
this we all have to strengthen our connection to the natural world.

The true power of the Indigenous people cannot be manipulated. All the 
propaganda and distortions of reality on the corporate media, in the education 
systems and the whole man-made ideology will fall on deaf ears.

We, the Six Nations/Mohawks, are the title holders of the most populous area of 
northeastern Turtle Island. Wall Street, the United Nations, the major ivy 
league schools and West Point are all on Six Nations land. Control of the world 
by the corporate-government-military industrial complex emanates from here. We 
have to bring our territory back to a healthy natural state. We should be talked
to with acknowledgement and respect. Not destroyed.

Our democratic philosophy that created liberty and democracy has been put out of
context. It has been proven many times that leadership by force does not work in
the long run. Only when the power is with the people does true democracy work.

Even though we, our agricultural prowess, our law, our constitution, our social 
and economic structure have been studied, they still don¹t get it. It is time 
for the people to make their colonial masters come to terms with all of us.

Kahentinetha Horn

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