Polish plane crash: warning device was switched off


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Terrain warning device was switched off 
on Polish crash plane, reports Interfax
By Jane Burgermeister
A safety device that warns pilots when they get too close to the ground was switched off on the Polish plane which crashed in Smolensk on April 10th, according to a report by the Russian news agency Interfax.
Ninety-six people, including Polish President Lech Kaczynski, and many top military and civilian leaders, died when the plane plummeted into woods in Russia.
An expert who examined one of the black boxes concluded from the technical data that the Terrain Awareness and Warning System (TAWS) had been turned off, according to Interfax and reported by Polskaweb
The Polish plane crash has been blamed on pilot error.
But the expert said that the fact that the TAWS device had been switched off caused the  plane to crash short of a runway in fog.
“The fact that the jet had a TAWS device “opens more questions than it answers,” said John Cox, a former accident investigator, according to USA Today.
The Russian-built Tupolev TU-154 had been equipped last year with a TAWS system, which is  made by Universal Avionics Systems of Tucson.
No plane equipped with the TAWS system has crashed since TAWS was introduced in the late 1990s.
The system has been mandatory on commercial planes since 2005,and has reduced crashes due to planes hitting obstacles to virtually zero, reports USA Today.
“If a jet gets too low, the TAWS issues a whooping siren and a recorded voice demands pilots “pull up.”
“I really would like to know what was going on in that flight deck because no matter what kind of pressure other pilots have been under or what kind of weather they encountered, no pilot has ignored a TAWS warning. What is so different about this plane that it would break that chain?” Cox said.
The Polish government Tupolev plane was serviced in Samara, Russia, at the end of 2009.
There were no problems with the plane when it flew Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk to a Katyn memorial service attended by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on April 7th.
The plane was on the ground for six hours at Smolensk military airport.
Polskaweb speculates that a timer could have been installed in the plane that was programmed to switch off the TAW system at a time point three days later when President Kaczynski’s plane prepared to land for a scheduled visit to Katyn.
In addition, there is evidence the fog was artificially engineered to confuse the pilot.
Photos of the airport taken just 40 minutes before the crash show Smolensk bathed in bright sunshine.
An Antonov IL-72 belonging to the Russian military was seen flying above the airstrip for two hours before the Polish plane arrived, about 30 minutes late.
The Antonov might have been spraying silver iodide  used in rain or fog making or cloud seeding.
Also, there is evidence that runway and landing lights were tampered with and that their position may have been changed to disorientate the pilot of the Polish plane.
Photos show Russian military personnel changing the runway lights one hour after the crash.
A Polish TV journalist witnessed the plane descend at a 40 degree angle as if bomb had exploded on board. The journalist said that the debris on the ground was also consistent with a bomb explosion.
Polskweb mentions that the use of an electromagnetic weapon cannot be ruled out.
But while the mystery over the cause of the plane crash killing the Polish elite grows, investigators appear to be concealing evidence.
Polish aviation safety experts scouring the Smolensk crash site for clues have said that they lacked support from Russian and Polish investigators, and their every move was watched over by state prosecutors.
Polish aviation safety chief, Edmund Klich, said the Polish Defence Minister Bogdan Klich refused to provide translators.
 “For the three days that you are, you don t need any translators,” Bogdan Klich reportedly said.
Also, the Polish aviation experts had to pay their expenses for their stay in Russia out of their own pocket.
At the same time, Bogdan Klich appears to be pretending to be interested in a thorough investigation.
“Clarification of the reasons for this tragedy is the most important task for the Polish and Russian governments. This is joint responsibility. We need to speed up work on it,” he told Russia media.
On Thursday, it emerged agents belonging to the Polish secret services, the ABW, broke into the houses and flat of victims three hours after the crash, allegedly to obtain DNA material for identification purposes.
However,  ABW agents could not have known who needed to be identified at this time point.
According to “Rzeczpospolita” the notebook of the former Defence Minister Aleksander Szczyglo as well as documents belonging to the former security chief Zbigniew Wassermann were seized.
The new revelations will fuel concerns that the Polish elite were murdered for the profit of the Globalists eager to seize control of gas deposits, monetary policy and also weaken Poland’s health minister who refused the pandemic vaccine.
Evidence that the plane was brought down is circulating widely in Poland.
Two videos shot shortly after the crash show no bodies among the wreckage.
Four gunshots can be heard on one of the videos.
The flight recorders show no technical problems with the plane, according to investigators, who have, however, released only limited data.

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