“May I see your papers?” – USA Gestapo


Richard Moore

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August 14/06, Monday 12:15 am

Medderick Crotteau
[ Canadian ]

Screening at airports.  Police with sub-machine guns, bulletproof vests and riot
gear patrolling public transportation junctions.  How long before they are at 
every public transit facility and outside of corporate buildings along with 
private security and secret service?

What was it they called them in Nazi Germany?  Oh yeah,  the S.S  (secret 
service).  And what was it they did?  Oh yeah,  "May I see your papers".

If the timing of these bogus, thwarted, terrorist attacks doesn't already have 
you questioning the validity of their intentions just think about what the 
result suggests.  The result being the erosion of, no, the dismantling of civil 
rights in the name of protecting them.

Have I lost you?  Please bear with me .  Try to look at it from this 
perspective:  If the orchestrators of these attacks and so-called attempted 
attacks have been, in fact, using them as a tool to propagate fear, anger, 
prejudice and hatred, they are also using them as a means to another end.  You 
don't have to be a history professor  to see where this is heading.  Every time 
one of these timely events occurs more security measures are  put into place and

But who are they enforced upon?  EVERYONE!  Why?  Because in the "New Normal" we
are to believe that armoured checkpoints in every city across our country are a 
good thing.  They are there to protect us.

Imagine for a moment that these measures are not, in fact, put in place as a 
result of terrorist threats but are actually a fundamental mechanism blueprinted
before 911 as part of the re-structuring for the New World Order.  A 
dictatorship cannot rule without the elimination of dissenters.  This is 
historically achieved through military and police rule.  The most efficient way 
of defeating a democracy is to imprison the people opposed.

How do you do that?  First you take away civil rights allowing the government to
monitor all communications in order to locate all citizens opposed or affiliated
with dissenting groups or individuals.  Then you change the law so that anyone 
can be arrested at any time without explanation or proofs.  Then you flood the 
media with the ideology that anyone who stands in opposition is a potential 
threat or traitor to the New Order.  Finally, you round up these traitors and 
put them where no-one has to worry about them any more.  (If you haven't read my
article "Trouble in Paradise" 
(http://www3.telus.net/GreenwoodMuse/MRTroubleInParadise.htm) this would be a 
good time to read it.  500 new secret prisons across the U.S. with rail access 
and crematoriums all manned, powered and ready to go.  FACT!  These prisons are 
capable of holding literally millions.  Our government has also been building 
these facilities and they have been built in Britain and elsewhere.)  Why?  And 
who are they for?

Our Canadian census information was handed over by our government to the U.S. 
military this year.  This is another FACT.  Why?

Our military boasts a "NEW" way of thinking.  Why?

American state troopers and civilian minutemen are granted access onto our 
sovereign soil and integrate with our law enforcement regardless of long 
standing differences between our laws and cultures.  Why?

You would have to be unconscious not to recognize the "WHY" to all of these 
questions.  The implications are inescapable.  "Papers please"....

Our own soldiers and police can round up citizens in our own country by order of
our own government and we could easily be imprisoned in our own country, and 
elsewhere, for being "anti-American", or for a number of other trumped-up 
charges which could be laid under our own Canadian version of the American "The 
Patriot Act" here.

We could be called urban, homegrown terrorists and traitors for speaking out 
against totalitarianism and fascism.  We could be ostracized and discredited in 
our communities and given little or no opportunity to defend ourselves or access
to any kind of lawful defence and denied basic civil rights inherent to us as 
Canadian citizens.  Our homes could be confiscated, our assets frozen and 
rerouted and we could be sent to one of the many detention facilities (Prison 
camps) described in my earlier article, (Trouble in Paradise).  Soon our 
greatest fear could be no longer from so-called extremist foreign terrorists, 
but from the scrutiny of our own communities and local authorities.

In the U.K. laws are already being changed to sacrifice human rights for new 
security legislation. In Canada our government is considering transferring the 
interpretation of parts of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms to the R.C.M.P. 
and CSIS.   Authorities will be imprisoning patriots and branding us insurgents 
on our own soil and our neighbours will complacently watch them take us away 
because it will be the "new normal".

