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Patrick Briley
May 20, 2007

The OKC bombing provocation, sting, and cover-up were part of a national 
security council (NSC) and White House operation spanning the presidencies of HW
Bush and Clinton.

COVERUP in my book The Oklahoma City Bombing Case Revelations or at 

Evidence shows that the FBI, the CIA, the US State Department, the DOJ, the US 
military, the BATF the Secret Service all used and/or protected numerous 
informants and provocateurs in the OKC bombing (at least 19). See OKC Bombing: 
Two More of 19 Federal Provocateurs Identified? Only the White House and the 
National Security Council (NSC) and the NSC adviser are capable of authorizing, 
coordinating and carrying out and then covering up such a compartmentalized 
operation involving so many different federal agencies and the military.

The White House and NSC would have had to give authorization to the US Army for 
the FBI to use US Army private Shawn Kenny as a provocateur to help McVeigh in 
bank robberies to fund the OKC bombing. See the chapter FBI AND JUSTICE 
DEPARTMENT PROTECT THEIR PROVOCATEURS. The White House and NSC would have had to
give the Secret Service authorization when the Secret Service and FBI took 
informant Peter K. Langan out of federal prison in 1993 to be an informant to 
track Midwest bank robbers like Richard Guthrie who helped McVeigh rob banks and
who had threatened President HW Bush. For more on Langan see Secret Service, FBI
Used Bank Robbers For OKC Bombing and my book chapters, FBI HALL OF SHAME and 

Army recruiters, Marilyn Travis and Arlene Blanchard were formally threatened 
with courts martial by the US Army and FBI 74 hours after the bombing if they 
revealed the men they had seen with McVeigh in the Murrah Building. The formal 
military court martial threat would had to have been backed up by the White 
House via the military and NSC. Other military men besides Shawn Kenny may also 
have been provocateurs for McVeigh and if so, the NSC and White House would have
had to also give the military authorization for their use. See the chapter 

The cover up included blocking FBI and BATF interrogation of possible OKC 
bombing Muslim suspects including but limited to Mujahid Menepta, Mujeeb Cheema,
and Iraqi Al Hussain Hussaini who were known to NSC personnel before the OKC 
bombing and certainly known to the White House, NSC, FBI and DOJ, after the 
bombing. Were these suspects really protected provocateurs? Or, did federal 
officials want to avoid public exposure of their personal liability and 
political embarrassment for being associated with suspects if they turned out to
be real terrorists?

The cover up included blocking FBI and INS detention and interrogation of other 
major suspects including but not limited to German National Andreas Strassmeir 
who was known to and protected by the CIA, the US State Department and FBI 
before the OKC bombing and after the bombing.

Here is what I reported about Strassmeir in my 2005 article DID H.W. BUSH, 

"German national Andreas Strassmeir was a provocateur who helped and encouraged 
McVeigh. Strassmeir was in the US illegally without a visa but was brought into 
the US by the HW Bush administration with the help of CIA Vincent Petruskie in 
the late 1980s."

"CIA pilot Dave Hollaway later brought Strassmeir to Elohim City in far eastern 
Oklahoma during the HW Bush administration. While at the heavily FBI infiltrated
Elohim City compound Strassmeir was a military training officer who encouraged 
McVeigh to do the OKC bombing."

"In 1989 Strassmeir was arrested by the OK state highway patrol only to be 
released because of the direct intervention of the HW Bush State Department 
without his being deported back to Germany."

