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Noam Chomsky: Controlled Asset of the New World Order
by Daniel L. Abrahamson <•••@••.•••>
E-Y posted September 26, 2005
Forward courtesy of Dr. Kanya Vashon McGhee <•••@••.•••>

Noam Chomsky is often hailed as America¹s premier dissident intellectual, a 
fearless purveyor of truth fighting against media propaganda, murderous U.S. 
foreign policy, and the crimes of profit-hungry transnational corporations.

He enjoys a slavish cult-like following from millions leftist students, 
journalists, and activists worldwide who fawn over his dense books as if they 
were scripture. To them, Chomsky is the supreme deity, a priestly master whose 
logic cannot be questioned.

However as one begins to examine the interviews and writings of Chomsky, a 
different picture emerges. His books, so vociferously lauded in leftist circles,
appear to be calculated disinformation designed to distract and confuse honest 
activists. Since the 1960's, Chomsky has acted as the premier Left gatekeeper, 
using his elevated status to cover up the major crimes of the global elite.

His formula over the years has stayed consistent: blame "America" and 
"corporations" while failing to examine the hidden Globalist overclass which 
pulls the strings, using the U.S. as an engine of creation and destruction. Then
after pinning all the worlds ills on American imperialism, Chomsky offers the 
solution of world government under the United Nations.

In his book "The Conspirator¹s Hierarchy," Dr. John Coleman named Chomsky as a 
deep cover CIA agent working to undermine social protest groups. Certainly Dr. 
Coleman¹s claims appear validated by an honest review of Chomsky¹s role as a 
Left gatekeeper.

Since 9-11, he has steadfastly refused to discuss the evidence of government 
complicity and prior knowledge. Furthermore he claims that the Council on 
Foreign Relations (CFR), Bilderberg Committee, and Trilateral Commission are 
"nothing organizations." When critiquing poverty, he never mentions the Federal 
Reserve and their role in manipulating the national debt.

Similarly, he claims the CIA was never a rogue organization and is an innocent 
scapegoat; that JFK was killed by the lone assassin Lee Harvey Oswald; that the 
obvious vote fraud in 2004 did not occur; and that peak oil is real and good for

What he does advocate is population control, gun control, support for 
U.N.E.S.C.O., and the end of national sovereignty in favor of a one-world 
government under the UN. In other words, the major goals of the New World Order.

Chomsky¹s role in propaganda paradigm is much like that of Karl Marx: to present
a false liberation ideology which actually supports the desired solutions of the
elite. Marx pointed out the inequalities and brutality of capitalism and then 
advocated a one world bank, army, and government with the abolition of private 
property and religion; in other words, the major goals known of the New World 

Tens of millions of activists worldwide still remain trapped by this scam, 
failing to recognize the inherent autocratic and elitist structures of 
Marxism-Leninism or the newer incarnation under Chomsky.

The Globalist elites and their army of social scientists at the Tavistock 
Institute understand that people are going to question the inequities of the 
current economic system. For example, why is wealth distributed so unequally 
between classes and countries? Why are those living in third world nations 
allowed to die from preventable diseases and starvation? Why does the U.S. 
government sponsor and direct such murderous foreign policy? Why was America 
attacked on 9-11?

In other words, why is the world embroiled in such violence? Who is behind all 
this suffering? And most importantly, what solutions would relieve the poverty 
and destruction plaguing the worldwide population?

Enter Chomsky, the controlled opposition, to play the role of re-direct agent. 
He discusses a mere fraction of the real elite manipulation and then quickly 
pushes his followers into dead-end solutions and alienating rhetoric. Chomsky¹s 
hero status is further amplified by Left gatekeeper publications like Z 
Magazine, DemocracyNow! (Amy Goodman),The Progressive, and The Nation.

Is it a coincidence that all of those magazines receive major funding from 
Globalist front-groups like the Rockefeller Foundation, Ford Foundation, 
Carnegie Endowment, and MacArthur Foundation?

Chomsky may be the head gatekeeper, but he works alongside a network of fellow 
Globalist assets like Amy Goodman who do their best to appear radical while 
avoiding all the hardcore issues and deliberately leading the Left into 

The following analysis will show that Chomsky, a deep cover agent for the New 
World Order, a master of black propaganda whose true motives become clear with a
sober and honest examination.


Noam Chomsky has acted as the premier Left gatekeeper in the aftermath of the 
9-11 crimes, lashing out at the 9-11 truth movement and claiming any suggestions
of government complicity are fabrications.

The "radical" Chomsky takes a position so deeply rooted in denial that it makes 
the staged 9-11 whitewash commission look like an honest study. He belligerently
refuses to discuss any of the massive evidence proving government foreknowledge 
and participation in the crimes, claiming it would destroy the activist 
movements worldwide:

"If the left spends its time on this, that's the end of the left, in my opinion:
the mainstream would be utterly delighted. It is highly likely that nothing 
significant will be found. And if -- which I very greatly doubt -- something is 
found that would quickly send everyone in Washington to the death chamber, the 
left is unlikely to emerge triumphant." - Chomsky

In other words, Chomsky is telling his followers to ignore the evidence because 
according to him, none exists. However even if there is massive evidence, 
responsible activists should ignore it because it would be "the end of the 
Left." Chomsky¹s role as a 9-11 gatekeeper goes even further as he denies each 
piece of evidence individually. The following examples should suffice:

1) As most honest 9-11 researchers know, 7 of the accused 19 hijackers are 
alive, proving the official story is a fabrication. Many of the remaining 12 
were trained as U.S. Air Force bases and CIA-connected Huffman Aviation. Many of
the accused "religious fanatics" acted more like degenerate contract agents, as 
they flashed wads of cash, visited strip clubs, drank profusely, blew cocaine, 
smoked weed, cavorted with strippers and had strange meetings in the drug-rich 
Florida keys.

Men like Mohammed Atta fit the MO of an undercover CIA drug runner: a man 
trained at U.S. Air Force bases, fluent in many languages, able to evade INS 
regulations, working with drug dealers, and receiving wired bank funds from 
CIA-linked Pakistani intelligence. There remains no photographic evidence of 
these supposed hijackers ever getting on the planes (walking through airport 
security does not count). Furthermore, the autopsy list of Flight 77 which 
supposedly hit the Pentagon listed none of the accused hijackers.

