* Radio interview w/Chossudovsky re/Iran invasion


Richard Moore

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Subject: Radio Program: Planned US-Israeli Attack on Iran
Date: Wed, 11 May 2005 13:36:15 -0700
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The Bush administration is planning to aggress Iran as early
as June 2005. The pretext is that Iran has the potential to
develop a nuclear weapon.  The attack against Iran will take
place in the form of massive aerial bombardment and there will
no doubt be many tons more of depleted uranium weapons used
which will add to the global irradiation already caused by the
bombardment of Afghanistan and Iraq.  Tactical nuclear weapons
are also likely to be used to target underground facilities.

On my upcoming program I will be interviewing Michel
Chossudovsky.  The interview will be based on his latest
article entitled "Planned US-Israeli Attack on Iran" which is
found at

Michel Chossudovsky, professor of economics at the University
of Ottawa, will be my guest on this upcoming rado program.

Program: Monday Brownbagger.
Date of interview: Monday, May 16th, noon to 1 pm Pacific Daylight time.
Radio station: CFRO, Co-op radio, 102.7 fm in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.
Interviewer: Don Nordin.
Streaming audio: http://coopradio.org
Cable: on various frequencies throughout British Columbia.  Consult your
cable provider for the correct frequency.
Star Choice satellite: channel 845.