Harper’s sad and secret spectacle at Montebello


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Harper's sad and secret spectacle at Montebello
Government makes protest impossible, then disses it
Dateline: Tuesday, August 21, 2007
by Ish Theilheimer

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is playing with the big boys now, and he is 
enjoying it. This week Canada's minority PM hosted presidents George W. Bush of 
the USA and Felipe Calderon of Mexico, two right-wing national leaders of 
dubious legitimacy, since both appear likely to have benefited from massive 
election fraud to get themselves into power. Bush is being buried, on his way 
out of power, by scandals, scullduggery, the Iraq debacle and a failing economy.
To these men, Canada's leader has hitched his wagon.

And with these men and legions of top corporate types and seniors managers, 
Stephen Harper gathered in a symbol of Canadian fortitude, the Chateau 
Montebello ‹ the world's largest log building ‹ to plot the undoing of Canada.

I always thought "integration" was a positive word, as are "security," 
"prosperity" and "partnership." The affair in the log palace, however, outdoes 
George Orwell in turning language upside down.

The SPP is so unpopular that Harper and Bush won't submit it to the legislative 

The integration our "elected" leaders plan has nothing to do with the kind of 
"integration" Martin Luther King advocated. Instead, it's about something much 
less appealing, the idea that

  € our Canadian laws must conform with their American laws
  € we will only let in people they will let in
  € our military will be led by their military
  € our energy is their energy, and that
€ any laws that hurt the corporations' ability to earn profits must be struck 

All of these ideas ‹ and more ‹ are involved in the Security and Prosperity 
Partnership. The SPP is so unpopular that Harper and Bush won't submit it to the
legislative process. Instead, they present it as a "discussion" where top 
"corpocrats," soldiers, spooks and bureaucrats work out secret deals they never 
intend to submit to elected representatives.

The average news consumer can be forgiven for getting the impression, though, 
that the Montebello summit was about making toys safe and getting tourists 
across the border quickly. The final communiquée from the conference emphasized 
an agreement to crack down on the import of unsafe goods, especially toys.

Our sister publication HarperIndex.ca published a story about how on Monday, 
August 20th, a Youtube video captured a chilling scene. Protestor Dave Coles, 
the president of the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers of Canada, was 
shoved around by three agitators who appeared to be police agents as he 
attempted to maintain order and safety.

Screenshots from a Youtube video showing what appear to be agents provocateurs 
attempting to disrupt peaceful protest at the Montebello protest.

[images in original]

Later in the day, in a possibly-related and suspicious incident, Canadian Press 
reported that a video camera operator had been assaulted while running the 
"ProtestCam" camera that provided a video feed to the conference inside the 
Chateau Montebello. Protest organizers say it is possible this incident was 
linked to police provocation.

Canada's minority Prime Minister is a master of spin and control. While making 
plans, in the name of his oil-industry and military establishment backers, to 
sell out Canada's interests, he barricades himself into the log chateau and 
tells us he's talking about safer toys. His government does everything possible 
to make protest impossible, then tells the world he finds the protest itself 

What most Canadians find sad is the secret spectacle of selling out Canadian 
interests and placing Canadians under US domain in every important regard 
without even a vote on it.

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