Regarding the evidence of government complicity in training the hijackers, 
Chomsky wrote the following:

"Nothing empirical is impossible. Thus, it is conceivable that everyone in the 
White House is totally insane. And in my opinion, that's what they would have 
had to be to try something that would have been very likely to turn into an 
utter fiasco, and if by some miracle had succeeded, would almost certainly have 
leaked, so that they would all be facing the death sentence. Possible, but not 

2) What about the unprecedented NORAD stand down on 9-11 which broke standard 
operation procedure? Over 67 times in 2001, NORAD had dispatched jets when they 
deviated from their flight path. In 1999, when golfer Payne Stewart¹s single 
engine Lear in depressurized, NORAD planes were flying around the vessel in 20 

But on 9-11, Ben Sliney, in his first day on the job as hijacking coordinator 
for the FAA, delayed calls to NORAD. Meanwhile NORAD ran at least 7 hijacking 
drills that morning like Operation Vigilant Guardian where commercial jets 
crashed into government buildings in Manhattan, Washington DC, and Virginia. 
These "mock" drills, designed to give live on 9-11, helped to distract the 
honest people within NORAD and the FAA, and to evade suspicion from patriotic 
investigators within the CIA, FBI, and NSA¹s Echelon network.

Of the subject of the NORAD stand down, Chomsky wrote the following:

"Whether NORAD followed SOP, I have no idea, not having investigated the matter.
I think the case is very weak, and diverts people from the really serious 

3) How about the document called "Operation Northwoods" signed off in 1962 by 
the Joint Chiefs of Staff like Generals Lemnitzer and Landsdale? These men, 
sworn to protect the Constitution, devised a plan to create false-flag terrorism
in order to engineer a war with Cuba. Their treasonous plans included the 

-"Hijacking attempts against civil air and surface craft could appear to 
continue as harassing measures condoned by the Government of Cuba."

-"Exploding a few plastic bombs in carefully chosen spots, the arrest of Cuban 
agents and the release of prepared documents substantiating Cuban involvement 
also would be helpful in projecting the idea of an irresponsible government."

- "We could blow up a U.S. ship in Guantanamo Bay and blame Cuba . . . casualty 
lists in U.S. newspapers cause a helpful wave of indignation."

This document was discovered in the National Archives and has been the subject 
of mainstream articles by ABCNEWS and others. It stands as clear evidence that 
the U.S. government has designed plans to engineer terrorist attacks and blame 
them on foreign enemies. Yet Noam Chomsky does not think the Northwoods document
matters: Operation Northwoods example is only one of many reasons for being 
skeptical about this: it doesn't even come close, and it was not carried out. 
Furthermore, there is nothing in history that even remotely resembles what is 
being proposed. Of course, that does not show that the thesis is impossible: 
nothing could show that, by definition. And if someone can put together some 
evidence and refute the arguments as to why it is extraordinarily unlikely, then
the matter will be worth pursuing.

Chomsky¹s role as the chief 9-11 gatekeeper proves he is distracting his leftist
followers from the truth. Instead of facing the clear facts, he claims that 19 
hijackers did it and that al-Qaeda is a real terrorist enemy. When presented 
with documented evidence, from living hijacker patsies to the NORAD stand down, 
he simply claims it doesn¹t exist. He resorts to emotional "they would never do 
it" appeals in order to deny the obvious.

Chomsky is exhibiting far more than logical skepticism, but instead is actively 
engaging in disinformation.

9-11 Prior Knowledge:

Chomsky denial of government complicity in the crimes of September 11 is one 
thing, but he goes further, claiming the government had no prior knowledge of 
the attacks. Mind you, this is a position even weaker than Michael Moore¹s tepid
Fahrenheit 9-11, which at least tacitly suggested a degree of prior knowledge.

Chomsky¹s position is untenable. For a man who prides himself on science and 
logic, his steadfast refusal to acknowledge mainstream media reports finds him 
using arguments similar to Holocaust deniers; one can show them photographs, 
videos, testimony, and physical evidence but the burden of proof is impossible. 
Such is the case with Chomsky who ignores the many government admissions of 
prior knowledge widely available even in the 9-11 whitewash commission report. 
Here is Noam Chomsky writing on government prior knowledge:

"That tells us even less. Every intelligence agency is flooded, daily, with 
information of very low credibility. In retrospect, one can sometimes pick out 
pieces that mean something. At the time, that's a virtual impossibility. By 
arguments like this we can prove that someone blew up the White House 

If they did not have prior knowledge, why were Cheney and NORAD running drills 
that morning where hijacked jets flew into buildings in New York, Washington DC 
and Virginia? Also, wouldn¹t the NSA¹s Echelon network have picked up the 

Of course, Chomsky does not even admit the Echelon network exists. This despite 
the NSA¹s openly acknowledged ability to monitor all phone calls, emails and 
satellite communication with keyword software which can identify phrases and 
immediately begin tracking the communication. This despite their admitted bases 
at Fort Meade, with sister sites in the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and 
other unknown locations.

Students of the intelligence world know full well that the NSA¹s Echelon network
picked up the chatter for weeks before the attacks. In fact, the NSA admitted 
it, saying that on September 10 agents intercepted calls from hijackers but, 
*ahem*, did not translate them until after the attacks. Such admissions are red 
herrings, clearly designed to excuse massive prior knowledge at tops levels of 
the intelligence circles.

What about the Presidential Daily Briefing given to Bush in late August which 
discussed the threat of hijacked jets? What about intelligence groups like Able 
Danger and FBI agents like Robert Wright who warned of the flight school 
trainees? What about FBI agent John O¹Neill¹s investigation into Al-Qaeda 
financing which was quashed by Bush? What about attorney David Schippers who 
desperately tried to warn Ashcroft about the impending attacks? Why was the CIA 
admittedly tracking the accused hijackers since 2000? Why was FEMA running 
drills in Manhattan that morning out of WTC-7? Why did PNAC documents like 
"Rebuilding America¹s Defenses" call for helpful Pearl Harbor style attacks?

Those are just a smattering of the mountain of evidence proving beyond any 
reasonable doubt that the U.S. government had prior knowledge. But Chomsky must 
deny these, because his role is to mislead and distract while chastising the 
9-11 truth movement.

Before and after 9-11, the key role for the Left Gatekeepers like Chomsky has 
been denying the existence of the overclass which prints the money, funds and 
manages the wars, ships the drugs, controls entire industries, and creates the 
scientific propaganda which plagues society. Instead they critique mid-level 
minions & front corporations while speaking in glittering generalities.

In the world of Left gatekeepers, the New World Order does not exist. There are 
no elite plan for global government. Instead they paint the picture of a 
profit-motivated world in which corporations control the government. But merely 
blaming corporations misses the forces which own their assets, manage their 
resources, control their board of directors, and pull their strings.

Chomsky steadfastly denies the role of the Council on Foreign Relations, 
Bilderberg Committee, and Trilateral Commission in the creation and management 
of the wars and poverty he claims to condemn. When speaking on such 
"conspiracies," he said the following:

"It's the same with the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations,
all these other things the people are racing around searching for conspiracy 
theories about-they're "nothing" organizations. Of course they're there, 
obviously rich people get together and talk to each other, and play golf with 
one another, and plan together-that's not a big surprise. But these conspiracy 
theories people are putting their energies into have virtually nothing to do 
with the way the institutions actually function". (Understanding Power, 348)

The CFR, funded by Wall Street and the Rockefellers after WW II, is an 
organization openly sworn to destroying American national sovereignty in favor 
of world government. They have acted as the de-facto "secret team" in managing 
U.S. domestic and foreign policy, orchestrating wars like Vietnam and the first 
Gulf War.. Almost all executives in the CIA and State Department have been 
members of the CFR, whether it was Dean Rusk, Allen Dulles and Robert McNamara 
during Vietnam or Richard Armitage and George Tenet during the crimes of 9-11.