"Dave Hollaway also gave McVeigh advice as to how to rent a Ryder truck to avoid
detection and where to park the truck bomb in front of the Murrah building for 
maximum damage. During the Clinton administration FBI Director Louis Freeh knew 
of Strassmeir¹s presence at Elohim City and knew that Dave Hollaway helped 
Strassmeir escape the INS by driving Strassmeier to Mexico after the OKC 

What I have written about Strassmeir working with the CIA FBI, and US State 
Department in a White House and NSC operation is further confirmed by the 
following in this very recent JD Cash & Roger Charles article (4/19/200) 
Strassmeir still mystery man in Oklahoma City bombing that originally appeared 
in the McCurtain Gazette.:

³A retired, senior officer of the nation¹s intelligence community has confirmed 
to this newspaper that the German military-intelligence operative, Andreas 
Strassmeir, was in fact ³working for the German government and the FBI² while 
residing at the neo-Nazi compound known as Elohim City. Strassmeir resided at 
this compound for four years and closely associated with members of the neo-Nazi
group that planned and conducted the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Building in
downtown Oklahoma City.²

"...And, two, this source [known to Louis Freeh and the FBI] reported that 
Strassmeir was (as of Jan. 4, 1996) residing in North Carolina and had plans to 
³leave the U.S. via Mexico, in the near future.² The source specified where 
Strassmeir was staying, and with whom." [With Dave Hollaway and Kirk Lyons]

"No action was taken by the FBI to intercept Strassmeir, who walked across the 
Texas border into Mexico on or about Jan. 10 in route to his home in Germany." 
[escorted by Dave Hollaway].

"Recent documents and other information obtained by this newspaper have also 
confirmed long-held suspicions about Strassmeir¹s immigration records, a few of 
which were released for the federal trials of McVeigh and Nichols."

"Specifically, in Strassmeir¹s visits to the United States, dating back to 1988,
his immigration records listed him with a coded designation that meant he 
traveled in a special diplomatic status which carried with it diplomatic 

From the time provocateur Andreas Strassmeir was brought to the US from Germany 
by the CIA (Vincent Petruskie), introduced at the FBI infiltrated Elohim City, 
OK by CIA pilot Dave Hollaway, protected by the US State Department when 
arrested in 1989, and then secreted back to Germany in 1996 after the OKC 
bombing by Hollaway with the knowledge of Louis Freeh and the FBI- 1988 to 1996-
the following men served as NSC advisers in the White House:

HW Bush: Brent Scowcroft (1989-1993). Scowcroft was involved in BCCI, Iran 
Contra and operations with the mujahidin connected to suspects, provocateurs 
and/or informants in the OKC bombing including Roger Moore, Iraqi Al Hussaini 
brought to US by HW Bush, possibly Mujeeb Cheema, and Muslim Mujahid Menepta. 
See More Indications OKC Bombing tied to BCCI, Iran Contra

Clinton: Anthony Lake (1993-1997). Lake was not confirmed in 1996 as head of CIA
because evidence was brought out about his Communist, world government and 
socialist beliefs and actions with long time friend and associate, Assistant Sec
of State Strobe Talbot. In a foreshadowing of the OKC bombing, Lake gave a 
speech in 1994 to the CFR describing the Clinton foreign policy of ³pitting our 
too tolerant society againstŠ.. domestic and foreign rogue groups in the US. See
more details below.

While at NSC, Lake was behind recommending and implementing the Clinton approved
policy (April 1994) of setting up an arms pipeline for Iran to deliver weapons 
to the Muslims in Bosnia and of facilitating the movement of mujahidin fighters 
into Bosnia (LA Times, 1994-1995). Lake used the Sudan-based "humanitarian 
organization," called the Third World Relief Agency (TWRA) for the Islamic 
network pipeline (Washington Post, 9/22/96). Those behind the 1993 WTC bombing 
and Bin Laden were also involved in the TWRA pipeline.

