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I've finally completed a rewrite of Chapter 1. It's a bit
long, and I want to trim it back some, but other than than
that I think the book is about ready for production. If anyone
would like to review the chapter, let me know, I can send an
MSWord version.

As you may have noticed, I've been concentrating recently on
posting lots of items to newslog. Most are current events - as
those are developing at alarming speed - some are background
analysis, and some are expanding into new realms of inquiry,
such as the origins of humanity. The summaries I post here
enable you to pick and choose what is of interest, for reading
and for forwarding.

It's a lot of work to format this material for email, and in
many cases you'd be better off going to the original URLs.
Unfortunately, the links in newslog are not live, so you'd
have to copy and paste them into your browser.

If any of you feel inclined to contribute to 'the cause', you 
are welcome to use PayPal to send to '•••@••.•••',
or checks to:
    Quay Largo, Selskar Street, Wexford, Ireland

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From: JFadiman
Date: Fri, 7 Oct 2005 15:02:34 EDT
Subject: Re: RE oil, EU etc
To: •••@••.•••

an excellent review of larger blocks moving slowly into new 
spaces on the board.




Hi Jim,

I'm amazed by how little 'big picture' analysis we get from
any sources, other than in books by the likes of Huntington
and Brezinsky, which are of course biased. Most independent
sources are limited to a single domain, such as economics,
environment, or military affairs. The Matrix version of
reality is so pervasive that it severely constrains
independent analysis.

thanks for staying in touch,

Date: Fri, 07 Oct 2005 08:24:13 -0700
From: CC
Subject: RE: RE oil, EU etc
To: <•••@••.•••>

Hi Richard,

Wow.  I am just stunned to hear from Alex Jones and Joe Vial that peak oil
is yet another disinformation scam.  If they are correct, isn't it true that
we are really in trouble?  If there is unlimited oil, then in the context of
unlimited capitalism and carbon emissions, what will the future hold for us
all in terms of climate change?  Or is that a scam too???

Thanks for all the great articles lately - incredible stuff!


Dear CC,

I'm not sure what the real story is regarding petroleum
reserves. Vials and Jones are often the only sources for their
stories, and Jones is sometimes a bit loose in his assertions.
I select items from them that I believe have a high
credibility rating, but we need to keep our eyes open for
other sources, either corroborating or contradicting.

Even if peak oil is real, we need to keep in mind that the
reserves are still vast, and our immediate experiences of
shortages and price increases are entirely manipulated by oil
and financial interests for their own benefit.

I also believe that there are other sources of energy, lots of
them, that are being suppressed in order to facilitate control
by current elites. If any of you know of articles in this
domain, let me know and we can cover some of them. A search on
"Tesla" would be one place to start.

In terms of 'what the future holds', I believe the effects of
both oil supplies and global warming will be trumped by
geopolitical and financial manipulations. As indicated by the
PNAC program, and by historical precedents, I think it is
clear that elites intend to manage the collapse scenario,
rather than to simply let it run its course according to
capitalist-corporate dynamics: planned demolition makes more
sense to them than uncontrolled decay.

If we want anything like a decent future for humanity, our
only course is to oust elites from power and transform our
societies from bottom to top (not top to bottom).

best regards,


"Apocalypse Now and the Brave New World"

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