The CFR has been the dominant roundtable group pushing for a Panamerican Union 
by 2010 which would dissolve national borders and unite Mexico, Canada, and 
America under a single currency, with biometric ID cards and GPS-tracked 
vehicles on camera-strewn superhighways. How can Chomsky seriously claim the CFR
is a "nothing organization" when their role in crafting policy is so clear? Whom
is he trying to protect in denying the treasonous goals of the CFR?

Chomsky¹s stonewalling on the Bilderberg raises even more suspicions. Since 1954
the Bilderberg has served as the central brain of the New World Order, the major
secret gathering for Globalist agents from across the globe. Bilderberg chairmen
like Prince Bernhard and David Rockefeller have pushed for total global 
government, eugenics population control, engineering wars, and controlling the 
worldwide economy. Top politicians from America and Europe also undergo a 
grooming process at the Bilderberg. Bill Clinton went in 1991 as Rockefeller¹s 
personal guest, and Tony Blair attended in 1993 before becoming Prime Minister. 
John Kerry attended in 2000, and John Edwards did two weeks before becoming the 
VP nominee in 2004.

Major members of the media, such as editors from the Economist, NY Times, 
Newsweek, Washington Post, US News and World Report are regular attendees. Yet 
they rarely, if ever, mention the proceedings, sworn to secrecy by their 
globalist masters.

Nevertheless in recent years, the truth has emerged. Major media outlets like 
the BBC admit the Bilderberg is planning for a one-world currency, bank, and 
army. Articles in Reuters and the Financial Times of London have admitted the 
existence of the Bilderberg, their grooming of politicians, and their secret 
plans for world governance. If these mainstream media reporters can admit the 
major role of the Bilderberg in shaping world affairs, why can¹t Chomsky? Why is
he holding back?

Simlarly, how can Chomsky seriously ignore the role of the Trilateral 
Commission, the brainchild of Globalist masters David Rockefeller and Zbigniew 
Brzezinski? This is the same Brzezinski who helped direct the first CIA funds to
bin Laden, and in his book Between Two Ages called for a technotronic society 
with a microchipped population.

The Trilateral Commission openly admits they are trying to control the economy 
through closer European-Japanese-American cooperation. They operate much like 
the CFR, counting the worlds top elites, politicians, corporate executives, and 
media barons as members. They have been instrumental in creating the destructive
"free trade" agreements that are destroying America¹s economy and national 
sovereignty in order to usher in world governance.

Journalist Jim Tucker, a Spotlight reporter with impeccable credentials, also 
links the Trilateral Commission to the international narcotics trade, the $500 
billion-plus racket from heroin and cocaine alone which helps fund the 
Globalist¹s house of cards.

What would motivate Chomsky to call the Trilateral Commission a "nothing 
organization?" Is it because they echo his goal of a world government? Or are 
there darker forces at work?

When balanced against over 50 years of documented evidence, Chomsky¹s claims are
exposed as nothing more than spurious lies and denial.

Federal Reserve

Similarly, while Chomsky bemoans the widespread poverty in America and the Third
World, he has never spoken publicly on the role of the Federal Reserve. 
Therefore most Leftist activists are unaware of the role played by this 
privately owned bank cartel which prints worthless fiat currency out of thin 
air. Since its secret formation at Jekyll Island in 1910, and subsequent illegal
passage during the Wilson administration, the Federal Reserve has held the 
American economy hostage: creating inflation and boom & bust cycles through 
managed money supply and interest rates.

Furthermore every dollar printed is merely debt charged to the federal 
government. Thus while it only costs 10 cents to print a $100 bill, the U.S. 
government fits the bill for the full $100 to the private Fed.

The creation of the Federal Reserve, owned largely by the Rockefeller, Morgan, 
and Rothschild interests has eluded the "radical" Chomsky. Furthermore he does 
not discuss the proven role of the Fed in creating recessions and depressions in
order to purchase assets at a fraction of their value.

Chomsky ignores the role of the fiat currency system which drives down wages, 
inflates prices, and puts the American economy under the iron claw of a few 
elite families. Since the dollar is the base currency for worldwide trade and 
the current economic house of cards, shouldn¹t these topics be discussed?

Perhaps Chomsky stays mute because a central bank fits into his ideology. After 
all, one of the key planks in the Marxist and Fabian socialist agenda is a 
managed central bank in order to control the economy. Or perhaps Chomsky fears 
discussion of the Fed would expose the real hidden hand that runs the world 
economy. For him it is easier to blast the front corporations and low-level 
grocery boys.


If he denies even basic government foreknowledge of 9-11, should it be any 
surprise that Chomsky avoids criticism of the CIA? When asked about the links 
between the CIA and bin Laden, and the CIA¹s overt support of the Taliban, 
Chomsky wrote the following:

"CIA support for bin Laden (which is not quite accurate) or the Taliban (also 
not quite accurate) doesn't seem to me remotely relevant."

How can Chomsky write this with a straight face? He is simply ignoring the 
documented evidence of CIA funding for the "freedom fighters" known as al-Qaeda,
totaling over $6 billion. The cozy CIA/al-Qaeda relationship continued through 
the Bosnian conflict via training of the drug-peddling Kosovo Liberation Army.

What about the meetings between Taliban leaders, oil executives, and Bush 
administration officials from January to August 2001 to discuss building an oil 
and gas pipeline for Unocal? Chomsky also denies the mainstream reports from UK 
and French newspapers about two top CIA agents meeting with bin Laden for over 
ten days in July 2001 while he received dialysis at the American Hospital in 

But Chomsky goes further than that. While claiming to critique the CIA, he 
absolves the agency of any responsibility for its actions, from Nazi origins via
Project Paperclip to heinous mind control experiments like MK ULTRA. This 
horrific period in CIA history, a true Rosetta stone in understanding the New 
World Order, is scientifically ignored by Chomsky, who sees the CIA as an 
innocent victim of White House orders:.

"Or take the CIA, which is considered the source of a lot of these conspiracies;
we have a ton of information about it, and as I read the information, the C.I.A.
is basically just an obedient branch of the White House. I mean sure, the C.I.A.
has done things around the world- but as far as we know, it hasn't done anything
on its own."

