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Homeland Security to be lead in flu crisis
October 11, 2005, MSNBC

If the nightmare of an avian flu pandemic emerges from the
dark chapters of doomsday scenarios, it will fall to the
Department of the Homeland Security, not the medical
establishment, to manage the crisis, according to federal
documents and interviews with government officials. Under the
National Response Plan, which also plans for actions in case
of pandemics, DHS assumes top authority when an "incident of
national significance" is declared. The first such "incident
of national significance" was declared in August after
Hurricane Katrina hit; however, federal coordination among
agencies and state and local governments broke down on so many
levels that even President Bush was forced to acknowledge that
the plan was flawed. Federal officials have been role playing
different flu outbreak scenarios for the past several months.
Last year's plan called for closing of schools, restricting
travel and...lock-down quarantine measures. Those extreme
measures jumped into the spotlight...when President Bush
suggested that federal military troops - not just the National
Guard - may have to be called in to enforce a quarantine.

Note: Isn't it interesting how the government seems to be
predicting that the avian flu, which has killed less than 100
people worldwide, is going to mutate and cause massive deaths?
How do they know this? Could this be another way of pushing us
into fear and giving up our civil liberties?


Bush wants right to use military if bird flu hits
October 4, 2005, ABC/Reuters

President George W. Bush asked Congress on Tuesday to consider
giving him powers to use the military to enforce quarantines
in case of an avian influenza epidemic. "If we had an outbreak
somewhere in the United States, do we not then quarantine that
part of the country? And how do you, then, enforce a
quarantine?" Bush asked at a news conference. The active duty
military is currently forbidden from undertaking law
enforcement duties by the federal Posse Comitatus Act.


Health Officials Vigilant for Illness After Sensors Detect
Bacteria on Mall
October 2, 2005, Washington Post

Federal health officials are still testing the samples from
air sensors on the Mall and in downtown Washington that
collected a small amount of the tularemia agent. Health
officials in the Washington area were notified Friday that the
filters on biohazard sensors that make up the BioWatch network
detected the bacteria Sept. 24, when tens of thousands of
people were on the Mall for antiwar demonstrations. The
naturally-occurring biological agent -- which is on the "A
list" of the Department of Homeland Security's biohazards,
along with anthrax, plague and smallpox -- was detected in
small amounts. Detection of the bacteria turned into an
incident with nationwide implications, because thousands of
protesters had come from throughout the country. Police said
that more than 100,000 people attended the rally; organizers
put the figure at 300,000.

Note: Isn't it interesting that this very rare occurrence
coincided perfectly with a huge antiwar demonstration?


Possible police role in 2002 Bali attack
October 12, 2005, Sydney Morning Herald (Australia's leading

Indonesian police or military officers may have played a role
in the 2002 Bali bombing, the country's former president,
Abdurrahman Wahid says. In an interview with SBS's Dateline
program, on the third anniversary of the bombing that killed
202 people, Mr Wahid says he has grave concerns about links
between Indonesian authorities and terrorist groups. While he
believed terrorists were involved in planting one of the Kuta
night club bombs, the second, which destroyed Bali's Sari
Club, had been organised by authorities. Asked who he thought
planted the second bomb, Mr Wahid said: "The orders...came
from within our armed forces not from the fundamentalist
people." Timsar Zubil, who set off three bombs in Sumatra in
1978, told the program intelligence agents had given his group
a provocative name - Komando Jihad - and encouraged members to
commit illegal acts. "We may have deliberately been allowed to
grow," he said. Another terrorism expert, George Aditjondro,
said a bombing in May this year that killed 23 people...had
been organised by senior military and police officers.

Note: This information strengthens my own whistleblower
testimony in a Jakarta terror trial last January reported in
the international press. For more:


25 questions about murder of the Big Easy
October 2, 2005, San Francisco Chronicle

The most toxic debris in New Orleans isn't the sinister gray
sludge that coats the streets..., but all the unanswered
questions that have accumulated in the wake of so much
official betrayal and hypocrisy. Where outsiders see simple
"incompetence" or "failure of leadership," locals are more
inclined to discern deliberate design and planned neglect --
the murder, not the accidental death, of a great city. Here
are 25 of the urgent questions that deeply trouble the local
people we spoke with on a trip to New Orleans and South
Louisiana. Until a grand jury or congressional committee
begins to uncover the answers, the moral (as opposed to simply
physical) reconstruction of the New Orleans region will remain
impossible. 20. Who is responsible for the suspicious fires
that have swept the city? Why have so many fires occurred in
blue-collar areas that have long been targets of proposed
gentrification? 23. Why isn't FEMA scrambling to create a
central registry of everyone evacuated from the greater New
Orleans region? Will evacuees receive absentee ballots and be
allowed to vote in the crucial February municipal elections
that will partly decide the fate of the city?


