Mexican Trucks Roll Into America Sept 1


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Mexican Trucks Roll
Into America Sept 1
From Jim Kirwan

Two Reports from OOIDA - Owner
Operators Independent Drivers Association

FMCSA - Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration proceeding with cross-border

"They are determined to open our highways to Mexico-domiciled trucking companies
and truck drivers regardless of the concerns that have been raised by Congress 
and the American people.

While the vast majority of the comments were submitted by individuals and were 
"no more than a few sentences," the FMCSA notice stated that a number of groups 
and organizations had submitted detailed comments, including OOIDA, AFL-CIO, the
Teamsters, the ATA, the Oregon DOT, Public Citizen, PATT, CRASH and 114 members 
of Congress.

Mexico Plans To Send Trucks Across Border
By Sandi Soendker
Managing Editor -

Officials from the Mexican government will meet next week with U.S. Secretary of
Transportation Mary Peters in Tijuana to "see the progress of the program" and 
to "guarantee the start."

A Mexican publication that covers Mexico's transportation industry reported 
Wednesday that the Secretariat of Communications and Transportes said that the 
cross-border pilot program is coming by the end of this month.

Despite continued opposition from Mexican trucker group - CANACAR - the 
country's transportation secretary claims the plan is on the move, according to 
the transportation publication T21.

In a business meeting on Tuesday, Mexican Transportation Secretary Luis Tellez 
Kuenzler announced that "necessary conditions" in Mexico are a reality. He also 
said he had been informed by the U.S. Department of Transportation that 37 
Mexican carriers have been evaluated as satisfactory.

T21 also reported that on Wednesday, Tellez stated through a press release that 
the necessary conditions existed to develop the project and declared the Mexican
government has decided to stick to the proposed start date, which is the last 
week of August.

While the Mexican government is chatting up the subject, the U.S. DOT is deadly 

Melissa DeLaney, DOT spokesperson, recited the familiar line for Land Line on 
Thursday that nothing could happen without the Inspector General's go-ahead. She
said she was not aware of any preliminary report on the status of the pilot 

"The IG is an independent entity. We don't have a hand in the process of them 
doing this report," she said. "We are complying with the law and the law clearly
states this program cannot start until that process has been done."

T21 reported officials from the Mexican government will meet next week with U.S.
Secretary of Transportation Mary Peters in Tijuana to "see the progress of the 
program" and to "guarantee the start."

Delaney confirmed to Land Line that Peters was, indeed, going to Mexico next 

"She is taking congressional staff down there next week, to highlight border 
operations, to show them an inspection, show them a 'PASA' (Pre-Authorization 
Safety Audit)," she told Land Line. "(It's) a very standard trip that happens in
recess. Not the first time they've taken staff to the border to look at the 
operations down there."

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