"There's very little evidence-in fact, I don't know of any-that the C.I.A. is 
some kind of rogue elephant, you know, off on its own doing things. What the 
record shows is that the C.I.A. is just an agency of the White House, which 
sometimes carries out operations for which the Executive branch wants what's 
called "plausible deniability"; in other words, if something goes wrong, we 
don't want it to look like we did, those guys in the C.I.A. did it, and we can 
throw some of them to the wolves if we need to. That's basically the role of the
C.I.A., along with mostly just a collection of information". (Chomsky, 
"Understanding Power")

Like all of Chomsky¹s claims, this one is based on emotion, conjecture, and 
opinion. He does not cite any specifics, knowing full well that his fawning 
minions will accept his word as gospel.

Chomsky sees the CIA as a pathetic collection of scapegoat bureaucrats, acting 
as grocery boys for their master President. According to him, the CIA does not 
carry out secret projects on their own, and if accused of such, are innocent.

JFK Assassination/CIA role

Therefore is it any surprise the Chomsky endorses the lone assassin and magic 
bullet theory in the assassination of JFK? From his emergence as a guru of the 
Left in the late 60's, Chomsky has belittled anyone researching the anomolies 
stemming from the official story and Warren Commission cover-up. According to 
him, any examination is a complete waste of time:

" The Kennedy assassination cult is probably the most striking case. I mean, you
have all these people doing super-scholarly intensive research, and trying to 
find out just who talked to whom, and what's the exact contours were of this 
supposed high-level conspiracy-it's all complete nonsense. As soon as you look 
into the various theories, they always collapse, there's just nothing there. But
in many places, the left has just fallen apart on the basis of these sheer 
cults". (Chomsky, Understanding Power)

Chomsky¹s position puts him in the less than 15% of Americans who believe Oswald
was the lone shooter. For such a self-proclaimed "anarchist" radical, Chomsky¹s 
trust in Warren Commission¹s official story seems akin to a child¹s belief in 
Santa Claus.

The facts of course, tell a different story. While far from perfect man, Kennedy
ran afoul by opposing the very forces that took over after his death. He began 
withdrawing 5,000 CIA "advisers" from Vietnam; fired CIA chiefs Allen Dulles and
Richard Bissel; disbanded the CIA and handed over covert operations to the State
Department; ordered the creation of a silver-backed government currency to break
the Federal Reserve monopoly; turned down the Operation Northwoods plan to 
engineer false flag terrorism and blame it on Cuba; and refused to invade Cuba 
and launch a full scale nuclear war during the Missile Crisis, a plan favored by
hawks like General Curtis LeMay.

Chomsky ignores the true history of the Kennedy presidency because it would 
expose te shadow government takeover after his assassination.

What about Chomsky¹s claims that the CIA never acts as a rogue elephant? Do they
hold up?

MK ULTRA/Project Paperclip

Chomsky has never publicly acknowledged the covert CIA mind control programs 
known as MK ULTRA and its many offshoots. This program alone shows how the CIA 
was indeed a rogue elephant, as they ran illegal campaign of propaganda, 
brainwashing, sex slavery, and poisoning of citizens.

In 1946, Globalist bagman Harry Truman began a covert plan to smuggle top Nazi 
SS officers, scientists, and propagandists into America. Those same war 
criminals quickly became the front line for the postwar U.S. intelligence 
machine. Reinhard Gehlen, one of Hitler¹s top intelligence chiefs, led postwar 
European intelligence for the CIA, becoming the darling of head honcho Allen 

Then, using his same crew of Gestapo and SS, aided by the Vatican, and sponsored
by the CIA, Gehlen set up "rat lines" which smuggled 5,000 of the worst Nazi 
criminals into South and Central America. Butchers like Klaus Barbie, Mortin 
Bormann and Josef Mengele among others owed their freedom to this program.

Those same men would later aid CIA coups in Angentina, Chile, Paraguay, Brazil 
and other countries. After all, they were veteran experts: early Gehlen projects
had included rigging elections in Italy and France. By 1955, more than 760 
German scientists had been became U.S. citizens, many specializing in black 
research projects. This growing cabal of Nazi doctors found a happy marriage 
with the control freak elitists infesting the NSA, CIA, and black operations 

These men birthed the MK ULTRA program, focusing on mass mind control, via 
drugs, hypnosis, subliminals, and pulsed electromagnetic waves. It was this mad 
science, spawned in the Nazi labs of Dr. Josef Mengele, that now obsessed men 
like Sidney Gottlieb, John Lilly, Jose Delgado and Ewen Cameron.

Their most famous project was the creation of Manchurian candidates, used for 
political assassinations, drug transportation, espionage, and sabotage. Yet this
was not limited to Sirhan Sirhan.

In fact, both Gottlieb and Cameron helped train thousands of pre-adolescent 
children for use in child prostitution, sex slavery, blackmail, satanic rituals 
and murder. Known as the Monarch Project, children were kidnaped from American 
streets and foreign nations and then programmed with trauma based mind control.

Other common victims for experimentation included prisoners, the homeless, and 
residents of mental institutions, all cherry-picked because they were 
defenseless. Details of this horrific and still operational program are 
available in rare and highly suppressed texts of Fritz Springmeier, which 
usually fetch over $300 a piece.

Why does Chomsky refuse to discuss MK ULTRA and its sister projects? Why does he
claim the CIA was merely a pawn of the White House, when the record proves that 
Eisenhower and Kennedy had little, if any knowledge of MK ULTRA? Simply put: Why
is Noam Chomsky covering for the CIA?

Elite Child Sex Rings

The Monarch Project of prostituting children deserves further mention (although 
Chomsky would disagree). In 1988 Vice President Bush was caught having 15 
year-old call boy prostitutes visiting the White House late at night. The credit
cards records to prove it were splashed across the front page of the Washington 
Times: "Homosexual Prostitution Inquiry Ensnares VIP's with Reagan, Bush Sr."

Unfortunately the star witness, Craig Spence, was suicided in his hotel with 
piano wire before he could testify. Book like "The Franklin Coverup" by John 
DeCamp have further proven the links between the CIA and Army intelligence to 
the elite sex slavery rings. Cases of like the "The Finders" in Washington DC, 
where customs agents discovered a CIA warehouse full of child porn and satanic 
torture, stand as yet further evidence.

In the forrmer Yugloslavia, CIA front company Dyncorp has been convicted of 
operating in the human slave trade and using their C-130's to ship many of the 
200,000 women and children smuggled out every year. Furthermore, mainstream news
outlets have shown evidence of UN Peacekeepers assisting the sex trade in the 
Democratic Republic of Congo and Balkans.

Despite the voluminous amount of grotesque evidence, Chomsky has never discussed
the elite sex trade. This is an issue so shocking, so paradigm-altering, that 
his Leftist followers would no longer trust their loving mother government, and 
that is the last thing Chomsky wants. After all, if the Leftists knew that top 
level politicians are actually pedophiles practicing satanic ritual abuse, they 
would no longer trust the savior world government. The absence of Chomsky and 
the Left on the suffering of these children speaks volumes about their true 
moral character and motives.


