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Bush's Enemies List Sees Daylight
C. L. Cook

PEJ News
November 12, 2005

Beyond the botched break-in of the Democrat's election HQ
by Nixon's so-called "plumbers," one of the most troubling
facts to come out of the subsequent 'Watergate'
investigations was the existence of an "official enemies
list" compiled by the administration with the aid of J.
Edgar Hoover's FBI. Now, the Beltway broadsheet, Capitol
Hill Blue is reporting the Bush administration too has an
enemies list, one dwarfing Tricky Dick's, and again the
FBI is implicated.

According to the paper, Bush's list contains the names and
incriminating details on more than 10,000 subjects deemed
hostile to the administration, and even those believed
critical of Bush during his tenure as governor of Texas.
More worrisome than the existence of such a list is the
misuse by Bush insiders of the so-called "Patriot Act" to
investigate those disagreeing with administration

The list includes information on members of Congress,
local, state and federal officials and many media figures
and ordinary citizens who have had the temerity to
question Bush's reign. Some notables said to appear
prominently on the list are filmmaker, Michael Moore,
outspoken Senator, Barbara Boxer, and news bloggers behind
the sites, Daily Kos and Wonkette.

Describing the methods behind the Bush team philosophy, an
unnamed White House aide says: "If you want to know who's
sleeping with whom, who drinks too much or has a fondness
for nose candy, this is the place to find it. Karl (Rove)
operates under the rule that if you fuck with us, we'll
f*ck you over."

Karl Rove, Bush's chief political operative, is said to
have begun the list while working on George W. Bush's
gubernatorial run in Texas and was dramatically expanded
following the passage of the Patriot Act in 2001. Rove
allegedly made use of the FBI's "national security
letters" to garner private information on perceived foes.
The letters allow the FBI to intercept phone, financial,
and internet records without the subjects knowledge, or
judicial oversight. The letters are routinely sent to
employers, banks, and other sources deemed likely to
possess personal data. Those contacted are forbidden, on
pain of prosecution, from informing individuals targeted.

Commenting on the list, a White House staffer said: "We're
talking about Big Brother at its most extreme. We know
things about people that their spouses don't know and, if
it becomes politically expedient, we will make sure the
rest of the world knows."

The White House has so far refused comment on the list.

Chris Cook is a contributing editor to PEJ News and hosts
Gorilla Radio, a weekly public affairs program that is no
friend of the Bush administration. You can check out the
GR Blog here.

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