Notsilvia Night: On Conformity: Do you like Dog-Meat?


Richard Moore

This human survival trait, the desire for trust and a societal consensus on the most important issues of life, can be abused by some rather untrustworthy people. Understanding this desire, they can turn it against us and create an artificial consensus which is not based on real events or on empirical evidence but on the manipulation of information, on lies and deception.

On Conformity: Do you like Dog-Meat?

By Notsilvia Night
December 15, 2009
Most educated middle-class Westerners consider themselves “liberals”. They see themselves as moderate. In their own view, they are more decent and compassionate than other people.
They are firmly invested emotionally in the status quo. Their education actually makes it harder for them to see the truth about 9/11 or any of the other deceptions that the oligarchic elites have pushed onto the population.
If you are a European liberal, you might see yourself as someone who always seeks compromise and tries to stay calm, reasonable and fair-minded towards everybody. You don´t think we should hold grudges. You believe we should allow those in the political arena (the U.S. government) who made “mistakes” (invading Iraq) to recover and start a new page in history with this new president Obama.
You feel you are a rational person, and you think you are reasonably well informed. You read all the important media outlets both online and offline or you watch all the important news programs on TV, so you will not only get one viewpoint, but several, to then make informed choices.
You believe that you can´t be fooled easily, since you have a skeptical attitude on many subjects. You know the world is complicated and that there is often more than one side to any issue. Being a liberal you think you are open-minded enough to consider all of the perspectives. Most of all, you are not one of those conspiracy nut types who sees a government agent behind every tree – or maybe even a shape-shifting space alien.
As a European liberal you believe that in the west we live under democracy and that in such a political system it’s the function of the media to inform you and show you all sides of an issue as objectively as possible. Since the media outlets in their opinion pages and TV commentaries do not always agree on all political subjects, you see this as evidence that the media is free and that democracy is working. You trust the system and agree with it´s principles. You consider those who present pictures of the world other than that presented by this “democratic” mass-media, as outsiders, freaks or even dangerous radicals.
For those of us in the truth-movement, who are seen by such “liberals” as either “nuts” or “radicals”, this liberal mindset often seems to come with a slight superiority complex and an awful lot of prejudice. That´s sometimes rather frustrating for us. But we have to understand that this attitude of rejecting all “radical” views, and closing one´s eyes to even obvious truths, which might endanger one´s comfortable trust in the status quo, is completely normal for those who see the status quo as benevolent.
Trust in one´s community and in the general consensus of this community is a human survival trait. If trust and consensus are based on reasonably good information, this survival trait actually works quite well for us whatever society we live in. It keeps our communities together, protects us from violent conflicts and allows us to accept  sensible rules. In this way, general trust makes most people´s lives as decent as possible under any given socio-economic conditions.
This human survival trait, the desire for trust and a societal consensus on the most important issues of life, can be abused by some rather untrustworthy people. Understanding this desire, they can turn it against us and create an artificial consensus which is not based on real events or on empirical evidence but on the manipulation of information, on lies and deception.
In order to understand how this manipulation is done we must consider people’s emotional needs, how we learn and experience things and how these processes can be manipulated by those who want to control society for their own purposes.
Knowing how the manipulation is done can give us some immunity to these kinds of practices. It might also help us understand those who have trouble shaking off this mental manipulation.
It´s a lot easier to bring people around to your side if you do not derisively think of them as “sheep” or “sheeple”. Their reaction to the world is not animal-like but very much human. We’ve got to realize that one of the tools that the elites use in ruling us is making us feel disdain for one another. It´s the old, and far too often successful, method of “Divide and Conquer”.
Another method the elites use is maligning those who refuse to be manipulated by their machinations, maligning those who leave the establishment consensus and challenge the taboos they have created.
Most truth-tellers who are in the public realm will be defamed. Everything will be done to trash their credibility. Even the formerly most honored and revered expert or leader, if he gets outside the allowed range of opinions, will be subjected to the worst possible smear campaigns.