Iran, Hezbollah, AlQaeda and Dr. Ayman Zawahiri trained Muslim terrorists in 
Bosnia in the 1990s with the knowledge and help of Anthony Lake and Clinton. See
Jihadists Find Convenient Base In Bosnia

***During this same period Zawahiri traveled in the US escorted by Egyptian Ali 
Mohammed with the knowledge and help of the FBI and CIA. Dr. Zawahiri was in 
Norman, Ok. at the time of the OKC bombing and played a role in the bombing with
his fellow AlQaeda member, Khalid Mohammed and nephew Ramzi Yousef via Terry 
Nichols. Zawahiri met with and helped his mujihadin terror friends like Mujahid 
Menepta (FBI, AlFuqra. AlFatah provocateur seen with McVeigh¹s car at the 
Travelers Aid in OKC) and Muslim Brotherhood terror front members in OKC 
including Dr. Samir Kahlil and his employee Iraqi suspect Al Hussaini brought to
the US along with 4000 other Iraqis by HW Bush, Lake, and Clinton after the 

Some of the Bosnian Muslims trained by Zawahiri and Hezbollah were relocated to 
Salt Lake City and Utah (10,000) in the late 1990s by Lake and Clinton. The Salt
Lake City Trolley Mall shooter (2/2007), Sulejman Tavolic was one of these 

Now Democrat and Clinton protégé, Tom Lantos, Chairman of the House Foreign 
Affairs Committee, and the GW Bush US State Department want to create an 
independent Muslim jihadist state in Kosovo next to Bosnia. Kosovo was created 
for the Muslims as a continuation of Lake policy when Clinton had NATO bomb 

The US Secretaries of State who knew of Strassmeir's presence in the US and 
protected him were:

HW Bush: James Baker (1989-1992)
Clinton: Warren Christopher (1993-1997)

The following is also from Patrick Briley's September 2005 article DID H.W. 

³Prior to the OKC bombing US Senator Arlan Specter as well as Clinton and 
Clinton¹s NSC director Anthony Lake had been advocating federal national 
security operations to stop militias in America. Anthony Lake gave a speech to 
the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in the Fall of 1994 in which Lake said 
the chief cornerstone of US foreign policy was to "pit our tolerant society 
againstŠŠ.militias and domestic and foreign rogue groups in the US.² The Lake 
speech was quoted in an August 1995 issue of the New York Times Sunday 

³After the OKC bombing, Specter and Anthony Lake as well as Clinton blamed the 
OKC bombing on militias who they claimed had helped McVeigh. FBI documents 
obtained recently in Salt Lake City via federal judge Dale Kimbal now show that 
the FBI had provocateurs in and/or visiting several militias including the 
Arizona militia prior to the OKC bombing.²

³Oklahoma Congressman Ernest Istook told a victim in a taped conversation in 
1995 that the OKC bombing was a failed a national security operation that used 
an FBI provocateur associated with a militia.²

³In February 1997 ABC¹s ³20/20² program presented the first of a three part 
series filmed on the NSC orchestrated OKC bombing operation. The White House 
asked ABC executives not to air the remaining two parts based on national 
security grounds claimed by Clinton. ³20/20² had learned that by the third day 
after the bombing, the FBI and US Army used national security operation grounds 
to threaten Army recruiters with court martial if they described publicly the 
John Doe provocateurs the recruiters had seen with McVeigh in the Murrah 

The OKC bombing provocation, sting, and cover-up were part of a national 
security council (NSC) and White House operation spanning the presidencies of HW
Bush and Clinton.

© 2007 Patrick Briley - All Rights Reserved

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Patrick Briley is a Navy Viet Nam era veteran who served on a Polaris ballistic 
missile nuclear submarine patrol in the Pacific. His Polaris submarine patrol in
far East Asia near China was historically significant and exceptionally 

His Naval service was from 1968 to 1976 during the Viet Nam era. He was a 
battalion commander of his Naval ROTC unit and a Midshipman on board the 
ballistic missile submarine, SSBN 624, the Woodrow Wilson. He was chosen to 
serve under Admiral Rickover as a project engineer at Naval Reactors near 
Washington DC. Patrick Briley started research and investigation into terrorist 
attacks after the Oklahoma City bombing.

Patrick submitted his findings concerning the OKC bombing and the 9-11 attacks 
in briefings to high-level staff for the Senate Judiciary and Senate and House 
Intelligence committees, House Speaker Dennis Hastert, and the 9-11 Commission.

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