One of the excerpts from "Trouble in Paradise" that should disturb you more than
anything else you may have read to date is the report to F.E.M.A. from a U.S. 
new prison facility boasting the capacity for their crematorium to handle as 
much as 3,000 per day.  On the FOX network yesterday, a U.S. military analyst, 
when asked about negotiating with anti-American regimes and ideologists opposed 
to the "Coalition", actually said, "We'll ask them what they think when we  kill

On a C.B.C. radio program today one caller even suggested that it may be time to
consider bringing back internment camps.... It makes me sick when I hear 
Canadians talking about ungrateful immigrants and closing up our borders.  These
big talkers, whose own ancestors once emigrated here so that their sons and 
daughters could be afforded the freedoms we have enjoyed to date, can so 
self-righteously deny others those same freedoms.

And why not?  90% of t.v. news and newspapers ingrain this kind of thinking into
our consciousness every day.  If our shortcoming in the past has been 
complacency, our induction and absorption will be our future demise ...

When the Aryan nation starts buying land in your city or town and your children 
start using words to describe minorities that they never used before.  When 
community gossip leads to profiling and vigilante mentalities begin to take 
root, and when it finally becomes simpler and safer to mind your own business 
and keep your mouth shut than it is to run the risk of asking "WHY", then you 
will have arrived at "the new normal".

There's a saying that goes "Don't trouble trouble until trouble troubles you".
It's a good play on words and good advice if you're referring to grizzly bears 
or rattlesnakes, but in the case of Freedom vs The New World Order, it's simply 
too little too late.  This will be a struggle like no other, and drawing the 
line will be perilous.

However, to be quiet now is to forever silence those who depend on us to speak 
in their defence.  That's what Canadians do.  That is the rock upon which we 
built this country and that is why I urge you now to stand up for everything you

The United Nations votes on a resolution presented by the Arab nations to end 
the war in Lebanon.  This resolution would ensure Hezbollah's retreat, Israel 
would have retreated and allowed the  Lebanese army to control Lebanon's 
borders.  The only countries opposed to this resolution were the U.S. coalition 
countries (of which Canada now considers itself a member), France and, of 
course, Israel.  INSTEAD a unanimous vote adopted a French / U.S. resolution 
which everyone is against except (you guessed it) the Coalition, France & 
Israel.  How did that happen?

ALL media is focused on the latest so-called terrorist plot in the U.K.  
Absolutely NOTHING on the Arab resolution.  Instead , the next day we get the 
U.S. / French resolution which was broadly criticized (and rightly so) by 
members of the U.N. for its part in keeping Israeli military in Lebanon, having 
no real safeguards in preventing more bloodshed, strongly favouring the Israeli 
agenda and proposing the intervention of a "NEW" more "AGGRESSIVE" U.N./NATO 
"FORCE" to oversee Lebanon's "RESTRUCTURING".  How can this resolution be so 
unpopular one day and then overnight ( take 24 muslims to jail and call me in 
the morning) it is reported on mainstream media as a resolution voted 
"unanimously" by the United Nations?

Planes grounded. "homegrown" muslim terrorists arrested. High Alert.  Hundreds 
of deaths at the hands of extremists averted.     Quite a diversion isn't it?
The headlines we didn't see were "All hopes for peaceful resolution in Lebanon 
averted today by right wing extremists.  Thousands more expected to die.  U.S., 
France, Israel and other coalition regimes elude prosecution. "

Do we really want our sons and daughters to be put in further harm's way, to be 
brainwashed and USED as human fodder, to kill and die NOT for freedom,  NOT for 
democracy but for something as sick and evil as Global corporate domination?  
Our men and women are dying so that George Adolph Bush, with the aid of the 
military superpowers of the world, can achieve total global domination!!

& FASCISM!  Also, affectionately known as :  "The new normal".


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