Other MK ULTRA side projects included pushing LSD to the youth culture and 
attaching electrodes into prisoners heads, the latter perfected by Dr. Delgado. 
Adjunct programs like MK NAOMI and MK ARTICHOKE focused on genetically 
engineered viruses, biological agents, and radiation effects on American 
citizens. Common experiments included testing biological agents and atomic 
weapons radiation on soldiers, the mentally handicapped, people in subways, and 
even whole towns; putting cancer viruses into polio vaccines; and exposing 
pregnant women to radiation to test the effects on the fetus. These experiments 
have been documented as continuing into the 1980's and likely still continue 

Chomsky does not discuss these horrendous programs, because it would awaken his 
readers to the cruelest fact: that the U.S. government will murder its own 
citizens and soldiers, killing hundreds of thousands of unwitting subjects 
simply for political gain. After all, if they would feed radiated breakfast 
cereal to thousands of retarded children, would these same parasitic elites not 
also kill more than 2,800 Americans on September 11?


Of course MK ULTRA lives on today in our drinking water. It was around the time 
of its inception, in the 1950's, that the U.S. government began adding sodium 
fluoride to tap water in massive quantities.. Should we be shocked? After all, 
the first people to use the deadly neurotoxin were the Nazis, who found it 
pacified the concentration camp prisoners. Now thanks to imported Nazi doctors 
helping our friendly neighborhood CIA, American citizens could enjoy the same 
privilege as those in Hitler's camps.

Chomsky has never discusses the effects of sodium fluoride, nor the lead and 
arsenic used in water as silent weapons of pacification. As a scientist, he is 
apparently uninterested in sodium fluoride's proven link to cancer, leukemia, 
osteoporosis, Alzheimer disease, and brain damage.

So should we be surprised that he never writes about the deadly poison aspartame
found in thousands of products? Or genetically modified foods and growth 
hormones which destroy immune systems while causing blood disorders and swelling
of the organs? Or cell phones which emit deadly microwave radiation leading to 
cancer, vision loss, and (according to published BBC reports) altering human 
DNA? Or the GWEN towers which pulse deadly ELF radiation across America?

Rockefeller Pharma Cartel

The Nazi doctors who didn¹t end up in American intelligence found cushy jobs in 
the pharmaceutical cartel firms like Merck and Eli-Lilly. Chomsky never 
discusses the history of these firms; nor the Rockefeller control over the 
American Medical Association; nor the link between mercury-tainted vaccines and 
brain damage; nor the deadly mind control drugs like SSRI¹s (Prozac, Zoloft, 
etc.) and amphetamine-based Adderall/Ritalin pills pimped out to helpless 

These drugs cause bone degeneration, memory loss, suicidal tendencies and added 
depression to the poor kids gobbling them like Flintstone¹s chewables, all at 
the advice of their pill-pusher death merchant doctors. Meanwhile Chomsky stays 
true to form, ignoring these matters and instead calling for socialized, 
Federally-controlled healthcare which would further subsidize the pharma cartel.
This is just another example of his bait and switch tactics, a sloppy mess of 
disinfo and elite sponsored solutions.

Psychiatry/ New Freedom Initiative

Chomsky and his Left Gatekeepers also ignore the assault from psychiatric 
community, largely controlled by the Rockefellers and Tavistock Institute, who 
seek to define every neurosis as a mental illness in order to push more drugs. 
Bush has signed the New Freedom Initiative to forcibly psychologically test all 
K-12 students in public schools, screen them for "mental illnesses," and force 
the children to take the recommended drugs.

This brainwashing agenda was pushed by the pharma cartel, with GlaxoSmithKline, 
Eli Lilly, Merck and others investing millions in buy-offs and lobbying. But 
news of this extraordinary Stalinist plan never graced the pages of Chomsky's 
editorials, nor Z Magazine, The Nation, the Progressive, and DemocracyNow. 
Perhaps this is because the New Freedom Initiative fits into their goal of 
government-controlled socialized health care.

The New Freedom Initiative, bolder than Stalin¹s wildest dreams, is just a small
part of the eugenics agenda; a dominant Globalist goal which Chomsky and his 
Left Gatekeeper bagmen aid and abet. Chomsky has never written about the 
sinister American Psychiatric Association, nor the role of it's former chief, 
Dr. Ewen Cameron, the aforementioned MK ULTRA villain and CIA child programmer.

Key aspects of the scientific eugenics movement such as population control, 
abortion legalization, poisonous vaccinations, and stem cell research find their
most vocal advocates on the far Left of the managed political debate. Leftist 
college majors like sociology advocate programs like parental licensing by the 
state, state-controlled child care, and Chinese style childbirth laws with 
forced sterilization as a penalty.

Leftists call for more vaccinations in the Third World despite the admittedly 
tainted vaccines used by the World Health Organization and UNICEF. All of this 
is indicative of an infiltrated movement, a Left deeply penetrated by Globalist 
agents driving activists into unwittingly championing the Brave New World.

Population Control

Population control by any means necessary is a major, some would say the major 
goal of the New World Order, perhaps even paramount to their goal of a cashless 
society control grid with microchipped slaves. The chief architects of 
population control are Bilderberg elitists like David and Nelson Rockefeller, 
Henry Kissinger, Prince Philip, Ted Turner, Alexander Haig, and Cyrus Vance. 
Their Malthusian nightmare requires killing 90% of the "useless eaters" through 
war, genetically engineered viruses, and engineered starvation. Declassified 
documents like NSM 200 and Global 2000 lay the plans out with cold precision.

Chomsky, the self-proclaimed radical, also advocates such depopulation methods. 
In Chomsky¹s book "Understanding Power," a collection of his talks with 
activists, a crowd member asks about population control, to which Chomsky 

" If we continue to produce energy by combustion, the human race isn¹t going to 
survive much longer...Yeah, population control is another issue where it doesn¹t
matter if you do it, everybody has to do it. It¹s like traffic: I mean you can¹t
make driving a car survivable by driving well yourself; there has to be kind of 
a social contract involved, otherwise it won¹t work". (61)

Chomsky and other gatekeepers claim to maintain the moral high ground, but then 
advocate the eugenics agenda pushed by elite roundtable groups like the 
Bilderberg and Club of Rome. How can Chomsky claim to be an advocate for the 
Third World while simultaneously pushing for the managed murder agenda favored 
by Henry Kissinger?