Can everybody be smeared?
Yes I think so. This has been proven by none less than famous mainline journalist Christopher Hitchens who once posed as a left-wing, social justice minded, progressive. After 9/11 he turned into a fierce supporter of the “war on terror”, the invasion of Iraq, and the bombing of Iran as well. Before 9/11, however, Hitchens wrote a widely lauded book, smearing of all people – Mother Teresa.
If you had ever seen the work of “the Missionaries of Charity”, the Mother Teresa sisters, close up, you probably would agree with me, that if there are angels walking on this earth, it´s them. It´s not just their charity work per se, helping the poorest and most disdained people of every country those sisters work in, it´s the way they do this work, the way they treat all people with respect and so much kindness. And it´s the way they work – not sour-faced and with “long-suffering” attitude, but always smiling, spreading a feeling of happiness and peace around them.
Smearing those sisters and the founder of their order seems nearly impossible. But quite obviously, it can be done if you are ruthless and hateful enough. For Hitchens, because Mother Teresa met the wrong kind of people and was opposed to Marxism and violent revolution, she was worthy of being trashed. (By the way, Mother Teresa also met the right kind of people from a left-wing point of view. She did and her order still does care for AIDS infected poor people, including the ones in America, gay people with no health insurance. She did and her order still does administer to people in jail, many of them who are there on drug-related offenses, as well as to immigrants, legal and illegal ones, as well as to the homeless and hopeless both in industrialized or in developing countries.)
If Mother Teresa can be smeared, ordinary people can be dumped into the sewer. When your views get more “controversial”, and the farther down you get into the rabbit hole of conspiracy land, and if you are a person of interest for the mainline media, rest assured you will find yourself in the sewer along with everyone following your path of logic, truth and justice.
In order to avoid being smeared many people keep a mental distance from the truth so as not to risk the “sewer treatment”. They don’t want to risk ever becoming convinced of truths which would undermine their support for the establishment.
Others, after recognizing the truth, need quite a bit of time to build up the courage to face the possible consequences, until the day comes when they will finally stand up for the truth.
You might say that if there is nothing you can be smeared with, if you don’t have anything that could possibly be called a shady past, wouldn´t you be safe then?
Well, if there is no actual dirt to be found, there is one final method which always works: The opinion leaders just declare the person or persons with a political view contrary to the mainline consensus to be plainly insane.
The media has done so with the 9/11 truth movement many times, depicting them as being psychologically deficient or something because they hold those “strange conspiracy views” regardless of the empirical facts or the laws of nature. But then, for mainline media and the “science” of psychology there is actually nobody walking on this planet who isn´t somehow “deficient”. Even the like or dislike of dog-meat can prove your “deficiency”.
In a pseudo-political magazine on a commercial TV-station, a hidden camera team hired a meat stand at a market in Germany. They put up a sign stating that they were selling “dog-meat”. The TV team subsequently filmed the reactions of people as they passed by the “dog-meat” stand.
Some people complained to the sales person that selling dog-meat was against animal-protection laws in Germany, others complained it was against health laws. There were some who showed some curiosity and allowed the “sales person” to explain how dog-meat actually tasted good, but then they still declined to buy it. Still others actually bought the fake “dog-meat”. But most of the people visiting the market just walked by shaking their heads.
Afterward there was an evaluation done of the people´s reactions to the “dog-meat”. In the studio a hired Psycho-Analyst was asked to comment on what the different people did or did not do. And I kid you not, this psychologist found some serious psychological issue in each and every one of the would-be customers, even in those who just walked by, and who, while noticing the dog-meat sign, didn´t comment at all. None of the reactions shown were considered normal or healthy by the TV psychologist.
In this day and age, normal does not exist – and insisting on getting to the bottom of matters, insisting on the truth, on reason and reality, is considered by the current mainline consensus that has been artificially created by the mainline media to be the most abnormal thing of all.
As the elite become more manipulative in their dominance over society, more and more conformity and turning a blind eye to the obvious is demanded in order to cover their criminality. We truly live in a “healthy” society.
Well, my trouble is, I just don´t like dog-meat, fake or otherwise.