Police state : ‘Patriot Act’ : being expanded by Congress


Richard Moore


SA PATRIOT reauthorization may include DNA database,
habeas suspension

Total 9/11 Info | November 16 2005 

Washington sources tell Total911.info that closed-door
negotiations on the reauthorization of the USA PATRIOT Act
have suddenly turned into an orgy of police-state

Last week, the U.S. House voted to instruct the conference
committee of Senators and Representatives to renew three
key police-state powers for only four years rather than
10. The conference committee is working on making
permanent or renewing for four to 10 years. Some
provisions added to the bills, among other extremely
modest checks, would have federal agents provide just a
hint of evidence before exercising these search and
surveiallance powers

Enraged, the White House has leaned on its Congressional
allies to add draconian police-state provisions unrelated
to the USA PATRIOT Act to the bill.

First among these might be a plan to suspend habeas corpus
-- the simple right of a prioner to appear before a judge
and hear the charges against him.

Also possibly to be added to the PATRIOT renewal is the
reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA).
Previous versions of the VAWA reauthorization in this
Congress have included a provision providing for the
contruction of a DNA databse of everyone arrested, much
less conviceted.

Congressional staff has been pulling all-nighters on
PATRIOT since last week. Should you want to contact the
Judicary staff to tell them America is watching, the
Senate Judiciary Committee can be reached at 202-224-2525
and the House Judiciary is at 202-225-3951.

Congressional leadership wants the conference report done
by either Wednesday or Thursday so the Congreess can pass
it next week before Thanksgiving.

Particularly interesting will be the reaction of Hpouse
Judiciary Chairman Jim Sensenbrenner who earlier this year
went batshit crazy when Democrats tried to bring up
anything related to the USA PATRIOT Act outside the the 16
expiring provisions. Sensenbrenner has been insisting that
White House and DOJ operatives sit in on Conference staff
meetings. Will Sensenbrenner hypocritically back an
expanded PATRIOT bill if the White House tells him to?


"Apocalypse Now and the Brave New World"

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