Gun Control

Another one of the great successes of the Left gatekeeper has been pushing for 
unconstitutional gun control agenda through their publications like The Nation, 
Z Magazine, The Progressive, and their internet kin at DemocracyNow! & 
Indymedia. It is a great achievement of propaganda when the supposed radicals 
"opposing Bush" call for a completely disarmed American populace and inflated 
budget for BATF thugs in ski masks. Chomsky mock s those who support the 
Constitutionally endowed right to bear arms. In fact, he says it doesn¹t exist:

"It¹s pretty clear that, taken literally, the Second Amendment doesn't permit 
people to have guns. But laws are never taken literally, including amendments to
the Constitution or constitutional rights. Laws permit what the tenor of the 
times interprets them as permitting." (Secrets, Lies, and Democracy)

Then later in the interview, Chomsky is asked if guns are a proper way to 
respond to government tyranny. He responds as follows:

"As for guns being the way to respond to this, that's outlandish. First of all, 
this is not a weak Third World country. If people have pistols, the government 
has tanks. If people get tanks, the government has atomic weapons. There's no 
way to deal with these issues by violent force, even if you think that that's 
morally legitimate. Guns in the hands of American citizens are not going to make
the country more benign. They're going to make it more brutal, ruthless and 
destructive. So while one can recognize the motivation that lies behind some of 
the opposition to gun control, I think it's sadly misguided". (Secrets, Lies and

It would be one thing to hear such rhetoric out of the Fabian socialists in the 
Democratic party. But to have the supposed "fringe radicals" saying there is no 
second amendment and advocating gun seizures is remarkable. And because of 
globalist infiltration of the left, this policy once favored by Hitler, Stalin, 
Mao, and other mass murderers has found a comfortable home. Hence it has become 
common to hear activists protesting the Iraq quagmire while simultaneously 
calling for gun control.

Environmental Front Groups

As masters of propaganda, the Globalists have uses their Left Gatekeepers to 
push eugenics and population control as necessary for the environment. This has 
been accomplished through the phony environmental movement and Peak Oil 

The Club of Rome, a globalist front group created in 1968, immediately began 
calling for population reduction under the guise of environmentalism. Other 
fronts like the World Wildlife Fund, managed by the aforementioned Prince 
Philip, vocally push for population control while seizing large swaths of land 
for "Mother Earth." Other pet projects such as the Kyoto Protocol, which would 
give the UN total control of energy resources, have floundered.

Past WWF board members have included Bilderberg founder Prince Bernhard, 
Hollinger media gopher and Bilderberg member Conrad Black, Shell chairman John 
Loudon, King Juan Carlos of Spain, Prince Henrik of Denmark, and accused drug 
dealer Henry Keswick.

Chomsky is one of the many re-direct agents who use the real environmental 
pollution problems to push for a fascist takeover by a world government. Much 
like the ideas discussed in the Report From Iron Mountain, he uses the threat of
global warming to justify totalitarian control:

"Suppose it was discovered tomorrow that the greenhouse effects has been way 
understimated, and that the catastrophic effects are actually going to set in 10
years from now, and not 100 years from now or something. Well, given the state 
of the popular movements we have today, we¹d probably have a fascist 
takeover-with everybody agreeing to it, because that would be the only method 
for survival that anyone could think of. I¹d even agree to it, because there¹s 
just no other alternatives right now." (Understanding Power, 388)

Here is Noam Chomsky, openly advocating a fascist takeover because the ends 
justify the means. This is classic problem-reaction-solution programming, as he 
points to the real threat of pollution and then offers the solution of tyranny

Peak Oil

As previously stated, the environmental movement was funded and amplified by 
Globalist oil, banking, and drug cartels, with specific help from the 
Rockefeller Foundation. The WWF, along with other phony NGO¹s like the Sierra 
Club and Greenpeace consistently call for population reduction. Additionally 
these groups push the flat earth thesis of "Peak Oil," predicting that oil 
supplies will soon run out and of course...require massive worldwide population 

Chomsky posted an entry called "Peak Oil" on his blog in June, 2004, writing the
following: "The basic theory is incontrovertible. The only questions have to do 
with timing and cost."

Then in a radio interview with Steve Scherr, Chomsky said the following of Peak 

" There's another side to this, there's a sense in which it's advantageous if 
the oil peak is earlier. The reason why is it will compel the world, primarily 
the U.S. here, to move toward something like sustainable energy. If there's 
unbounded amounts of hydrocarbons, we're just going to destroy the environment 
for human life or most biological life, so the earlier the peak is, in some 
respects - yes, it could be catastrophic, it could also be beneficial."

The "beneficial" aspects Chomsky discusses are likely the resulting population 
control and starvation that would ensue from such a shortage.

But in reality oil is abiotic and constantly regenerating. This, while huge 
wells go untapped in Russia, Equatorial Guinea, Nigeria, Sudan, Cuba, Indonesia,
Iraq, Alaska, Venezuela, Bolivia, Norway, and the Gulf of Mexico. Additionally, 
refinery capacity has been deliberately shut down by the oil oligopoly in order 
to create artificial supply shortages. Market prices are controlled by the 
Anglo-American cartel and they intend to use this as a vehicle for engineered 
crises. At this years Bilderberg meeting Henry Kissinger reportedly predicted 
$100 a barrel oil within a year. The only possible result is a complete 
worldwide depression.

It is within the "radical" Left that horror stories of diminishing oil find 
their home. Even within the 9-11 truth movement, authors like Mike Ruppert and 
Nafeez Ahmed have attempted to attach Peak Oil as the reason for government 
engineering of 9-11 and the wars in the Middle East. By polluting the activist 
movements with Peak Oil lies, the Globalists have created an army of strong 
advocates for $5 a gallon gasoline.

Project for the New American Century (PNAC)

Another triumph of Chomsky¹s disinfo campaign has been the active denial of the 
The Project for the New American Century (PNAC), a neocon group that published 
radical statements calling for world war, population control, and a worldwide 
police state back in 2000. The signatures on the documents included Dick Cheney 
and cabinet members like Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Armitage, Dov Zakheim, Donald 
Rumsfeld, Richard Perle, and Eliot Abrams.

It was Zakheim who previously ran Systems Planning Inc., which made 
remote-control software for commercial airliners. Also as comptroller of the 
Pentagon, he lost over $3 trillion of taxpayer money without explanation. Yet 
his corruption was not singular; after Bush took his figurehead position in the 
stolen election of 2000, all of the PNAC radicals became the architects of 9-11 
and purveyors of pre-war lies about Iraq.

Their infamous "Rebuilding America¹s Defenses" document, produced in 2000 before
9-11, reads like prophecy, calling for theater wars against Iraq, Iran, and 
North Korea. They also admitted that "Further, the process of transformation, 
even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some 
catastrophic and catalyzing event ­ like a new Pearl Harbor." September 11, 

They also openly called for killer viruses to wipe out large sectors of the 
human population. The document states: "[A]dvanced forms of biological warfare 
that can 'target' specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the 
realm of terror to a politically useful tool."

How can Chomsky and his kin ignore the statements of the PNAC cabal, whose mad 
plans for world domination read like the lost chapters of Mein Kampf?