Blackwater Down
September 22, 2005, CBS

The men from Blackwater USA arrived in New Orleans right after
Katrina hit. The company known for its private security work
guarding senior U.S. diplomats in Iraq beat the federal
government and most aid organizations to the scene. About 150
heavily armed Blackwater troops dressed in full battle gear
spread out into the chaos of New Orleans. When asked what
authority they were operating under, one guy said, "We're on
contract with the Department of Homeland Security." Then,
pointing to one of his comrades, he said, "He was even
deputized by the governor of the state of Louisiana. We can
make arrests and use lethal force if we deem it necessary."
Says Michael Ratner, president of the Center for
Constitutional Rights, "These private security forces have
behaved brutally, with impunity, in Iraq. To have them now on
the streets of New Orleans is frightening and possibly
illegal." Blackwater is operating under a federal
contract...[that] was announced just days after Homeland
Security Department spokesperson Russ Knocke told the
Washington Post he knew of no federal plans to hire
Blackwater. With President Bush using the Katrina disaster to
try to repeal Posse Comitatus (the ban on using U.S. troops in
domestic law enforcement)...the war is coming home in yet
another ominous way. As one Blackwater mercenary said, "This
is a trend. You're going to see a lot more guys like us in
these situations."


UCLA Engineers Pioneer Affordable Alternative Energy Resource
October 10, 2005, UCLA News

Solar Energy Cells Made of Everyday Plastic. In research
published today in Nature Materials magazine, [several
researchers] showcase their work on an innovative new plastic
(or polymer) solar cell they hope eventually can be produced
at a mere 10 percent to 20 percent of the current cost of
traditional cells, making the technology more widely
available. The price for quality traditional solar modules
typically is around three to four times more expensive than
fossil fuel. Independent tests on the UCLA solar cell already
have received high marks. The nation's only authoritative
certification organization for solar technology, the National
Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), located in Golden, Colo.,
has helped the UCLA team ensure the accuracy of their
efficiency numbers. The plastic solar cell is still a few
years away from being available to consumers, but the UCLA
team is working diligently to get it to market.

Note: Why is it that ABC was the only one of the mainstream
media to pick up this important article, and even ABC's report
appears to belittle the development as much as it gives an
optimistic outlook.


Ex-FBI Chief On Clinton's Scandals
October 6, 2005, CBS

When President Bill Clinton appointed Louis Freeh director of
the FBI, he called Freeh "a law enforcement legend." But it
also turns out that no FBI director had a more strained
relationship with the president who had appointed him. Now
he's written a book, My FBI, and speaks out for the first time
about his years as director, and his toxic relationship with
Bill Clinton. Here's how he wrote about the former president:
"The problem was with Bill Clinton, the scandals...never
ended. Whatever moral compass the president was consulting was
leading him in the wrong direction. His closets were full of
skeletons just waiting to burst out." Former Chief of Staff
John Podesta says Clinton always referred to the FBI director
as ‘Effing' Freeh...[After] the 1996 Khobar Towers terrorist
attack in Saudi Arabia, where 19 U.S. servicemen died and more
than 370 were wounded, President Clinton had sent the FBI to
investigate and promised Americans that those responsible
would pay. But Freeh says the President failed to keep his
promise. The FBI wanted access to the suspects the Saudis had
arrested. Saudi Ambassador Prince Bandar said the only way to
get access to prisoners would be if the president personally
asked the crown prince for access. [Freeh] writes...: "Bill
Clinton raised the subject only to tell the crown prince that
he understood the Saudi's reluctance to cooperate, and then he
hit Abdullah up for a contribution to the Clinton Presidential


