Re: Renowned Funds Manager Predicts Global Economic Collapse


Richard Moore


Thanks to Larry and several others for checking up on this
purported interview. All seem to agree that the report I
published was grossly embellished by my sources. If anyone
forwarded the 'interview' on, please also forward on this
later information.

As I hope you can understand, I don't have time to check up on
every article I publish. I generally rely on the credibility
of the material, based on my general understanding, and on the
past reliability of my sources. This particular article seemed
quite believable to me, as regards our likely economic future.

Recently the number of "questionable articles" I've been
receiving has increased. I've rejected a number of them
because they just didn't ring true. Perhaps there is a certain
kind of disinformation campaign underway, although it's far
too early to say. In any case, I'll be a bit more cautious in
future. In some cases, where the information is both
interesting and questionable, I'll put a "CAUTION" at the top.

thanks to Larry et al,

Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2005 23:18:16 -0700
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From: Larry Tesler <>
Subject: Re: Renowned Funds Manager Predicts Global Economic Collapse


I think your source may have been tricked.

See about
halfway down: OilsNotWell- Intermediate Crude: "he says
nothing REMOTELY close the disaster as described...concerned
yes, but not apocalyptic!"

It links to a video of the Robertson interview at,,8_0000-w5I7hOX7DWKfJAmLbmDgaEP6D_QMveeR-QPsZS4JeL|3Mz9yMeIghu9Abeo4jF3m1,00.html?mod=ARTICLE_VIDEO

I watched it. After a discussion of hedge funds, Insana asks
him his general outlook. He does say "I am more disturbed than
ever...about what lies ahead ...the American consumer is out
of gas". And he is is worried by the housing bubble and sees
no easy way out. He expects inflation. But "we could have a
soft landing." He cites Japan's survival of their crash.
Nothing about food riots, Bushonian cabals, Republican gated
communities, barbarians, etc. Unless CNBC or WSJ edited stuff
out--and it does not look to me like they did--the Al Martin
account is mostly fabricated.