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What’s new at Links: Haiti, France, US dollar, oil & US politics, Cuba, Chris Hani, Tariq Ali, NZ, Gogol Bordello, Ecuador, Australian Greens debate

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Haiti nine months after the quake: Poor tell West, ‘Nothing! Nothing! We’ve seen nothing!’

By Isabeau Doucet

October 28, 2010 — “Nothing! Nothing! We’ve seen nothing!”, chanted the crowd of internally displaced people (IDP). They were pursuing former US president Bill Clinton from his photo-op in their squalid camp on his way to the third Interim Haiti Reconstruction Commission (IHRC) meeting in downtown Port-au-Prince on October 6, 2010.

Currency wars and the privilege of empire

By Paul Kellogg

October 23, 2010 — In uncertain times, the headline was soothing: “Secretary Geithner vows not to devalue dollar”.[1] United States Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner was saying, in other words, that if there were to be “currency wars” — competitive devaluations by major economies in attempts to gain trade advantage with their rivals — the          United States would not be to blame. Who, then, would be the villain? China, of course.

Turning the tide of oil in US and world politics

By Dan La Botz
October 22, 2010 — The BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico represents the latest in a series of atrocities committed by petroleum companies against the environment and against humanity. Yet, terrible and tragic as the BP spill is, it is merely a marginal event in the long and sordid history of the oil companies in US and world history. The petroleum companies have been at the centre of US politics for a hundred years, determining its domestic agenda, its environmental policy and its foreign policy. To be a US politician was to be baptised in oil. To be an admiral or a general was to be a warrior around the globe for the petroleum industry.

Behind the new economic measures in Cuba

By Ike Nahem, Cuba Solidarity New York

October 27, 2010 — On September 13, 2010 the Confederation of Cuban Workers (CTC) – the mass trade-union organisation that is a central component and pillar of the Cuban workers’ state and the revolutionary government headed by Raul Castro – issued an announcement which codified and specified new measures and significant changes in economic, financial and commercial policies that will be implemented in Cuba over the coming months and years. These new economic policies have been long-debated and broadly discussed inside Cuba from local grassroots mass organisations and work places to the highest levels of government and state. They come as a surprise to no one in Cuba.

South Africa: What would Chris Hani say today?

Chris Hani Memorial Lecture by Zwelinzima Vavi, Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) general secretary, delivered in Queenstown, October 23, 2010

I am extremely honoured by your invitation to deliver the Chris Hani memorial lecture here in Queenstown today. It was over fifteen years ago, on April 10, 1993, when “Chris” Martin          Thembisile Hani was cruelly taken from us by an assassin’s bullet.

Video: Tariq Ali: The perils of Islamophobia

Tariq Ali addresses the British Socialist Workers Party’s Marxism 2010 in July.

New Zealand: Matt McCarten for Mana! It’s time for a new left

 For the latest on Matt’s campaign, visit http://www.matt4mana

By Joe Carolan

Roma punks rise at the right time

By Stuart Munckton
October 26, 2010 — “My next guests are a gypsy punk rock band that have been called the world’s most visionary band”, US TV show host Jay Leno said when he introduced Gogol Bordello to close the October 13, 2010. Jay Leno Show.
The US-based band, led by a charismatic Roma (or “gypsy”) refugee from the Ukraine, Eugene Hutz, performed “Pala Tute”, the opening track from this year’s Transcontinental Hustle.
If “most visionary” is an exaggeration, Gogol Bordello could at least lay claim to being one of the most interesting and important acts in popular music right now.

Ecuador, Venezuela: Danger south of the border

By Paul Kellogg
October 26, 2010 — It is not difficult to see that the events of September 30, in the Latin American country of Ecuador, amounted to an attempted right-wing coup d’état. Mass mobilisations in the streets and plazas of Quito (the capital) and other cities – in conjunction with action by sections of the armed forces which stayed loyal to the government – stopped the coup before the day was out. But those few hours highlighted, again, the deep dangers facing those fighting for progressive change in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Australia: The nature of the Greens

By Ben Hillier

October 23, 2010 — In a recent article (“A Marxist critique of the Australian Greens”, available at I argue that the Greens cannot be regarded as a left alternative to the Australian Labor Party. 

`French workers and people show the way in resisting attacks’ — solidarity from Philippines, Australia, Indonesia

France: Workers, students fight attacks on pensions, oppose austerity (+ photo essay)

By Chris Latham
October 24, 2010 — Since October 12, France has been gripped by intensifying mass opposition by workers and students to proposed counter reforms to the country’s pensions system by the right-wing government of President Nicolas Sarkozy.

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