FYI: The Vatic Project – Daily Summary – Oct 30, 2010


Richard Moore

Blog: The Vatic Project – Daily Summary – Oct 30, 2010
Vatic Note:   This is truly SAD and another MUST read.   This is going on world wide.  Its bigger than we can imagine, and seriously dangerous to our entire species.  This is not to scare you, rather to wake you up to the situation.  Unfortunately Hungary had to go the way of the dodo bird for many to realize just how serious these truly insane people are.  It must be the inbreeding.    If they succeed in genetically manipulating us, the human race will be no more as we currently know it, and history books will be purged of our existance.   Genocide, and end of a species if the result, if this gets out of control.   Remember in Israel Healthy sperm count is down 40% in less than 10 years at the time of the study. Remember also,  Bill Gates has admitted on tape that Vaccines are what they intend to use to continue this sterilization process.  Remember also the US has refused to clean up DU poisoning in Bosnia,  Serbia, Iraq and elsewhere which has had an impact on sperm count,  deformed babies,  and ultimately death as we saw from the report yesterday that more soldiers die from suicide than killed in all three wars.  Then we saw the affects of the DU poisoning, on a blog we did .    Then we have the gulf with outrageous quantities ofcorexit being used which is a killer chemical.   This is a serious subject that needs study about exactly what is going on and who is doing it.   I think we already know once you read this and realize eastern Europe has now fully fallen under the control of the Rothschild nazi fascist empire and that is where the worst of this is happening outside of Israel  which is Rothschild’s kingdom according to the Israeli’s.  He is their king.   

What this is is an undeclared war against the worlds population and its now fully in play given all the above and the timing and coordination.   Add to that the attack on our DNA,  on synthetic DNA,  on cloning,  and we have massive works in progress on Eugenics funded by the Rockefeller foundation.  Think about the FDA’s role as well,  that approved a drug that was banned in 160 countries, why?  Why would the FDA do that?  Its more than just profits.  This is so whatever population is left,  will be cattle as promised by the Protocols, see Protocol, 3a .   It appears the Protocols are becoming even more important as things begin to unfold and become exposed to the light of day.  In the end remember Goldman Sachs is the operational arm of the Rothschild international banking empire.  So we know who the enemy is now.  Its certainly not the disorganized muslims, now is it???  

Vatic Note: The bigger question is,  does Child services need anyones permission to experiment medically on these children.  After reading the previous blogs about genetically altering our humanity to become something not human,  it struck me that these kids are more vulnerable to this than anyone else since they have no one there to protect them.  This is obscene.  

Article excerpt:    Apparently the U.S. Food and Drug Administration had at least heard about the suicide of Gabriel Myers.Myers’ death by hanging happened in a Florida foster home last year, but that wasn’t the main reason it triggered a major reaction at Florida’s Department of Children and Families.     The real reason: He was only 7 years old.

Whatever else might have helped lead such a young child toward ending his life, one detail was impossible to ignore: The boy was being treated with three different psychotropic medications.   Medications of that sort make some people more depressed or even suicidal, and their effects when combined are harder to predict, especially in children.  So DCF did a quick check on how many foster children were being given such drugs. Troubling facts emerged..  

Vatic Note:  You know, this needs few words.   You can see the danger yourself when you watch this and remember,  THESE ARE AMERICANS.  Make your own decision about how you feel about this

Article Excerpt:  Swearing a loyalty oath to Israel as an ethnic state is gaining legitimacy; a video produced by the authors shows the willingness of Israeli residents to pledge allegiance. (VN:  I believe these were American dual Israeli citizens who want to eventually migrate to Israel and thus the willingness to take the oath while still Americans, voting in American elections sending our wealth and children to die for Israel, is that right? No, if they are who they said they were, its treason).    The Israeli Knesset is debating a bill proposed by David Rotem of the extreme right Yisrael Beiteinu party that would require all Israeli citizens to swear loyalty to Israel as a “Jewish and democratic state.” This bill is targeted at increasing pressure on the 20 percent of Israelis who are Palestinian citizens, while forcing the ultra-Orthodox Jewish minority who reject the legitimacy of any state not based on Jewish biblical law to accept Zionism. If passed in its proposed form, citizens unwilling to take the loyalty oath would be at risk of losing citizenship.

Vatic Note: Tyranny visits America,  Israeli style.   This reminded me so much of the Israeli dictatorship over the private lives of the pals that I almost began to believe they had fully taken over our entire country with the way our own people were acting.   Look at our housing,  a form of destruction even though different has the same end result,  people in the streets and homeless.   Same with this food raid is like Israeli destroying the crops and olive trees of the pals so they have a food shortage and starvation and ill health.   These raids against coops are like that as well.   Our health is at risk with the poisons they feed us through the regular food system and so they attack our coops of healthy food products so we get ill.  Same effect, just a more humane legal  looking way to do it.  This is almost over one way or the other.  I have no doubt.  Pictures are up all over this blog of who the perps are that need to be gone, like Iceland, so travel around and check them out.  

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