If the Left Gatekeepers won¹t discuss these published documents, how can we 
expect them to research the true history of AIDS and the potential emerging 
avian flu? Should we be surprised when they fail to mention the 60 plus dead 
microbiologists after 9-11, many of them leading researchers in emerging 
viruses? Should we look to Chomsky to find an expose of the heavy metals and 
biological agents in chemtrails?


Many authors of the PNAC documents were radical Zionists linked to the Likud 
party in Israel, who presented similar plans to Prime Minister Benjamin 
Netanyahu in 1996 ("Policy for a Clean Break").

Chomsky, the supposed critic of Israel, has been praised by followers for his 
books like "The Fateful Triangle" which detail many Israeli war crimes. 
Furthermore he often criticizes the Isreali-linked network dominating U.S. 
foreign policy. But as always, Chomsky again avoids the hardcore issues, instead
speaking in glittering generalities.

For example, he remains mute on the "Office of Special Plans," the ad-hoc nerve 
center of pre-war Iraq propaganda, run of Cheney¹s office. It was here that 
Zionist moles like Paul Wolfowitz, Larry Franklin, Douglas Feith, Stephen 
Cambone, and Richard Perle cooked up phony WMD threats, links 9-11, and 
collaboration between secular Iraq and Al-Qaeda.

Those same gophers, many of them assets of the Israeli Likud party and 
intelligence syndicate Mossad, operated a two-way spy network; just as 
manufactured propaganda flowed from Mossad to the OSP moles, U.S. secrets on 
Iran secretly floated into Sharon¹s war cabinet.

In the middle of all the traitorous espionage was the mafia don of all lobbying 
cartels, the Israeli-controlled AIPAC. Top level AIPAC officers like Steve Rosen
often acted as a go­between, then using that same fake intelligence to 
strong-arm the Congress where they control both sides..

All parties mentioned, from Rosen to Franklin, are now under investigation from 
the FBI and Justice Department for the aforementioned crimes. Major articles in 
the Washington Post now admit Franklin, working with Feith and Cambone, was 
passing secrets to Israel through AIPAC. Chomsky has never spoken publically 
about any of these topics, and certainly not the Mossad involvement in 
false-flag terror events like the USS Liberty and connections to 9-11.

Vote Fraud

When he isn¹t busy covering up the facts surrounding 9-11 or the crimes of the 
CIA, Chomsky spends time actively denying the vote fraud of 2004, which ushered 
in another term for the neocon dictatorship. Chomsky often brags that he does 
not vote in presidential elections, noting that both sides are owned by 
corporations. But he has openly denied the role of electronic voting fraud in 
2000 and the more prominent example of 2004. In 2004, exit polls in Ohio and 
Florida showed John Kerry winning by a comfortable margin, but mysteriously 
numbers showed a Bush victory.

The room for vote fraud was immense. The Secretary of State in Ohio, Ken 
Blackwell, managed Bush¹s campaign in the state, much like Katherine Harris did 
in Florida during 2000. Diebold, the company which makes most of the electronic 
voting machines, is crawling with former CIA and NSA members and used convicted 
felons to design their software. The Diebold CEO Walden O¹Dell is a Bush Pioneer
and wrote in a GOP fundraising letter that he was "committed to delivering 
electoral votes to the President."

The Diebold code is private and has been exposed as being easily hacked by Bev 
Harris at In North Carolina and Georgia, machines were 
throwing out 5,000 block votes for Bush without explanation. But none of this 
seems to interest Chomsky, who finds the accusations of vote fraud to be without

" I don't find the evidence compelling. An inaccurate count in itself is a 
random effect. As for collusion, yes, there are concerns, but concerns are not 
evidence. The problem that concerns you may or may not be real, but in my view, 
even if we take the worst case scenario, it is still marginal -- just as the 
Florida chads were marginal in the 2000 elections. I know of no reason to 
suppose that electronic voting will have more than a random effect."

Chomsky and the gatekeepers cannot discuss the fraud of electronic voting 
because it would awaken too many people to the total bankruptcy of the system. 
It is important that college activists at Berkeley think their vote for Ralph 
Nader counted. If they knew the entire game was rigged like a Don King boxing 
match, too many illusions would break down.

World Government

Chomsky plays the left gatekeeper role perfectly, presenting a false dialectic 
of the evil American imperialist as the antagonist aggressor, contrasted by the 
savior UN world government as the benevolent deux ex machina.

This false propaganda model, pitting the imperialist U.S. against the godly UN 
fits the classic MO of "poisoning the well." Essentially, Chomsky acts as a 
re-direct agent: he acknowledges many crimes of American foreign policy and then
offers world government and international law as the solution.

The Globalists have long been masters of such a paradigm. In the early part of 
the 20th century, the same Wall Street bankers crafted the doctrines of 
Communism. While posing as a workers¹ liberation theology, it pushed for a 
central bank, world army, world court, world government, and the abolition of 
religion, private property, and the nation state.

Like other "anarchist" agent provacatuers such as John Zerzan (who helped train 
violent mobs to ruin the Seattle WTO protests in 1999), Chomsky has called for 
the elimination of private property. He argues, "that some form of council 
communism is the natural form of revolutionary socialism in an industrial 

In fact, Chomsky goes further, pushing for the elimination of the nation-state 
and national sovereignty to be replaced by a one world government:

"Well in my view what would be ultimately necessary would be a breakdown of the 
nation-state system- because I think that¹s not a viable system. It¹s not 
necessarily the natural form of human organization." (314)

Chomsky, echoing rhetoric from the phony Marxist doctrines, is essentially 
endorsing the major goal of the world elite: the breakdown of national 
sovereignty in favor of a one-world government.

Noam Chomsky is a shameless world government pimp, and has heaped lavish praise 
on men like Bertrand Russell who helped designed the New World Order. Lucky for 
him, Chomsky has been publicly rewarded for his faithful service to the UN 
cause. In Febraury 2004 he received the Award of Excellence at the UN 
Correspondents Association Club in New York. Previous winners included Globalist
assets like Mikhail Gorbachev.


Since Chomsky is an avowed global government cheerleader, is it any surprise he 
supports some of the worst UN programs? U.N.E.S.C.O, the nightmare UN vehicle 
posing as an "aid" organization, finds a strong advocate with Chomsky.

