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Richard Moore


Below are the articles that the BBC considers to be the 'top stories of the 
day'. There's not one of them that I would consider worthy of posting to 
newslog. And yet, I bet I'll come across several stories today that will be 
worth posting. The propagandistic nature of the mainstream media is reflected 
not so much in the lies it tells, but in the events it doesn't even mention.


Thursday, 06 December, 2007, 23:00 GMT 23:00 +00:00:Europe/Dublin


 * UK interest rates trimmed to 5.5% *

The Bank of England cuts UK interest rates for the first time since 2005, amid 
signs that the economy is slowing.

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 * Abrahams warning for government *

David Abrahams tells a newspaper he will come out fighting if ministers "hammer"
him over secret gifts.

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 * Neighbour 'met Darwin in Panama' *

"Missing" canoeist John Darwin moved to Panama in July, a woman who says she was
his neighbour tells the BBC.

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 * Gun rampage US teen 'wanted fame' *

A teenager who killed eight people at a US shopping mall left a note saying he 
wanted to be famous, reports say.

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 * Smith plans 42-day terror limit *

Jacqui Smith unveils plans to extend the period terrorism suspects can be held 
without charge to 42 days.

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 * Bush details housing rescue plan *

President George W Bush outlines plans to protect more than a million homeowners
hit by the US housing slump.

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 * Sudan rejects UN Darfur criticism *

Sudan rejects a complaint by the UN that it is delaying the deployment of UN-AU 
peacekeepers in Darfur.

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 * One killed by Paris parcel bomb *

A parcel bomb blast kills one person and injures several others at law offices 
in central Paris.

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