Ontario: fatal levels of radiation from Fukushima


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In the early part of the video, still in Japanese, they show the wind patterns. That indicates that Washington, Oregon, and California are getting the same exposure as Ontario.


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Subject: Extreme Radiation readings in Ontario (20,000 CPM) after rainfall

The URL below contains a seven minute video with the first minute being in Japanese before it reverts to English.
It shows the radiation readings in the Toronto area.   20,000 CPM is very high — according to this video is comparable to radiation treatment for cancer except that in Ontario people are being exposed to this for hours on end.   British Columbia has high readings as well but we are not being told what they are.   In fact, I understand Health Canada has been forbidden to discuss this with members of the public who phone in to make inquiries.
We are lucky we are having a very dry summer with no rain.
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Subject: Extreme Radiation readings in Ontario (20,000 CPM) after rainfall

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