Quebec Police Admit Undercovers at Montebello


Richard Moore

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Quebec Police Admit Undercovers at Montebello
Aug, 23 2007 - 9:30 PM

TORONTO/AM 640 TORONTO - Quebec provincial police admitted three undercover 
agents were playing the part of protestors at this week's international summit 
in Montebello, Quebec, but deny they were attempting to provoke protestors into 

Earlier, the police force had denied altogether any of their officers were 

The police said after viewing a video clip from and video shot by 
police officers, they were able to confirm the three were Quebec provincial 
police officers.

Police say the three were told to seek and locate protestors who were not 
peacefully demonstrating to prevent any violent incidents. Police say the three 
were marked by protestors when they refused to throw objects.

The Quebec provincial police will not comment any further on the affair, a 
spokeswoman in Montreal said.

Quebec Justice Minister Jacques Dupuis was made aware of the news, but a 
spokesman from his office said he will not comment on the matter either.

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