Israeli aggression just in time to avoid peace


Richard Moore

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Intelligence, N. 482, 3 July 2006, p. 1



On 10 June, the ruling Hamas group fired a barrage of homemade rockets at Israel
hours after calling off its 16-month cease- fire with Israel in anger over an 
artillery attack that killed seven civilians at the Huda Ghalia beach-side 
picnic in the Gaza Strip (0610 NYT/AP, Hamas Fires Rockets at Israel After 
Calling Off Truce, Steven Erlanger). The Palestinian reaction to Huda Ghalia 
also caused serious internal troubles between the Hamas government and Fatah 
security forces (0613 ERRI, Hundreds of Palestinian Security Forces Go on 

Then, on 13 June, an Israeli missile strike in Gaza City killed at least eight 
innocent bystanders (0613 Knight Ridder, Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Threatens 
to Explode, Dion Nissenbaum), pushing Israel and the Palestinians closer to open
warfare. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas denounced the attack as 
"state terror" and accused Israel of trying to "wipe out the Palestinian 
people." Later, Israeli Defense Minister Amir Peretz expressed his regrets that 
civilians had been killed. The eight civilians included two children and three 
medical workers and left another 32 wounded, several in a serious condition, 
according to the Associated Press.

The escalation of violence continued with three more Palestinian children killed
on 20 June by an Israeli missile attack, the 25 June kidnapping of an Israeli 
soldier by Palestinian militants, the following bombardment and invasion of the 
Gaza Strip by the Israeli military, and the imprisonment of most of the 
democratically-elected Hamas government. All of this took place just as the 
Hamas was considering the possibility of officially recognizing the state of 
Israel. Since those responsible for such a change are now in Israeli prisons, 
the subject has been moved to the back burner as war continues.


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