Long a pet project of the Malthusian-obsessed Rockefeller clan, U.N.E.S.C.O 
projects include filtering pro-UN propaganda into American schools and with the 
goal of eventually merging the curriculum with Mexico and Canada in the proposed
Panamerican Union; and seizing control of huge swaths of American federal lands 
through "UN World Heritage" sites. The first U.N.E.S.C.O chief Julian Huxley 
said during his tenure in 1948:

"The general philosophy of UNESCO should be a scientific world humanism, global 
in extent... It can stressŠ the transfer of full sovereignty from separate 
nations to a world political organizationŠ Political unification in some sort of
world government will be requiredŠto help the emergence of a single world 

But Noam Chomsky, ever the advocate of the UN, endorses the goals of U.N.E.S.C.O
wholeheartedly and lambastes the evil conservatives who question its motives:

"U.N.E.S.C.O-because it¹s working for the Third World-we practically put them 
out of business. The United States launched a huge propaganda campaign against 
U.N.E.S.C.O. in the 1970's and Eighties- it was full of outrageous lies, totally
fabricated, but nevertheless it sufficed to eliminate the Third World 
orientation of U.N.E.S.C.O. and make it stop doing things it was doing around 
the Third World, like improving literacy and health care and so on". (86)


Many credit Chomsky¹s "Manufacturing Consent" with being the premier study of 
government propaganda. In Leftist circles it is hailed as a Bible, a rite of 
passage for any true activist to understand the system. But again, Chomsky¹s 
work, while appearing radical, is actually gatekeeper disinfo.

Chomsky spends the entire book attempting to prove that newspapers diminish 
American war crimes while exaggerating those of foreign governments. Such a 
point is easy to prove, and he does so in his own droll and methodical method.

Yet he stops there. Chomsky does not discuss the real elephant in the room: 
direct CIA collaboration with media outlets and journalists beginning in the 
1950's under Operation Mockingbird.

Chomsky avoids writing about Mockingbird, the CIA program which covertly put 
major publishing, newspaper, and media outlets, as well as thousands of 
individual reporters under direct agency control. Agents included Ben Bradlee at
Newsweek, Henry Luce of Time and Life, and Arthur Sulzberger of The New York 
Times, Alfred Friendly of the Washington Post, and Joseph Harrison Christian 
Science Monitor.

Shouldn¹t this a significant development for a historian authoring an honest 
study of propaganda? After all who is to say that this program doesn¹t still 
continue? The Bush administration has admitted spending hundreds of millions on 
fake newscasts and paying individual reporters like Armstrong Williams to push 
talking points in newspapers. What about the times they haven¹t been caught? 
Exactly how many mainstream commentary and news outlets work with the CIA and 
White House?

Perhaps this is the reason why the scripts of the nightly news on ABC, CBS, and 
NBC are almost exactly the same, while Newsweek, Time, and the New York Times 
push the elitist agenda on cue (as seen most prominently in the run up to the 
war in Iraq).

Furthermore Chomsky does not discuss collaboration between the Bilderberg 
Committee and the major media outlets. Shouldn¹t this concern the so-called 
radical anarchist, when media editors attend secret meetings calling for 
eugenics, world government, and a cashless society control grid?

Owners, editors and writers from Time, Newsweek, Economist, Washington Post, New
York Times, CBS, NBC, ABC and every news outlet in between have attended the 
world government meetings.

Furthermore, what about the influence of the CFR, which openly calls for a 
Panamerican Union and the end of American national sovereignty? The CFR counts 
amongst its members major editors, owners, and journalists in media outlets from
PBS to CBS, CNN to News Corp., New Republic to U.S. News and World Report.

Aren¹t these the reasons that journalists push the propaganda Chomsky 
identifies? In "Manufacturing Consent," Chomsky takes limited aim at an easy 
target. But he fails to dig deeper and examine the actual reasons why the 
propaganda permeates the mainstream media opinion. Clearly the influence of the 
CIA, CFR, Bilderberg Committee, and White House have turned major media outlets 
into little more than docile commissars. Furthermore, the interlocking interests
of media owners with the military industrial complex have served to sway content
even further.

Chomsky¹s "classic" study is little more than a limited hangout project. He is 
merely shooting the messengers, blaming journalistic "bias" while failing to 
follow the trail of money, power, corruption, and black propaganda. Instead, he 
identifies some passive propaganda and is hailed as a brilliant analyst and 
purveyor of truth by the Leftist minions. But his true achievement is ignoring 
the reasons behind the lies, as he executes a masterful bait and switch tactic. 
Is it a coincidence that Chomsky¹s co-author for "Manufacturing Consent," Edward
Herman, has also denied any government complicity in 9-11?

While claiming to expose propaganda, Chomsky has perfected the art.

Chomsky and his gatekeeper contemporaries are perfect devises for the Globalists
because they help define the limits of the false left-right paradigm. Much like 
David Horowitz, a former Leftist, currently does for the radical Right. Is it a 
surprise that he edited a book called "The Anti-Chomsky Reader?" It should only 
be natural since they both serve the same role of gatekeeper.

Puppets like Horowitz, Michael Savage, Sean Hannity, Michele Malkin, William 
Kristol, William F. Buckley and their kin serve as Right Gatekeepers. They 
criticize the failures of liberals and Democrats and then call for Bush 
worshipping, illegal wars, fascist government, and giving up all of our 
Constitutional rights for "security." In doing so they pollute the conservative 
movement and help marginalize true conservatives voices like Alex Jones, Ron 
Paul, and groups like Gun Owners of America.

Chomsky and his gatekeepers do the same thing. They write about the crimes of 
American imperialism and then call for population control, gun control, global 
government under the UN, and a totally socialized Brave New World society.

The Left gatekeepers must manage the delicate tight rope act of appearing 
radical while in actuality calling for worldwide enslavement and murder. In all 
likelihood they get a little help from the propaganda scientists at the 
venerable Tavistock institute in London and adjuncts of the CIA¹s Mockingbird 
program; clearly the Left¹s denial of 9-11 truths has been too coordinated too 
have simply been a freak occurrence.

In the mainstream it is the same with the staged battles between pawns like 
Democratic operative Al Franken and Republican Ann Coulter.

All of this is designed to create a tight spectrum, a masterfully crafted false 
paradigm to enslave the mind and give the people false choices. Thus at either 
extreme of the spectrum and all points in between, from Chomsky to Horowitz, one
finds they are endorsing total enslavement and global government. This is the 
genius of the New World Order, their complete castration of free political will 
through carefully managed propaganda agents. The rest of the media jackals serve
as willing accomplices, mere useful idiots and power hungry sycophants with 
massive egos and more concern for their career than the truth.

Noam Chomsky and his Left Gatekeeper associates must be actively exposed for 
their role in the propaganda system. For nearly 40 years since they infiltrated 
the activist movement, these Left gatekeepers have made the activist movements 
impotent, territorial, confused, and ineffective. Thus instead of understanding 
their enslavement, many activists end up calling for tighter chains by echoing 
Chomsky¹s calls for gun control, population control, and a world government 
under the UN. They end up critiquing the Iraq disaster without seeing government
involvement in 9-11 and the CIA/MI-6/Mossad creation known as Al-Qaeda.

Noam Chomsky and his clique of re-direct agents mercilessly push real activists 
into dead-end solutions. Until they are vocally exposed, the Left will continue 
to remain a managed asset of the New World Order.

Daniel L. Abrahamson

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