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Richard Moore

From: "Ronald Pearson" <•••@••.•••>
Subject: The BIG BREED theory
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2007 12:13:30 +0100

Dear all,

            If you cannot answer the following questions then please read on:

        1 How did the universe begin and why is it so huge?
        2 Why are there countless billions of galaxies?
        3 Why was a single one apparently not enough?
        4 Why does the universe exist at all?
        5 How was it created?
        6 What really is matter and what really are the four forces of nature?
        7 What is this mysterious Dark Energy?
8 How does Dark Energy cause an ever-accelerating expansion of the universe?
        9 What is dark matter?
       10 Does life fit into the picture as an essential driving force?
        11 Can a physical theory support the evidence for the survival of death?

A paradigm-shifting physics developed from over 20 years of research provides 
answers to all these questions and many more by what we now call the BIG BREED 

 This is described in a new book, CREATION SOLVED? It is the first of a trilogy.

So please have a look at our new website: <http://www.pearsonianspace.com/>

The solutions described are simple to imagine and understand, even though 
mathematically based. (Some end equations are quoted but can be bypassed without
loss of concept.).

The answers arose as spin-off from a successful attempt to solve two major 
problems in physics. The solutions are unique since no others, worldwide, have 
yet appeared. These solutions were first published in 1991 and 1994 by the 
Russian Academy of Science followed by one in 1997 in the peer-reviewed 
scientific journal ³Frontier Perspectives². They have subsequently been 
published in other scientific journals.

Strangely cosmologists still search for solutions. Why again?

The Big Bang theory of creation makes three hopelessly wrong predictions by 
which it is totally falsified. In 1987 I found logical errors were responsible. 
These provided the trigger leading to the search for a viable alternative 
solution. Difficulties increased when it was also found that Einstein¹s theories
of relativity could not be fitted into any theory dependent on the existence of 
any background medium – like the old ether or the modern ³Dark Energy².

So before the creation problem could be addressed an alternative to relativity 
had to be derived. The result matched all the data equally well. However, this 
ECM theory is free from the internal contradiction and incompatibility with 
quantum theory from which relativity suffers.

These constitute the two main problems whose solutions are described in the 
book. The end result shows Dark Energy to have a self-organising structure 
similar to the neural networks of our brains. Chaos itself produces the 
organisation until a conscious intelligence evolves. This then creates the 
universe using waves as numbers. In this way the weird and unreal nature of the 
quantum world is explained.

Across all scientific disciplines the survival of consciousness after death of 
the body has been and is still being denied. All the overwhelming evidence 
showing this attitude is wrong is ridiculed and discredited.


The basic reason is that the disciplines of physics and cosmology are unable to 
fit such matters into their theories. However, physicists at their Solvay 
conference in 2005 admitted they had run up against the buffers. They require a 
new lead to kick-start the paradigm-shift that has been overdue for so long. 
Until this happens the obscurants like Wiseman and French will continue to 
discredit the evidence for survival because establishment physicists see it as a

The BIG BREED theory provides answers to the problems that have thrown physics 
onto false tracks and shows that the obscurants are wrong.

This is why we think this new trilogy should gain your support.

Thousands of books describe what should be convincing evidence yet most people 
remain in a state of total disbelief. Some try hard to accept religious teaching
about the existence of soul, but still remain unconvinced.

Why is this?

The main reason is the established attitude of scientists like Richard Dawkins. 
Like most other scientists he thinks scientific advance has discredited the 

If you think CREATION SOLVED? could help trigger the transformation of 
attitudes, then you could help by passing on this information to anyone you 
know, especially to engineers, cosmologists and physicists.

I am hoping to have your support so please look at 

Best wishes,

Ron Pearson

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