Countdown with Keith Olbermann
October 6, 2005, MSNBC

Let's call in Craig Crawford, MSNBC analyst and author of
"Attack the Messenger." Good evening, Craig. CRAWFORD: Hi,
there. You're sounding a bit skeptical tonight. OLBERMANN:
Yes, and I'm going to raise this question as skeptically and
bluntly as I can. It's not a question that doubts the
existence of terror, nor the threat of terrorism. But we've
cobbled together in the last couple of hours a list of at
least 13 occasions...on which-whenever there has been news
that significantly impacted the White House negatively, there
has been some sudden credible terror threat somewhere in this
country. How could the coincidence be so consistent? CRAWFORD:
It is a pattern. One of the most memorable was just after the
Democratic Convention in the 2004 election, when they talked
about the threat to New York and even the...World Bank, and it
turned out that was based on intelligence that was three years

Note: For more on the suspicious timing of terror alerts on
the CBS website:


Sources: NYC Subway Threat Info Not Substantiated
October 11, 2005, Fox News,2933,171917,00.html

The claims of a terrorist plot to blow up New York subways
made public last week were not substantiated, administration
and federal law enforcement sources confirmed to FOX News on
Tuesday. The administration official told FOX News on Tuesday
that "there was a lot of doubt" about the informant who led
the U.S. military to the three suspects in Iraq. The informant
who had been credible in the past and was known to the Defense
Intelligence Agency appears to have pulled some of the names
and information "out of nowhere," sources told FOX News. The
federal law enforcement source even suggested that the
informant's motivation may have been financial, since he had
been paid in the past for information.

Note: For more excellent information on the fabrication of
fear reported by BBC:


Britain now faces its own blowback
September 10, 2005, The Guardian (One of the UK's leading newspapers),9115,1566919,00.html

Omar the behest of General Mahmood Ahmed, head of
the ISI [Pakistan's secret service], wired $100,000 to
Mohammed Atta, the leading 9/11 hijacker, before the New York
attacks, as confirmed by Dennis Lormel, director of FBI's
financial crimes unit. Yet neither Ahmed nor Omar appears to
have been sought for questioning by the US about 9/11. Indeed,
the official 9/11 Commission Report of July 2004 sought to
downplay the role of Pakistan with the comment: "To date, the
US government has not been able to determine the origin of the
money used for the 9/11 attacks. Ultimately the question is of
little practical significance" - a statement of breathtaking
disingenuousness. All this highlights the resistance to
getting at the truth about the 9/11 attacks and to an
effective crackdown on the forces fomenting terrorist bombings
in the west.


The President's 'Pit Bull'
October 4, 2005, Los Angeles Times,0,7005879.story

After they left Texas for Washington following the 2000
presidential election, Miers assumed such an insider role that
in 2001 it was she who handed Bush the crucial "presidential
daily briefing" hinting at terrorist plots against America
just a month before the Sept. 11 attacks.

Note: No other major media reported this significant fact on
the topic of U.S. Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers. The
respected Editor and Publisher had this to say: "On its front
page Tuesday, The New York Times published a photo of new U.S.
Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers going over a briefing
paper with President George W. Bush at his Crawford ranch "in
August 2001," the caption reads. USA Today and the Boston
Globe carried the photo labeled simply "2001," but many other
newspapers ran the picture in print or on the Web with a more
precise date: Aug. 6, 2001. The PDB [Presidential Daily
Briefing] was headed 'Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S.,'
and notes, among other things, FBI information indicating
'patterns of suspicious activity in this country consistent
with preparations for hijackings or other types of attacks.' "
For the entire article, see:


Kennedy Assassination Revelations
September 25, 2005, Google Video/Alex Jones Productions

Note: This intriguing 90-minute video produced by
controversial conservative talk-show host Alex Jones is filled
with fascinating facts and details. I normally don't recommend
controversial sources, but this video, available for free
viewing, repeatedly gives solid sources for their information
with plenty of original video and photos of original documents
related to the JFK assassination. Though rather hard-hitting
and accusatory in tone, the revealing footage includes
excellent clips from Oliver Stone's movie JFK, which opened
many people's eyes to the possibility that there is much more
to the Kennedy assassination than most people know. Many
thanks to Google for making this video available on their
website! And to order a highly professional, amazingly
revealing DVD produced by the History Channel which leaves no
doubt that the official story of President Kennedy's
assassination is riddled with holes, go to

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