Israel Continues the Massacre in Gaza


Richard Moore

Israel Continues the Massacre in Gaza At Least Seventeen
Killed by Israeli Army in Khan Younis

The Palestine Monitor A PNGO Information Clearinghouse UPDATE

Israeli Occupation Forces Attack Al-Nasser Hospital Tuesday,
October 26, 2004

The death toll due to the Israeli incursion into Khan Younis
now stands at 17, including an 11-year-old child. At least 80
have been injured, and many remain in serious condition.

During the incursion, which has lasted two days so far,
Israeli forces have shelled civilian neighborhoods and
occupied southern areas of the Nasser Hospital grounds and
several houses nearby. Israeli forces shelled and fired on the
hospital, damaging the building and destroying supplies and
equipment. Israeli occupation soldiers also shot and injured a
hospital janitor named Mohammad Sufiyan Ahmad as he worked.

Israeli forces destroyed 23 homes and several dunums of
agricultural land before they redeployed near a Khan Younis
cemetery. An Israeli helicopter fired on and killed one
Palestinian and injured four others during the redeployment.

Israeli occupation soldiers ordered families from two
apartment buildings, containing 16 apartments each, to
evacuate their buildings. This intensified Palestinians' fears
that Israeli forces plan to renew their offensive soon and
demolish the buildings.

Israeli tanks occupying the Khan Younis cemetery have
destroyed several graves, including approximately 60 belonging
to the Al-Sha'er family. Witnesses say Israeli forces have
established a road through the cemetery so that tanks can come
from the settlement area through the cemetery to Khan Younis.

Of the seventeen dead Palestinians, the families have managed
to bury only three in places other than the Israeli-occupied
cemetery. Fourteen bodies remain in the hospital, which does
not have sufficient capacity to receive them. Palestinians are
attempting to negotiate with Israelis to allow them to bury
their dead today.

Because the tanks remain so close to Khan Younis, Palestinians
are frightened for their children who are trying to return to
school. They also fear Israeli forces are only regrouping for
another deadly assault.

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